Maintenance Of The Edge Banding Trimmer Machine

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  • Maintenance Of The Edge Banding Trimmer Machine

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    Maintenance Of The Edge Banding Trimmer Machine

    Maintenance Of The Edge Banding Trimmer Machine

    Are you looking for a best edge banding trimmer machine? If so, we’ve got the best review of the top machines on the market. We know how important it is to find an edge banding machine that will fit your needs and budget. That’s why we spent hours researching and reviewing all of these machines to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

    edge banding trimmer machine

    This kind of special-shaped edge banding machine for small shops does not have to worry about insufficient glue supply and glue glue problem of the glue tank edge banding machine. The gluing layer adopts a plate-type quick positioning design to achieve ultra-thin edge banding.

    Maintenance of edge bander:
    1: First of all, keep the plot of each position of the body. For example, the glue taken out by the board near the glue pot will dry to other parts, which will directly affect its normal operation.

    2: There will be a lot of cutting edge banding chips in the pre-milling part, the head and tail part, and the trimming and scraping part. Even if there is a dust suction device, it will not be very clean, and the edge banding chips flying around will Parts that affect each sliding and rolling will also affect the trimming. So every shift must clean up the edge banding scraps.

    3: Inspect the operating parts, regularly check the sound and temperature of each operating part for abnormal noise and heat.

    4: Regularly refuel the moving parts. Repair of furniture splint edge banding machine 1. A problem with the pressing part of your edge banding machine leads to abnormal operation of the trimming and polishing equipment. If the plate is not pressed tightly, or there is a height before and after the pressing vertical plate, when the plate travels to the glued part, the rubber coating wheel and the pressing wheel exert a certain pressure on the side of the plate, causing the plate to shift and deviate from the reference line. The subsequent process cannot be completed.

    Our goal is to build the best woodworking machines and provide long time service now and for the future, with respect to our customers.

    With consistent innovation and engineering technologies, we are able to meet the individual requirements of trade, commerce and industry without compromise and we offer you the perfectly fitting machine for every edge bander trimmer, just as unique as your requirements.

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