Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

    Alice did not understand what Ling Duyu was thinking. She pulled the oar onto the boat and let the boat drift with the tide on the lake. She bowed her head and said, "Do you know?"? I've never seen the doctor think so highly of a man. "Should I feel honored?" Asked Ling Duyu. Alice looked up at him and said, "You don't understand. The doctor is a very special person. He has his own principles." Ling Duyu laughed and said, "I'm sorry!"! His principles are designed for himself. In my eyes, he is a drug Lord who does all kinds of evil and takes the pain of others as the source of his own happiness. Alice sighed and said, "You don't know. The doctor's so-called drug business is all soft drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. Such things have become semi-legalized in many places in northern Europe and the United States. It's only because it involves the huge profits of tobacco and alcohol dealers that they can't get legal status after all.." Ling Duyu snorted and said, "Medical science has long concluded that even if it is a soft drug, it is also harmful to the human body. Miss Alice doesn't know that." "Tobacco and wine are not harmful," said Alice. "Why can they still be sold openly?" Ling Duyu looked at the lake and said, "Should we add another one to the existing mistakes?" Alice dropped her long eyelashes and was at a loss for words. Ling Duyu couldn't bear to force her. He changed the subject and asked, "Who gave this place such a ghost name as Dream Lake?" On the broad lake, the fog is getting thinner and thinner, and the sunshine is shining on the lake. Alice said, "The doctor has collected all the information about Dream Lake. It is said that in ancient times, the natives nearby held a grand ceremony of offering sacrifices to the lake every year. They sent a beautiful virgin to the middle of the lake in a fire boat to pray for a good rain and a good harvest of grain." Ling Duyu drew out a vivid image when he was neutral in his mind. The beautiful woman was tied to a boat full of firewood, screaming and wailing under the flames and the worship of the natives. Alice said, "For the natives, Dream Lake is the place where the gods of distant and near rivers live. If you drink the magic water of the wizard, you can see strange miracles when the fog of the lake is thickest." Ling Duyu lifted the oar and rowed to the shore. The two men were silent. Is there really a God in Dream Lake? A school of fish skimmed close at the surface. Ling Duyu sat up straight and pointed to a big protruding stone on the east bank. "That stone is very strange," he said. "It's more than ten times bigger than the smallest stone nearby. It looks like it was moved from a distance." "You're very observant," said Alice. "That's the place where Dream Lake is most afraid of people. It's called the Crying Stone. Almost since history,saw palmetto extract, people who want to die have come to this Crying Stone and thrown themselves into the lake to commit suicide. There are several underground undercurrents under the Crying Stone, which make it very dangerous for people who are proficient in water. The reason for the name of the crying stone is that it's the relatives of the suicide. Came to the stone to cry and offer sacrifices. Ling Duyu was in a daze and said, "Why is Baji coming to such a place?" Alice said, "The doctor believes in outstanding people and is not afraid of evil spirits. But three years ago.." He suddenly stopped talking. Ling Duyu looked at her and said, "What happened three years ago? What happened?" Alice hung her head in fear and said, "I can't tell you. Let the doctor tell you. Oh!"! The doctor says he has something to ask you. What is it? "What?" Ling Duyu exclaimed? Even you don't know? 'Oh! 'Cried Alice suddenly! Where are you going to row? "I want to swim to the Crying Stone," said Ling Duyu. Alice screamed, "No!"! I don't want to go. Ling Duyu added, "I'm not asking you to throw yourself into the lake. What are you afraid of?" Alice looked frightened and said, "I've only tried to step on the crying stone once. Although the sun was shining that day, there was still a feeling of cold and terror. It was a terrible experience. If you want to go, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,turmeric extract powder, I dare not accompany you." Ling Duyu shrugged his shoulders easily and said, "I don't believe in evil. We're going ashore on the nearby shore. I'm going to walk over.." Glancing demonstratively at the pale Alice, he said, "Look how horrible it is." Alice bowed her head and said nothing.

    Ling Duyu heart a little strange, Alice in Baji's evil group, in a high position, every day to deal with the characters in the underworld, but now look at the horizontal and vertical, like a simple girl, also have a strange kind of trust in themselves and do not have to be clever? What is this all about? The boat shook lightly, and the bow of the boat hit the mud on the shore. Ling Duyu stood up and handed his hand to Alice, who hesitated for a moment and put his hand into Ling Duyu's grasp. Chapter IV Search Contract T, xt, small, said, day, Tang Ling Duyu pulled her up, felt her hand a little trembling, a little nervous. The crying stone lay quietly on the shore more than a hundred yards to the right, one part immersed in the water, like a monster bent over the shore to drink water. Ling Duyu let go of Alice and strode briskly toward the crying stone. Alice stood behind him, hesitating to speak. The crying stone expands before my eyes. Exposed in the mud, the stone body was smooth and smooth, like a huge platform, rising obliquely from the ground and stretching out of the lake. The highest point happened to be near the lake, more than twenty feet above the ground, and then went inward to make an isolated cliff hanging in the air. Ling Duyu slowly stepped on the crying stone and walked to the end of the edge. From this angle, the vast surface of Dream Lake is rippling and silvery, and the rainforest on the other side becomes a long strip of green. Looking under the stone, the surface of the water seems to be calm without waves, but when you look closely, the surface of the water is far smoother, showing a force acting underwater. Experienced people know that this represents a strong undercurrent in the water. Since the crying stone, I do not know how many people have sacrificed their precious lives here. Thinking of this, Ling Duyu suddenly raised a very strange feeling. My hair stands on end. An almost overwhelming fear and terror spread to every corner of the mind. In a flash,rosmarinic acid supplement, thousands of ghosts were wailing to him. His chest seemed to be pressed by a huge stone, and he gasped for breath. The feeling of shock was increasing. Ling Duyu staggered forward to the edge of the crying stone. As long as he took another step forward, he would fall into the dangerous current like the people who had committed suicide before.

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