Love at the wrong time

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  • Love at the wrong time

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    Love at the wrong time

    His hands were hanging at his side, clenched so tightly that he almost exhausted all his strength. After a long time, or just a moment, he gasped, punched the door frame, pulled off his suit jacket with an expressionless face, wrapped it around her, and pushed it into his arms. Hug very tightly, as if the bones are embedded in each other. Hot gasps, one after another, pressed against her auricle, "Ah Ci, not now." Jiang Ci opened his eyes slightly and looked up at him. Do you know what happened? "I know." Jiang Ci's voice was so light that it seemed to dissipate as soon as he spoke. "What are you afraid of?" Liang Jingxing breathed heavily. "Don't be angry." "I'm not angry." "Ah Ci," Liang Jingxing's arm unloaded a bit of strength, "I don't want you to be with me for the first time in this situation, wait a little longer, after this matter is resolved.." Humid air rushed into the lungs, and the suffocation that had brought death finally subsided. Jiang Ci did not know the so-called laugh, from Liang Jingxing's arms to break free, covering the back of the suit fell on the floor of the water. She lifted her foot, pushed out beside him, and walked barefoot back to the bedroom. With an expressionless face, she took out underwear, T-shirts and trousers from the simple fabric wardrobe and put them on mechanically one by one. After dressing,Calacatta Nano Glass, he still stood motionless in the same place. Her hair dripped her clothes for a moment, and she felt cold and her body trembled slightly. Before returning home, she went to the school library to find out Liang Jingxing's employment information and went to the archives to turn over the newspapers of that year one by one. The paper was yellowed and covered with a thick layer of ash, which made him cough as soon as he opened it. After turning over for more than an hour, I finally found out the context of the incident: a senior executive of a state-owned enterprise in the imperial capital was exposed to maintain an improper relationship with a number of women. At that time, public opinion condemned it one after another. The Discipline Inspection Commission also intervened in the investigation, and led to the bribery case of the enterprise. However, while the case was in full swing, one of the executive's "mistresses" committed suicide by jumping from a building. Fortunately,Slate Wall Panel, she survived, but was partially paralyzed. At that time, Liang Jingxing became famous as one of the writers of this series of news. But after the "mistress" jumped off the building, there was no report in the newspaper signed "Liang Jingxing". Jiang Ci went to the Internet to search again. Eight. Nine years ago. There are only a few words left on the Internet, and they are all vague. Later, she was lucky enough to find the secret of the incident in an abandoned personal blog, because she did not directly name the person involved, so she was spared: the "indecent photos" of state-owned enterprise executives and several women that were exposed at that time were all made by the source, and the executives offended people and were put together. As for the "mistress" who committed suicide, it was actually his girlfriend. The executive has divorced his wife, and they are in free love. The bribery case of state-owned enterprises is true, but all this leads to. Fire . Suo From the beginning to the end, it was all false news planned by others. Liang Jingxing and his colleagues were all used. The truth behind it is naturally blocked. Besides, no one cares about the truth, they will only feel gratified, as to whether the procedure is legal, whether the means are just, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,White Marble Slabs, is it important? He values his reputation so much, and you destroy him again in the most vicious way. Behind him came the sound of Liang Jingxing's footsteps. Jiang Ci came to his senses, turned around and looked at him. He smiled faintly: "This is good. Let Mr. Chen know that I'm sure I can't afford it." Liang Jingxing's eyes were heavy, staring at her, "Ah Ci, just." Jiang Ci immediately interrupted him, "I.." I was a little angry. "She stepped forward, lowered her head and grabbed his sleeve. She snuggled up to him, her voice lowered and softened." Don't underestimate me. " From this angle, only a wet head and thin shoulders could be seen, and a white back of the neck was exposed from the hair. Liang Jingxing pushed out a sigh of unknown meaning from his chest and put his arm around her shoulder, "I will never look down on you." After standing for a while, Jiang Ci said, "I'm hungry. I didn't have lunch." When Liang Jingxing was cooking noodles, Jiang Ci blew his hair and asked him at the top of his voice, "What's the situation at school now?" Liang Jingxing said, "It's all right. No one will pay attention to it after a while." Ginger words blow hair, noodles also from the pot, two people each occupy one side of the table, stuffy head eating.

    "I don't have to go to school these two weeks, so I have time to take you to Chongda to take pictures." Jiang Ci is stupefied, "good," bowed his head to eat noodles, and asked, "cherry blossoms haven't opened yet?" "Not until the middle of March, I'm afraid." "Then wait until the flowers bloom." Liang Jingxing was quiet for a moment. "Well, I'm afraid I'll be busy again at that time." Jiang Ci smiled. "No matter how busy you are, you have to spare time for me. It's too insincere." Liang Jingxing also laughed, "OK, listen to you." After dinner, Liang Jingxing discussed the matter with her in detail, but over and over again just to let her not worry. Jiang Ci did not question anything and responded one by one. After resting for a while, Liang Jingxing received a phone call from Liu yuan, urging him to hurry to the company. Liang Jingxing looked at Jiang Ci and hesitated. You go ahead. I'm just going to take a nap. Liang Jingxing should come down, hung up the phone, adjusted his clothes, "I'll go back, you don't go to school for the time being, I've already asked for leave for you." Jiang Ci nodded and sent him to the door. "Be careful on the way." As soon as Liang Jingxing stopped, he turned around and hugged her hard. "Close the door. Don't do this again." Jiang Ci laughed, "Uncle Liang, do this again, I really want to suspect that you have a hidden disease." Liang Jingxing raised his eyebrows and kissed her on the forehead. "Gone." Jiang Ci closed the door, back against the door, listening to the footsteps far away, almost inaudible sigh. She went back to the bathroom first, picked up the unfortunate suit, took out her pocket, and took out the lighter that Liang Jingxing often used. She put the lighter in her pocket, sat down on the bedroom desk, pulled a piece of white paper from the sketch book, and was about to put pen to paper when she had a palpitation. After sitting for a moment, she took out her lighter and slipped her finger. With a sniff,Agate Slabs For Sale, a clump of flames spewed out. Orange, slightly swaying, like a thin sunset. ·。

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