Murder House Notes 2

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  • Murder House Notes 2

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    Murder House Notes 2

    Murder House Notes 2

    I was so curious that I couldn't help taking a step closer to see it but I still couldn't see it clearly I didn't ask for his permission so I just turned on my cell phone to take a picture It was found that there was a living thing on the ground which should be a grasshopper or an insect like a grasshopper However as long as this is much larger than the same kind crawling on the ground for a while he stayed motionless not knowing if it was because of the instinctive reaction after being illuminated The man squatted down and told me that it was not the right time We couldn't go up When we saw the insect running upstairs we could move Listening to his tone now it doesn't Miscellaneous feel so disgusting I nodded and asked him "What is this" He drew a "shush" gesture to warn me not to blow on the insect saying that it told me and could not understand it But if I believe him I'll listen to him or I'll go upstairs and die and he won't stop me I am very worried about Xu Chuanxiang but his words have come to this Although I can't bear it I still grit my teeth and say yes The house was as quiet as if we were alone and his voice was deliberately soft when he spoke so I didn't dare to speak loudly The two men stared at the insect and muttered for a long time While I was waiting I took the opportunity to ask him if he was going to meet someone in the house and why the note was sent by mistake He returned to a look that needed to be beaten and said "Are you an idiot" Didn't I tell you they sent the wrong one on purpose Just to let me know you're one of them so I can ***ing kill you! If I hadn't seen that man you'd be ***ing dead! What he said made me have to take a step back again My heart said "Damn this man doesn't look like a person who knows how to do magic He said that I believed him on the road" After thinking about it he seemed to have communicated with me since he entered the house and he didn't see anyone Although I was still curious I didn't dare to continue asking Right now whether it's true or not we have to count on him It took a lot of time to smoke but I was afraid that the smoke would smoke the insects so I had to endure it all the time Chapter 49 the man in the know After waiting for ten minutes the insect suddenly moved and jumped far away I was not careful and it was already at the top of the stairs Seeing this the man gave me a hand and ran after me I followed him up the stairs and as soon as I got upstairs I was so surprised that I almost didn't fall down the stairs On the floor at the top of the stairs on the second floor clothes and trousers were thrown everywhere No one was seen I didn't know what had just happened above and I didn't hear anything Could it be that these people had stripped themselves naked quietly The man did not stop and continued to run inside with the insect Although I haven't been to the room inside in the impression of the previous house it should be the bedroom and it is the master bedroom I ran in and swept it with the light and my eyes were still a little blurred I fixed my eyes on it and saw that the three walls of the room except for the door Chemicals Suppliers  were hung with mirrors as big as the whole wall As soon as I saw myself in the mirror I thought someone had rushed over and startled me I couldn't help saying "ah" but then the man in front of me suddenly turned around and kicked me which made me stumble and fall directly outside the door and I said "ah" again Now I was really anxious I put up with him all night I stood up and planned to fight with him But he shouted at me inside "Don't ***ing look in the mirror if you see something on your back it's over!" " I didn't dare to move when he roared Although I was outside the door I could still see the mirror in the room I looked at it subconsciously and my heart was cold Although the mobile phone had been knocked off by this time I still saw a head behind my shoulder in a trance! Even if I saw filth again I couldn't help it I stumbled and ran two steps and instinctively hit myself behind with my fist But I didn't touch anything! Then the man ran out and punched me in the face saying "Didn't I tell you not to look in the mirror" Then he added another punch I was already a little dizzy these two punches made my nose bleed my eyes burst into tears and I couldn't see where people were when I wanted to fight back
    After two punches he didn't continue He ran straight down the stairs and ran very fast By the time I realized I wanted revenge he had already run to the first floor For the first time in my life except for my father someone dared to hit Additives and Auxiliaries me like this I chased him down regardless I didn't even have time to look at the stairs I chased him into the yard and the man stood in the middle of the yard with his back to me However I was stunned and did not jump on it Because I saw something even more incredible a few naked people lying in the yard Needless to say the people who came with us These people did not know whether they were dead or unconscious and they all lay motionless I was completely shocked Why did they run downstairs I wiped the blood from my face and lit a cigarette Now that I've decided to go all out it doesn't make any difference to me whether I make a surprise attack or not as long as I keep an eye on the man I patted my head and began to search Xu Chuanxiang with my eyes But some people are face down and I can't find him After thinking about it I guess these people should have jumped down from the window otherwise I and the man have been guarding the stairs it is impossible not to see Strangely even if you jump down you should be able to hear the movement How did these people land quietly Just as he was thinking about it the man kicked several people lying on the ground and suddenly laughed without warning The laughter is similar to that of a villain in an old Hong Kong movie but I've never seen a normal person laugh like that He turned around and shouted at me "This is ***ing interesting One of them should have died but this time they died a lot Let's see how they end up!" I listened to the meaning of his words and these people had already hung up and my heart missed a beat This time the matter is really big I'm afraid I can't get rid of the relationship with that person when I look back We came in together Why are we the only ones who are okay I walked over to the nearest person flipped over and sure enough there was no reaction at all

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