low price Natural Carotene

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  • low price Natural Carotene

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    low price Natural Carotene

    low price Natural Carotene  Product Description
    Natural Carotene Emulsion
    Product Item No: NC-2
    Molecular Formula: C40H56
    Molecular Weight: 536.88
    Natural Carotene is a member of the carotenoids, which are highly pigmented (red, orange, yellow), fat-soluble compounds naturally present in many fruits, grains, oils, and vegetables (green plants, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach, apricots, and green peppers). Alpha, beta, and gamma carotene are considered pro-vitamins because they can be converted to active vitamin A. Our natural carotene emulsion is water-soluble food color which is widely used for yellow to orange foods.
    1) Enhance Human Immunity
    2) Maintain the Integrity of the skin mucous membrane layer, preventing skin dry and coarse
    3) Promote Animal growth and fecundity
    4) Eye protection, anti-oxidant, delay aging effects
    1) Natural carotene is the precursor of Vitamin A which can be used in health care products
    2) Wildly used as pigments. Natural carotene is considered as nutritious food additive.
    3) Cosmetics (lipstick, kermes, etc.) added with Natural-carotene present natural, full- colored luster and protect skin.
    Production Flow

    Packing & Delivery
    1kg per Bottle
    24kg per carton boxes
    Delivery Time
    Within 3~7 days after order confirmed
    Can you provide free samples?
    A: Yes we can provide free samples. Only the shipping cost will be on customer鈥檚 account. You can pay the sample鈥檚 shipping cost to us or arrange a courier to collect the samples.
    How to confirm the products quality before placing order?
    A: Before placing the bulk order, we can offer free samples to you for quality check. And if you have special requirement on the goods, we can prepare samples according to your requirement and send to you for your confirmation.
    What is the MOQ?
    A: MOQ is 1KG
    What kind of payment method do you support?
    A: T/T, L/C, West union, Wechat etc
    What is the delivery time after order confirmed?
    A: Usually within 3-7 days after order confirmed.
    What is the delivery method?
    A: It depends on customer鈥檚 prefer. We can ship by express way(DHL/UPS/FEDEX etc), by air or by sea.
    What's your shipping port?
    A: We can ship to any domestic shipping port(Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc), the domestic shipping cost will be on our side.low price Natural Carotene

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