Life and death of online games

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  • Life and death of online games

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    Life and death of online games

    Especially now, I can only smile slightly, if I am a killer, in addition to playing handsome I may be comparable to those people in the film, how can I catch up, I am not cold-blooded enough, I am not ruthless enough, nor cold enough! When I saw the dark elf child's curled body and frightened eyes, the sword in my hand would suddenly stagnate in the air. At that moment, I had not been able to calm down for a long time, and even had an absurd feeling of self-reproach in my heart.. At that moment, I failed to bless the child with hatred, and it was hard to recall the resentment that I had shouted at the bottom of my voice to kill all the dark elves. In the end, I did not kill the child myself, although I had thought, his elders were killed by me, how could he survive? I just set a fire at the exit of this wooden building with Xuanyuan Sword before I came out. The wood of the wooden building is very good and burns very fast. This wooden building has many floors, but there is only one exit, and the child should be about three floors, when I walked out of the fire, I even had an absurd hope in my heart. The boy had better get out! I took a long breath,Flush Retrofit Kit, and when the sound waves around me began to make noise, I flew away as an animal that was abundant in the dark moon city. This animal was called a bat, a kind of bat that was active during the day. When I appeared as a short elf in another "night" place, looking at the black smoke rising in the distance, I smiled bitterly: "Little boy, if you die, you should do your part for the survival of your other people,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, if you don't die.. Practice hard and get ready for revenge! Taking a deep breath, my heart and mind were no longer entangled, and I looked around blindly, like a thief, searching for my next target in a place that was the same everywhere for me. Although I am not a qualified killer, it is no problem to force Silvana to make the next move. I don't know, if I am a qualified killer, maybe it will take a long time for the silver dragon's revenge to be avenged, after all, if I do it in the way of a qualified killer, hundreds of thousands of dark elves will kill me for a long time even if they stand there. Perhaps the reason why the dark elves like to move at night is that the days are short and the nights are long in this place? Of course, it is very likely that this place has short days and long nights, because the dark elves live here and use some special method to influence the results, right? Of course, this similar question of "chicken or egg" is not worth studying, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but when the day suddenly passed, the night came, and the doors of many wooden buildings seemed to open to welcome me, I was at a loss.. It occurred to me, when I finally got around to the opposite idea, that it should be "morning" for the Dark Elves. The impact of the killing activities of half an "afternoon" and one "night" yesterday should have exploded at this time, right? And Silvana should have something to say, right? If there is a comprehensive policy, there should be a more open notice, right? This also saved me the trouble of opening my mouth. After all, I can pretend to be dumb when I go to the city, but I can't pretend to be dumb when I inquire about the news. Thinking of this, I adjusted my appearance a little and began to wander around this seemingly calm city. As I wandered, I heard a loud Gong, and as I turned to look, in the gloom, I saw a group of guards using their gongs to attract the attention of the dark elves around them.

    It seemed that there was a notice to be issued, and as I was thinking about it, the leading guard had already begun to speak: "Her Majesty has ordered that all the work in Dark Moon City be cancelled today, and all the residents go back to their homes. Remember to open the Magic Light Platform, when the High Priest will issue some urgent orders." Those who are still wandering in the streets today will be arrested as rebels. "Clang." There was another loud Gong, and the leader shouted at the top of his voice, "Hurry up and go back.." Go back.. Don't forget to turn on the magic light platform. The dark elves who had just gone out whispered back the way they had come. Although there were many doubts in their hearts, who could not listen to the words of Her Majesty and the High Priest? But what is the "magic light platform" that the soldier mentioned twice? Is it something like a TV or a radio? I don't have this in my house. Watching most of the "early" dark elves pass by me, I smiled and turned into bats when no one noticed.. Little do we know that at this time, that is, at night, bat activity is a very unusual behavior. But at this time, everyone was wondering what had happened, so they didn't pay much attention to me. No one tried to use a small fireball or a small wind blade to knock down my bat, which was active at night. I still followed an unlucky dark elf into his house smoothly. Honey, why are you back again? Why is it so noisy outside? "I don't know what's going on. The soldier told us to go home, saying that the high priest had an urgent order to issue. Hurry up and open the magic light platform.." In a flash of light, on the wooden wall on the side of the dark elf couple, an oval curtain of light suddenly appeared as if an eye had been opened, and it did smell like a TV, but there was nothing on it, a vast expanse of whiteness. There's nothing there? The wife asked doubtfully. The husband flattened his mouth and said, "Isn't it time yet?" "What happened to you today." "If you delay, delay, the whole clan is like this!" The husband was also a little upset: "Call your grandfather, parents and children, and you can cook something by the way.." My wife meekly left the room, and hiding in the corner of the room, I was trying to get myself into a certain state, thinking,Manual Flush Valve, no matter how lovely the children of this family are, I.. But this idea in that "night" I do not know how many times in my heart, but.

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