Legend of the ring

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  • Legend of the ring

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    Legend of the ring

    "Alliance?" Wang Tian gave him a disdainful glance: "Do you think it is necessary for me to form an alliance with the country that has just left the planet?"? Are you out of your mind?! Merge, completely merge, and all the staff become members of Tianlong Kingdom! Your name of the Dynasty Equaling Heaven is so big that it is not afraid of people laughing off their teeth. Cancel it immediately! This country has never existed since! Wang Tian looked at his increasingly ugly face again. "But you don't have to worry. Our country still has a title system. With your former status as the ruler of the country, it is absolutely no problem to get a nobleman." Dan Jing wanted to get angry but didn't dare. He also knew that he didn't have any chance to fight, but he was not willing to hand over the inheritance of his ancestors like this: "Master, your condition is really unacceptable. Not only can I not accept it, but also more than 3 billion people and more than 1 billion soldiers of our country can't accept it!"! I know that even if I gather the strength of the whole country, I can't compete with your country. However, all the people of the Qi Tian Dynasty will not live in vain. Even if you know you're dead, you'll fight to the end! Dan Jing stiffened for a moment and then softened again. "If you are willing to form a brotherly alliance with our country, we will be very willing. I think all the people of our country will agree. What do you think?" Wang Tian looked at him and suddenly laughed. He pointed at him and said, "You are very interesting.". It was so much fun! Finish saying, the smile on the face disappears immediately: "Do you think with you these rubbish troops that can't get out of the planet can break the net with my battleship?!" Wang Tian opened a map and appeared in front of the two men: "Look, this is the so-called ultimate weapon distribution map of your country. I only need to fire two guns in the air, and your planet will be destroyed immediately!" Wang Tian turned off the map and opened another one: "I won't use this method to deal with you, because I think it's still too much trouble, so I'm going to let my warship drop a few things directly.". You don't know what this thing is, do you? I can tell you. This is the weapon. Just blow up on your planet,digital whiteboard price, and in a day, half of your people will be dead. In three days, die! Wang Tian closed the picture again and took out an image taken during the Tianlong Star military exercise: "I came to you this time just to send an advance pathfinder team.". Hum, I have tens of thousands of warships, if you want to ally with me, then as long as you can take out a warship like me, I will talk to you,Interactive digital signage, but you have nothing, why do you?! In fact, there are not tens of thousands of warships in this picture. Up to now, the total number of warships in Tianlong Kingdom is only more than 4,000. Even a few fleets haven't been filled yet, but how can Dan Jing know. The picture is slightly enlarged, and it looks like the eyes are full of neatly arranged super-large warships, which makes Dan Jing look pale. If you don't want to merge into my Dragon Kingdom, then I won't force you. What I want is just a stop. People are dispensable. There are people everywhere in the universe. I don't care what you have here. What, no talking? Okay, I see what you mean. Goodbye. Oh, no, it's a farewell, interactive kiosk price ,touch screen kiosk, ungrateful thing! Wang Tian said he was about to get up and turn off the contact. Wait, wait a minute! Master's adult, I, I agree to Qi Tian Dynasty into the Dragon Kingdom! I agree Dan Jing shouted, saw the contact device has not been closed, a heavy sigh of relief, but also afraid that Wang Tian did not hear clearly, hurriedly said several times. Wang Tian sat back in front of him and said with a smile, "That's right. It's your wisest choice to take refuge in me.". Maybe you can't see it now, but as long as you follow me, there will be plenty of opportunities to prove it.

    You don't really think you can have a place in the universe with your little Dynasty, do you? I can tell you, no way! How long will it take you to actually colonize the stars? How long will it take to mine the planet? How long does it take to jump in space? 500 years? A thousand years? Next to your country, there are many countries, some of which are already able to make short space jumps. Can you catch up? Hum, sooner or later you will become the food for their development and growth! "Master, do you say there are other countries next to our country?" Dan Jing asked in surprise, so shocked that he forgot about his own affairs. Of course. Do you think you're the only one? Wang Tian opened the super brain in front of him, showed him the galaxy map, and enlarged the two countries next to him: "You are in this star field, I just explored it roughly, there are nearly 700 countries, these two are the nearest to you, one is Tianna planet, the other is the green dot planet.". Let's just see what happens to the planet. Wang Tian introduced the planet Tianna to Dan Jing and pointed to it: "Unfortunately, I have issued a cleaning order for this country composed of snake people, and now I have begun to do it.". In just three days, there won't be a living thing left on that planet. Now, do you know how lucky you are? If it weren't for the fact that the people in your country are very similar to those in our country, hum! Wang Tian sneered a few times. Dan Jing's cold sweat slowly slipped down from the forehead, Wang Tian said very easily, but Dan Jing knew that the man in front of him was not joking. Killing people like hemp can not describe him, just a word, can make billions of people all disappear, although the planet's people are really ugly, but also people ah. The development of civilization is the merger and integration. I don't like the people on the planet, so I erase it. You will all become the people of the Dragon Empire. This is a golden opportunity for you. Civilizations in the universe are either erased or absorbed, or they become slaves forever. What I give you is the best way. Now you know why I said you were lucky?! "Wang Tian is slow to burn the way." Understand, understand, I am now sincerely willing to my Qi Tian Dynasty into the Dragon Kingdom, worship the master's adult you as the main,interactive whiteboard prices, absolutely no second thoughts! Dan Jing hurriedly said, if you don't know how to choose now, then the emperor for more than ten years is in vain. hsdtouch.com

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