Left maniac

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Left maniac

Of course, the score we got away from home in the first leg was not bad, we had an away goal! And this game, as long as we win 1-0 at home, we can advance smoothly! Balverde said coldly. He really felt overwhelmed by the reporters. Mr. Valverde, if the team loses the game, will you apply for resignation? The reporter didn't care about Balveld's cold, livid face. At this time, next to him, the captain of Villarreal, Marcos Senna, could not bear to watch: "I think, no matter what we have achieved, Mr. Valverde's efforts for the team are worthy of recognition!"! The team did have some problems at the beginning of the season,wire nail machine manufacturers, but we will try to solve them. Balveld looked at Marcos Senna gratefully. Sometimes he felt insecure and wondered if there was something wrong with his coaching. However, a head coach must not doubt himself and must go on firmly! If a head coach can't trust himself, he can't bear the tremendous pressure at all. I believe the team will be fine! Please give me time! Balveld said firmly. When the reporter saw that Balveld had already said this, he did not continue to embarrass him. Mr. Balveld! We know that you put Sun Yao on the list for this game! Will he start? Another reporter asked. I think this is something that will not be announced until before the game! Balveld shook his head, unwilling to speak. What do you expect from him? After all, he had a good performance against Real Sociedad in the second division just now. The reporter continued to ask. Yes,Automatic nail machine, he is a good player and I certainly expect something from him! I hope he will bring us a colorful performance! Balverde guest airway. I heard you had a quarrel in the office in the first round of the King's Cup! "It's all a false thing!"! Please don't make false news! Balverde's face was blue again. Marcos Senna kept shaking his head and sighed: "This coach is really suffering.". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the Love Song Stadium in Labrador Square, the home of the famous Villarreal Club in La Liga! Five kilometers away from here is the beautiful Earthsea. The King's Cup match also attracted nearly 18,000 spectators, which is a very good number of seats. After all, this season, because of Villarreal's performance problems, their attendance has not exceeded 20,000 people, only in the home game against Real Madrid, more than 20, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,High Speed Nail Making Machine,000 people. There was a tsunami outside the stadium, but there was some calm inside the dressing room. The dressing room of the Love Song Stadium is very beautiful, far beyond the level of the mini-stadium. Sun Yao and his teammates are sitting here, discussing. They are already familiar with the first-team players, but the B-team players are naturally sitting together. Marcos Senna is saying something to the B team. Balveld finally came in and took the starting list of the game. Goalkeeper, Diego Lopez! This is the main goalkeeper of the first team. For the position of goalkeeper, there is no need to rotate unless there is an injury. Because if it's a goalkeeper who hasn't played for a long time, it's a big risk. Team B's players, on the defensive line, only Wei Jike entered the starting list. Veikiko has done very well in the B team and has been included in Villarreal's first team list for the first division many times. The other three defenders are Godin, Fuentes and Angel. On the field, Marcos Senna and Hernan Perez are partners in the back waist. This is a combination of the first team and the B team, and the styles of the two men are somewhat complementary. In front of them, Santiago Cazorla planned the attack. Santiago Cazorla is flanked by Escudero and Sun Yao.

Yes, Sun Yao entered the starting list. Although Sun Yao had a premonition, he was very excited when he heard that he had entered the starting list. And the final single arrow candidate also sent the first-team star J. Lorent. There are many people called Lorent in Spain. He is just one of them, but he is also one of the few strikers in Villarreal. The main list came out, and the stadium began to shout the names of their heroes. The game seems to call out yyù! Villarreal team members at this time have gathered in the players tunnel, Sun Yao listened to the tsunami outside, can not feel the excitement. This is the charm of football, huge stadium, countless fans, the feeling of being in the stadium, fascinating! Led by Marcos Senna with the captain's armband, Villarreal's players began to walk into the stadium. Sun Yao is still wearing the No.29 shirt, because this number has no conflicting players in the first team. For example, on the bench, Cristobal Gisdubao, who wore No.7 in Villarreal B, failed to wear No.7 in this kind of game. Instead, I wore a size 34. Because the No.7 shirt of the first team is Pires. Although Pires was not included in the King's Cup squad, Cristobal Gisdubao was unable to choose the No.7 shirt. Finally, Sun Yao felt the real feeling of stepping on the love song court! At the first level of a team's effectiveness,Coil Nail Making Machine, Sun Yao has reached the stage of playing in this stadium! In the task system, there are such phase tasks. Play at El Madrigal; score at El Madrigal; be a hero in this city; be part of the history of this team! Only in the history of this team can he say that he has achieved great success in this team. This is only the first step! Next, I want to make the whole stadium boil because of me! Sun Yao said silently. The players of both sides began to shake hands and choose the court and the order of kick-off. 3shardware.com

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