Little one, take your son and marry me.

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  • Little one, take your son and marry me.

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    Little one, take your son and marry me.

    Xiao Ji, the housekeeper, understood Xiao Fengyao's mood very well. He was a real person. He said to Mian Mian quietly on the surface, "Miss Qin, just leave this to me." Then he reached out his hand politely, grabbed the spout from Mian Mian's hand, and then picked up the poor purple clay pot on the table and disappeared into Mian Mian's sight. If you don't take it away quickly, I'm afraid the young master will be so angry that he will vomit blood. Miss Mian Mian is really tough, threw the young master's precious things, but also let the young master so endure not to lose his temper with her, it is really rare. Everyone is very busy today, and we will leave for Guizhou tomorrow. Mian Mian sat in front of the computer, staring at the screen for a long time, and finally a pair of big dark eyes showed a sly look, then turned to the busy Shen Mingfeng waved. Shen Mingfeng smiled and hurriedly leaned over: "What's the matter, little sister Mian Mian?" "You just asked me about the website, and I decided to tell you." On the clear and pure little face, there is a trace of pride. Shen Mingfeng eyes a bright, this dare to feel good ah,water bottling line, his relationship with his girlfriend tonight must come to a substantial development! Warm, but also the kind of warm while watching porno. It's not that he doesn't have that thing on his computer, but he's tired of watching it and wants to watch some new movies, so he thinks of the overseas website he accidentally found last time. Oh, dear Mian Mian, you are a good boy. Shen Mingfeng smiled like a spring breeze and was very kind. But you must promise me one thing. Mian Mian was not confused by his lethal appearance and knew what he wanted. Just say, do you want to eat snacks? It's nothing. What do you want to eat? I'll buy it for you right away. When Mianmian leaned close to his ear and said a word,Vegetable oil filling machine, the muscles on Shen Mingfeng's face immediately froze and his smile instantly congealed. No way! Do you want the boss to kill me? "Sex is important, but life is more important." Promise me. Mian Mian pouted her mouth and eagerly looked forward to it. Her burning eyes made Shen Mingfeng uncomfortable. She abruptly stopped and secretly called out that the girl's charm was really deadly. Stop it, I won't say yes. "Hee hee.." No, then I'll tell brother Yao that you told me about this website. With a smile on his face, he gently entered the address on the keyboard with beautiful fingers like white jade. There was another scene of naked men and women fighting on the screen. 51, the threat of Chapter 51 of the main text is updated! Chapter 51 Threats Chapter 51 Threats Chapter 52 are you really tempted? Chapter 52 are you really tempted? Chapter 52 are you really tempted? 52. Is Chapter 52 of the main text really interested? Oh, no.. Shen Mingfeng is about to collapse, if the eldest brother really thought he told Mian Mian, he can not imagine whether he will be rewarded with a heavy punch, with the strength of the eldest brother, a punch is enough for him to suffer ()! Shen Mingfeng's handsome face was red, as if he were constipated. His slender index finger was like an orchid. He said with infinite sadness, "Little sister, you.." This is not wrong me! You can't be a shameless silver drop! Mian Mian winked at him mischievously. "Don't worry, plastic bottle making machine ,PET bottle Mold, just promise me. If Brother Yao gets up, I'll help you." The girl is very loyal. Night, Mian Mian and Xiao Fengyao still sleep together, perhaps because tomorrow will be temporarily separated, Xiao Fengyao is particularly gentle, but also full of interest, in the soft greasy hands and plump breasts under the dual effect, to solve the problem twice, the body clamor to stop a little. Now Mian Mian is a little tired and shrinks softly in his arms. Man Luo/bare chest, strong muscles, honey-colored skin in the soft light with seductive luster, handsome and wild, deadly attraction, especially his deep eyes inadvertently reveal the spoiling, but also fascinated the eyes (). After a while, Xiao Fengyao felt the eyelashes of the little people in her arms moving, and she couldn't help laughing. She must be so suffocated that she couldn't even pretend to sleep. Go to sleep. You are a princess. Be good and obedient. When Xiao Fengyao finished speaking, he could not help twitching at the corners of his mouth. Sometimes Mian Mian was so naughty that his heart was tortured out of shape.

    A soft voice came from the chest: "I am not a princess. I was 17 years old before I came out. I am the king of the apes." Xiao Fengyao was frightened. Since he was the king, why did he come out? Her people were so relieved. You.. Come out this time, just to find me. "Yes, I miss you so much, I want to be with you, and Grandma said that the members of the royal family of the divine apes have only one spouse in their lives, and it must be the one who makes my tail stick up." My tail is only in your hands, Grandma said that I must find you, let you fall in love with me, and I do the reality of husband and wife.. Will she love him? Does she understand love? Xiao Fengyao hugged his hands tightly, and in his deep eyes, a complex light flowed out, and his handsome face slowly raised a shallow radian. So the little girl had long regarded him as her husband, and she was seventeen years old, the king of the family, and she would only be his woman all her life! This recognition, let Xiao Fengyao's hard heart, the seed that has long been buried deep, quietly sprouting, there is a strange feeling that he deliberately suppressed, gradually enlarged, like a gurgling mountain spring lingering in his heart.. Unprecedented satisfaction and pleasure surrounded him in an instant. There is also a surge of emotion, that is-reluctant! Even though the time needed to go was not expected to be long, he was inexplicably reluctant to give up the warmth in his arms. She made no secret of her dependence on him and clung to him whenever she had the chance. The pestering little thing not only made him get used to her existence in a very short time, but also made him feel hard to give up this sweet attachment. Is he really interested in her? Like love him is not sure, the only sure thing is that he can not ignore her,CSD filling line, she has succeeded in influencing him! Since when, she has taken root in his heart, he does not know.

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