Oriental Jade Purple Jade Fragrance

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  • Oriental Jade Purple Jade Fragrance

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    Oriental Jade Purple Jade Fragrance

    Only then did he go to the bench beside the Taoist and sit down. "The Taoist is looking for me," he said. "I don't know what I can tell you." Shou Yidao said, "I have received a lot of help from the benefactor Ding. Now I have made a thorough investigation." The waiter came over and asked Ding. What does Jianzhong want? Ding Jianzhong pointed to the table with pearls on it and said, "I'm from the table over there. You just pick up the food and wine and send them to me. I'm here with you." A Taoist priest has something to do. Wei Wei, who ran the hall, answered "Yes" and retreated. Shouyi Taoist continued, "The thief who pretended to be Second Elder Martial Brother Jingyi Taoist has long suspected that he is not Second Elder Martial Brother. Now I can prove it." In fact, he was a thief in disguise. When Ding Jianzhong heard this, he was greatly surprised. He had always thought that Jing Yiren was not a fake thief, but was willing to take the thief as his father and betray him. People from the southern school. Stunned, he asked, "How did the Taoist prove it?" Shou Yidao said, "I'm ashamed to say that this thief plays the role." Second Elder Martial Brother, it can be said to be lifelike, even the poor way has been deceived in the past. Elder Martial Brother (Tai Yi Dao Ren) has been ill for many years. Don't ask about things in the view, usually also rare to see, this time the thief had something to come out, the view was handed over to the thief who pretended to be poor, poor way After listening to the plan set up by the benefactor Ding, he pretended to be a thief who pretended to be a poor man. Only then did he realize that my view had been infiltrated by the thieves under the Lord of the other side's West Road Tou, almost one third of the disciples have been infiltrated and sold, and two days ago, when I saw Big Brother, I learned an amazing thing. The secret of..? Ding Jianzhong looked at the muscles on his face,pump tube, which kept beating. It was obvious that he was extremely angry. He said in a low voice, "The Taoist found out." What secret? Please speak softly. "Light", remind him that this is a restaurant, not angry, a loud voice, the secret is not all to let people listen to. Did you? The living spirit officer was originally a man with a hot temper, but this time the whole burden fell on him alone, and he forced himself to endure. Hearing what Ding Jianzhong said,plastic laminted tube, he blushed and said, "Almsgiver Ding is right." Then he said in a low voice, "As early as four or five years ago, this thief had already infiltrated our sect and pretended to be the Second Elder Martial Brother. From this, we can infer that the Second Elder Martial Brother Elder Martial Brother may have been killed already. This is what Elder Martial Brother told me. It was also four or five years ago that the elder brother was secretly dismissed by a thief. Poison, the whole body power if waste. And the two Taoist boys who served the elder brother were also the confidants of the thief. No wonder the poor Taoist was alone several times. When they went to see the elder brother, they were all blocked by the Taoist boy. This time, it was the poor Taoist who pretended to be the thief of the poor Taoist. They thought the poor Taoist was him Only then did my fellow travelers find out all the bandits inside and outside my view. Ding Jianzhong asked, "The poison in the Grand View Master is the poison of Sangong. If the poison disappears, can the power be restored?" Shou Yidao said, "Elder Martial Brother, you are diligent in practicing internal skills, and you have reached more than one Jiazi. Your skills are exquisite. If the poison of Sangong is removed, Even if not all of them can be recovered, it is no problem to recover seven or eight out of ten. Alas, if a pot of vermilion kept by our school Fruit, not to be stolen by thieves, empty lotion tubes ,cosmetic tube packaging, as long as a leaf, you can cure the elder brother in the body of the poison. Ding Jianzhong was stunned and asked, "What's the matter?"? Has Zhu Guo of Guiguan been stolen, too? "Yes," said Shou Yidao, "it must be the thief who seized the power of our temple and secretly stole Zhu Guo away to his master. "" At this point, Ding Jianzhong asked, "I came to see Almsgiver Ding because Almsgiver Ding seems to know a lot about the bandits." I don't know who is the mastermind behind it. Can benefactor Ding speak frankly? "I only know they are called Yitongmen," said Ding Jianzhong. "Unify the door?" "How could I have never heard of it?" Shou Yidao asked in a daze. Tie Guai Xian interjected, "This is the first time I've heard even Lao Jiaohua." , "Almsgiver Ding, do you know who is the leader of the Unification Gate?" "I don't know," said Ding Jianzhong, "but Yitongmen has been active in Jianghu for a long time.

    ” Shou Yidao said, "Since we have been active for a long time, how can no one in Jianghu know about it?" Ding Jianzhong said, "The bandits have been infiltrating your temple for many years. Doesn't the Taoist know nothing about it?"? According to Master Zhiben, they I'm afraid it was twenty years ago that we infiltrated the Shaolin Temple. "Would there be such a thing?" Shou Yidao asked in surprise. Ding Jianzhong said, "Xianyue said two words on his deathbed, which seemed to have something to do with the leader of the Unification Gate.." Shou Yidao said, "Almsgiver Ding, can you tell me?" Ding Jianzhong said, "Three to five is the best, and seven to nine is the best." "Who could this be?" Asked the Taoist in a low voice. Tie Guai Xian suddenly interjected, "This old beggar knows." 。 Ding Jianzhong and Shouyi asked at the same time, "Who is he?" Tieguaixian drank it down in one gulp and said with a smile, "Niubi, you can't even get a view of the sky right now, so you have the power to look for it." I'm going. Let's do this! Wait for your eldest brother to repair Xuangong, Laohuazi will tell him. It's too early to say now. It's just a surprise. It's just a snake. Then he turned to Ding Jianzhong and said, "You don't need to know for the time being. After you go back, you might as well go with Shoujin." Just went to Luoyang together, perhaps can find out some clues, well, the old beggar can accompany less, here's the wine account that Please pay for it. With that, the man stood up. The golden monkey had been squatting on the bench, peeling peanuts, this moment, without waiting for orders, quickly climbed up the shoulder of Tieguaixian. Tie Guai Xian Tie crutches on the ground, making the sound of "Tuk" and "Tuk", and goes downstairs. The Taoist also got up and said, "Almsgiver Ding, I'm leaving, too." "Wait a minute, Taoist," said Ding Jianzhong. He reached out his hand and took out an emerald flat jade bottle from his bosom. He poured out three pills and said, "This is a special solution to the strange poison in the world." Qu Du Dan may be effective for the poison of San Gong in the body of Daguan Lord. Taoist Priest, please take it with Daguan Lord. The Taoist was overjoyed, but sighed slightly and said, "Almsgiver, I came here because Master Jiang was poisoned. I don't want to see it." Zhu Guo was stolen by a thief,tube lip gloss, causing benefactor Ding to travel thousands of miles in vain, but he saved the poor way and the elder brother, so that we sent him from the devil's claws. emptycosmetictubes.com

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