Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works

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  • Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works

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    Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works

    Miao Liang said, after thinking about it, Miao Liang changed her mind again: "I'll help you get your underwear and underwear first." In case it's too exciting to wait, it's not good if things can't be controlled. In the face of the hands of the new underwear underwear, Qiaonan's face are wrinkled into a mother-in-law face, this in the end is a few meaning ah? Where's the shirt? Is it difficult for her mother-in-law to treat her as a model and ask her to give her a underwear show? No way, were pushed to the bathroom, Qiaonan did not have a second choice. Originally during the day, the day is not hot, plus Qiaonan squatted in the kitchen for a long time, the body is not the smell of sweat is the smell of lampblack, anyway Qiaonan disliked this miscellaneous smell on his body. Hearing the sound of water coming from the bathroom smoothly, Miao Liang smiled reassuringly, humming a tune in her mouth, and put the dishes on the table. Not a little while, hear Qiao Nan's stuffy voice: "Mom, I finished washing, where is the new shirt?" Miao Liang immediately refreshed: "Have you finished washing?"? I'm busy now. I have to find something. I can't go to Zhai Sheng's room. Otherwise, there is a big towel in the bathroom. You can use it first. You can go to Zhai Sheng's room to get your shirt. After saying this, Miao Liang immediately dodged into her room, acting, and had to do the whole set. ……” A row of black lines appeared on Qiaonan's forehead in the bathroom. Should the future mother-in-law be so unreliable? Qiaonan good temper,Self-closing Faucet, plus this is not a great thing, face the wall for three seconds, Qiaonan sighed, can only according to Miao Liang said, first with a big towel bag, and then go to Zhai Sheng's room to find clothes. After coming out of the bathroom, looking at the empty living room and the dishes on the table, Qiaonan had to be glad that her father-in-law was not at home, otherwise,Flushometer valve, she would rather hold back in the bathroom than appear in a "public" place like this. With a heart of shame, Qiaonan shrank her body and stepped on her little feet as fast as a mouse, touching the handle of Zhai Sheng's door at the fastest speed. "Card," Qiaonan opened the door and went in. Who drew the curtains? Qiaonan had been to Zhai Sheng's room before, especially after Zhai Yaohui and his wife came, the curtains of Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua's room were opened. Just because the curtain was drawn at this moment, Qiaonan, who had been accustomed to the bright world, instantly created a blind spot in her eyes, which was dark and could not be seen at all. Qiaonan reached out to touch the wall and tried to turn on the light in the room so that he wouldn't touch it like a blind man. Who knows, Qiaonan did not touch the wall, but touched a wall as hard as the wall, but the surface seems to be wrapped in a layer of soft body of hard objects. Hard things are hot, and lines are square. The hand just sticks up lightly, Qiaonan feels these. When Qiaonan realized that this was not a wall, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,stainless steel toilet, but clearly a man's chest, he wanted to scream out and then turn his head and run away. The other side grabbed Qiaonan's wrist and made a slight effort. Instead, Qiaonan, who wanted to escape, crashed heavily into the man's arms because of the inertia of the force. "Bang, there was a faint feeling of sparks flying between the two men." Uh The other side gave a low hum, an arm like iron, like a snake, wrapped itself around Qiaonan's waist, and a strangulation, firmly trapped Qiaonan. Chapter 942 of the main text Zhai Sheng's "Feast" The other hand touched Qiaonan's back and slid up, touching a piece of greasy skin like congealed fat. At that moment, the man had only one thought in his mind: tender, really tender, more tender than the most tender speed he had ever eaten! "No clothes?" The naked feeling of a piece of clothes sticking to his chest is too obvious. Skin and skin are the most direct, without any hindrance. It's really wonderful. Zhai, Brother Zhai? Frightened Qiao Nan heard the other side's voice and took it for granted to shout. Who dares to do this to you but me? Now Zhai Sheng's voice was very low and hoarse, and there seemed to be a sense of anger and forbearance in it. Half of Zhai Sheng's wound was healed, and after the wound did not interfere with his actions, he returned to his post to deal with the affairs of the army.

    Earlier Zhai Sheng because of the injury rest how long, how much time has accumulated, now of course he has to pick up all these work, one by one seriously deal with. In the past, with Shi Peng as his master, Zhai Sheng could spend a little less time. Now in the army this new, took over the post of Shi Peng, and Zhai Sheng has not developed such a tacit understanding and trust, no way, Zhai Sheng can only work a little harder. It was not easy to handle all his own work, and Zhai Sheng rushed to the capital without stopping. To put it bluntly, even if Zhai Yaohui and his wife had already arrived in the capital, Zhai Sheng did not believe that his unreliable parents would take good care of his wife for him, or that he would come earlier, personally protect and watch, and feel more at ease. Is really because too hurried, in addition Zhai Sheng's hand has not been good, the body is recovering. When Zhai Sheng arrived in the capital, he was naturally very tired. Without saying a word, Miao Liang asked Zhai Sheng to go back to his room to rest and sleep. In the evening, she cooked a big meal for Zhai Sheng. Zhai Sheng is also really tired, did not think much, then agreed. The first person he wanted to see when he arrived in the capital was Qiaonan, but he had to consider the actual situation. Zhai Sheng thought that he could just sleep, raise his spirits, take care of his appearance, and go to Peking University to find Qiaonan with a good image. The plan could not catch up with the change. Zhai Sheng, who had been rubbing his rough hands on Qiaonan's tender back, was already thinking that his mother had said before that she would prepare a big meal for him. Does this "big meal" include the baby in his arms. With the fragrant and naked touch in his hands, the smell of moisture between his breath and the fragrance after bathing, Zhai Sheng felt more and more that the precious baby in his arms was his real "big meal" today! At this time,Time Delay Tap, Zhai Sheng's clothes were not much more than Qiaonan's. Zhai Sheng wore a pair of underpants to sleep, his upper body was bare, and his knees were bare.

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