My powers and magic.

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  • My powers and magic.

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    My powers and magic.

    Suddenly the tiger king moved. As fast as a lightning punch, hit the air. The direction of Tiger King's punch was exactly the opposite of Xin Rui's position. Xin Rui sniggered in his heart: "I thought this tiger king had something powerful, but it turned out to be just so so. Even my position was misjudged!"! Just thinking about it Tiger King suddenly turned around and punched again. This punch was very different from the previous one. Not only the strength, but also the speed was much stronger than the previous one. The punch hit exactly where Xin Rui was at an incredible angle and speed. It's a hit! This is the first feeling of Tiger King. But the tiger king was not happy, because then the tiger king found something wrong, he felt that the punch had no focus at all. A hit is the same as a miss. This feeling is really uncomfortable. Tiger King's punch was originally made with all his strength. Had it not been for the tiger king's boxing skills, the strong inertia would have dislocated the tiger king. Xin Rui knew that the first punch of the Tiger King should be a deliberate counter-attack, so that he neglected to guard against it, followed by the second punch is an accurate attack! Xin Rui couldn't figure it out. It is reasonable to say that now he is an energy body, should not be found by the tiger king, in the end how does the tiger king know his location: "How do you know my location?" Xin Rui asked coldly. Do I have to tell you? The Tiger King continues to attack. As fast as lightning, the move is aimed at Xin Rui, who is already in the state of energy body. Well, I have to admit, your attack is really exquisite and wonderful! There are few masters like you in the demon world. "Xin Rui did not dodge," but didn't you notice? Can't you hurt me no matter how hard you attack? Indeed, all the Tiger King's attacks, as if they were attacking the air, were meaningless. Of course, the Tiger King knows that his attack may be futile, but the Tiger King really doesn't know how to fight this energy body. The only thing we can do now is to keep attacking it, and maybe one punch can hit it. Seeing that the Tiger King was still silent and kept attacking, Xin Rui said angrily, "Stubborn!"! Tiger King You are so naive. Let's stop your senseless attacks! Look how hard you attack. I really can't bear it. All right, I'll do a good deed and tell you why your attack doesn't work on me! That's because I'm an energy body. 。 But your attack belongs to the physical attack, deals with the energy body by the physical attack, that is useless! Why are you telling me this? What's in it for you? The Tiger King listened to Xin Rui's words and knew that what he said was true, so he stopped attacking. No good! I just want to enjoy the battle more. "Xin Rui said leisurely." What an arrogant tone! That's the way it is. The strength gap between you and me is so big. As soon as I attack, plastic bulk containers ,ibc spill containment pallet, you will die immediately! Tiger King I don't know if you believe it? When Xin Rui said this, he gushed with great confidence. At this time, Xin Rui has also reached the highest level of "No Quality Sutra". He can transform between the entity and the energy body unimpeded. The energy body has become extremely powerful. Xin Rui's strength now can even compete with the King of the Demon World. Then you have a try! "The Tiger King raised his golden fighting spirit to the limit.". At the same time, the left fist was thrown, and this time, the Tiger King did not use physical attack. Powerful gold fight gas out of the body, the direction is where Xin Rui is. Xin Rui did not want to escape, because he wanted to see how strong his strength was. The tiger king's golden fighting spirit directly hit Xin Rui. Gold fighting spirit is actually energy, so it can cause a certain impact on Xin Rui. But with Xin Rui's current strength, the impact is minimal. Not bad. It even allowed me to take a few steps back. Xin Rui boasted, "Your comprehension ability is really very high.". As soon as I said that the physical attack was not effective for me, you immediately used the fighting spirit to attack. Thank you for reminding me just now! This time I won't be as merciful as I was before. "You will die!" The Tiger King sneered. "Take it!" With that, the Tiger King threw his fists together, with a strong golden fighting spirit on his left and right, and hit Xin Rui again.

    This time Xin Rui still did not want to escape. The Tiger King's two golden fighting spirits hit Xin Rui again, and this time Xin Rui took four steps back and stood still again. Power has increased! Pretty good !” "Don't be complacent!"! The battle has only just begun. "From the tone of Xin Rui, the Tiger King could hear the irony of Xin Rui." What you said is exactly what I said. Xin Rui said coldly. The battle has just begun! Materialize !” Xin Rui changed from an energy body to an entity through the "Insubstantial Sutra", which was very rapid, and it was completed in an instant. After the substantiation of Xin Rui, he still used the illusion of thousands of illusions to turn into the first level of combat state-Fire Cloud Kirin. As soon as the Tiger King's golden fighting spirit touched the Fire Cloud Kirin, the Fire Cloud Kirin used its front paws to change its direction and hit the ground. Suddenly, there was a loud noise on the ground, and a big pit more than one meter deep appeared in front of him. Hum, materialized? That's better. It saves me from using gold to fight. In fact, it is very tiring for the Tiger King to simply use gold to attack. Now the Fire Cloud Kirin is materialized, which is a good thing for the Tiger King. Tiger King's suit is evolved. Now the Tiger King is wearing it, and the speed has been greatly improved. All of a sudden, the Tiger King rushed to the front of the Fire Cloud Kirin. Huoyun Kirin picked up the claws of the beast and aimed at the tiger king's chest. The Tiger King saw it clearly and immediately turned sideways to avoid the attack of the Fire Cloud Kirin. Finally, the tiger king was fast enough to hide in time, otherwise he would have a few more wounds on his body. Huoyun Kirin saw that he could not make a hit, so he opened his mouth and bit, and the speed was very fast. This time,plastic pallet price, he bit the right hand of the tiger king. Tiger king right hand to the side of a lead, at the same time left hand palm move foot gold fighting gas, to the fire cloud Kirin's head is a punch. The body of Huoyun Kirin suddenly rose greatly.

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