Oriental Jade Double Phoenix Biography

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  • Oriental Jade Double Phoenix Biography

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    Oriental Jade Double Phoenix Biography

    Jiuzhen Mountain, towering into the clouds, is getting closer and closer. The mountains are undulating far and near, and the population is getting thinner and thinner! Fang Bijun pointed with his horsewhip and said, "Elder brother, I'm afraid there won't be any families in the past. There are still a few farmers in the foothills." Home, our horses, we have to send them here. Fan Junyao nodded, and the two of them slowed down the reins and rode slowly. When they reached the foot of the hill, they jumped off the saddle and led the horse to a house. At the farmhouse gate. Fan Junyao explained the purpose of his visit, and took out an ingot of silver as a reward, and sent the horses to the farmhouse. Only then did Shen Pai time. Out of the mountain village, he saw that the mountains outside were desolate and there was no trace of people, so he used his flying skills and went all the way. Jiuzhen Mountain is coming. The two men galloped side by side, and in a short time, they reached the foot of Jiuzhen Mountain. But in the middle of a high peak, the peaks are like arches! Fan Junyao looked back and said with a smile, "Sister, sister, you've been hiding it from me all the time." Fang Bijun raised his wrist to wipe his sweat, opened his starry eyes, and said, "What am I hiding from you?" Fan Junyao said with a smile, "My sister is a master of martial arts. She has clearly been taught by an expert, but she has always been hidden." Fang Bijun smiled and said, "I told you I knew a little martial arts. Do you want me to blow it myself? How smart I am?"? It would be strange if he didn't laugh off his front teeth! "Sister, master," said Fan Junyao, "which senior is he?" Fang Bijun took one look at him and said, "Elder brother must ask. I'll have to say it directly. My master lives in Qinglian Nunnery in Jiuhua.." Fan Junyao exclaimed, "My sister is a disciple of the Thousand-Handed Shenni. No wonder she has such great skill." "Who did you hear that from?" Asked Fang Bijun. Fan Junyao said, "I've heard my teacher say that the Thousand-Handed Shenni not only has her own martial arts, but also has few rivals in Jianghu." The "Pearl Magic Needle" is the only one in Wulin, so it has the name of a thousand hands. Fang Bijun giggled and said, "Elder brother knows quite a lot." Fan Junyao said with a smile, "What's more? It's said that when the White Lotus Sect advocated chaos, all the famous sects in Jianghu joined hands to encircle and suppress it, and finally in the Dabie Mountains." In World War I, there was one of the bandits called the Golden Light Holy Mother, who had the ability to scatter beans into soldiers. In fact, her most powerful hidden weapon was'Poisoning Gold Beads, each only the size of a mung bean, but extremely poisonous, as long as it hit one, you have to die on the spot, but she one. Can be scattered on a thousand, like a shower of gold, between ten Zhangs, no one can escape. On that occasion, her hands were open, and there was a burst of gold. The rain can be shot, one after another fell to the ground, Cold Drawn Tubes ,beam impact tubes, we do not know at first'thousand poison gold beads' why suddenly fell to the ground? Review after the event and discover Each gold bead was pierced by a very thin silver needle, only to know that your teacher arrived in time to save a catastrophe, so in Jianghu, and Your teacher is called the God of Needles, and her old man's silver needle is also called the'God of Piercing Beads'. Fang Bijun heard the way of surprise: "Ah, eldest brother said this story, I have never heard the master, this is no wonder, the master she has repeatedly warned me, no!" When it comes to the last resort, I am not allowed to do it easily. Even after the shot, I have to take back the needle, and I also I only know that it is called the Sun God Needle, but I don't know that it is also called the Pearl God Needle. Then laughed: "Yes!"! Master, pass it to me At the time of "Sun God Needle", it was said that this kind of needle could send 360 needles, but I could only shoot 36 needles at most. For the convenience of the needle, a small bead is attached to the end of each needle, so that it will not be submerged in the human body. The master also said that the needle was attached. Another advantage of beads is that when he meets the most powerful enemy, he will retreat as long as he sees the beads on the needle. Fan Jun Yao said with a smile, "The magic needle is no different from the mark of the nun. Who dares to offend the nun in the martial arts world?" Two people say and walk, into the mountain gradually deep! Fan Junyao suddenly stood still and said, "Sister.". Where are we going this way? Fang Bijun was stunned by his question. He stopped and said, "I've heard about Jiuzhen Mountain. I think there will be an accident in the mountain." We are not familiar with the geography, so we can't find it for a while. At this point, he stretched out his hand and said, "There are many spiritual realms in the dangerous cliffs and deep valleys of Jiuzhen Mountain." Let's go over these mountains and have a look.

    "Fan Junyao said with concern," Aren't you tired after running so much? " Fang Bijun smiled sweetly and said, "I'm not tired. How about you?" Fan Junyao smiled and said, "As long as you're not tired." After crossing a steep mountain ridge, the terrain behind the mountain was secluded and the vegetation was beautiful. The two of them lightly pedaled and ran all the way down. Just arrived at the foot of the mountain, I saw a clear stream, flowing slowly, a winding path, along the stream. "Here you are, brother," exulted Fang Bijun. "What did you find?" Asked Fan Junyao. Fang Bijun pointed to the path and said, "There are few people in the back hill. Where is the path?"? It is clear that someone often walks along the stream. To get out of this mountain path. Say.. Head for the path first. The stream was no more than ten feet wide, and the current was so slow that the bottom could be seen clearly. Two people walked along the stream. After walking half a mile, I found that the stream was flowing out of a deep valley. The two men had just arrived at Taniguchi when they heard a loud sound. A loud roar. The roar sounded like a Jiao Lei in midair, shaking all the mountains. Fan Junyao was startled at the sound and instinctively stood in front of Fang Bijun. "It looks like the roar of a tiger," said Fang Bijun. At the same time, they looked up with the sound, but saw a huge white-fronted tiger like an ox on a cliff on the right side of Taniguchi. Open a pair of tiger eyes like a bronze bell, and show their power to themselves! The cliff, just at the mouth of the valley, was at least four or five feet high, and the white-fronted tiger was in a commanding position, constantly swinging its tail. It has the potential to attack people. "What a big tiger!" Said Fan Junyao in surprise. "Stand down, brother," said Fang Bijun. He took Fan Junyao's hand and jumped back in a hurry. Fan Junyao withdrew his sword with a brush and said with a smile, "Wu Song beat the tiger, and Bian Zhuang stabbed the tiger. I'll kill it." Fang Bijun still took Fan Junyao by the hand and said, "Forget it. In the deep mountains, you can meet tigers and leopards at any time. Big Brother,stainless steel 304 pipes, don't you make a mistake?" With more effort, what's there to fight with the beast? Let's just go. With these words, he pulled Fan Junyao back and left. Fan Junyao. cbiesautomotive.com

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