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This is also the reason why Lin Lei and Beibei left immediately. The white-browed young man nodded and said, "Even my brothers can't deal with Wolf Silo together. It's very difficult to deal with him. Wolf Silo's soul defense is very strong. I want to kill him.". That is to say, Dzogchen God can do it, of course. And then there's Beirut, with its terrible gifts and magical powers. Beru is specially gifted with a unique skill, which ignores the soul defense of the general territory. He just made a move. Nine times out of ten it's Beirut! Beirut became famous. It's only been ten thousand years! And Beibei. There are too few people who know him, and Beibei reaches the superior God. Nor was it in the limelight. How can these other strong people know? So They thought it was Beirut, too! "This Beirut, how to also come to the plane battlefield?" The white-browed youth frowned way, "with his strength, do not need to come to this place, his fists and feet, enough to catch up with the main artifact. The plane battlefield is chaotic enough. He got in, too. It's a bully! What's wrong with bullying you? Don't you dare go to war with Beirut. "The golden-browed young man smiled faintly.". They just saw the shadow of the devouring rat. I deliberately waited for a while before I came here. For fear of running into Beirut. All right, buddy, let's go. Watch out. When you meet Beirut, you hide far away. The young man with golden eyebrows glanced at the two corpses on the ground and immediately turned into a phantom and left. His brother also followed him in the open space. Only the two lifeless corpses were left. Low, blackened hills, below the hinterland of these hills. There is an empty cave. Lin Lei and Beibei jumped up from the ground and opened up such a cave. Ha-ha. Boss,die cast light housing, it's a big harvest. Big harvest! "Beibei cheered excitedly.". At the same time, he put the heavy dark purple armor in his hand on the ground. A space ring was thrown beside it. Just when Beibei wanted to say a few more days excitedly. He suddenly froze. Boss! "Beibei stared at Lin Lei.". At this moment, Lin Lei looked at the golden badge in his hand. His eyes were full of excitement. You can see the tears. Finally. I finally got a gold badge. Lin Lei held the golden badge in the palm of his hand. Put it in front of your chest, this moment. Lin Lei felt the golden badge. He seems to have become his own father. Became George, Yale, them. I can't help thinking of the precious memories of childhood and youth. Gold Badge. For Lin Lei, does it mean that he can accumulate in exchange for the main artifact? Wrong! It was a father who could leave him as a teenager. Return. It can bring back his brother who died of injustice and despair. Father, Yale boss, George.. Lin Lei closed his eyes. Murmured, "I can save at least one of you!"! My father My brothers, non standard fasteners ,Steel investment casting, you must wait for me, wait for me to go out of the plane battlefield. You have persisted for nearly two thousand years. Hold on for the last time. "Wait for me." Tears fall unconsciously from the corners of my eyes. It's been decades since I stepped into the underworld. Lin Lei has been under a lot of pressure, as if his heart is always under a big stone! First, meet me at the nether mountain. The "Master of Death" finally gained a glimmer of hope with difficulty. And then he challenged the Red Rock Lord in the Nine Realms. Finally, he succeeded and got the qualification to enter the plane battlefield. And this is just the beginning. After entering the plane battlefield. Lin Lei feels pressure all the time. There was a kind of blankness and even a trace of fear in his heart. This seemingly silent plane battlefield hides too many strong people! Lin Lei is afraid that he will meet a real super strong man. If you kill him and Beibei, your own death is not terrible. It's just that Beibei is dead. Lin Lei will always feel guilty, and this. He'll never have a chance to save his father. Your own brother. It has been more than half a year since he first entered the battle field. Failure again and again, even let Lin Lei heart began to doubt himself. Perturbed, uneasy! This emotion Surround Lin Lei all the time! Although Lin Lei has been calmly squatting, but Lin Lei's heart is "panic", because he did not hunt a leader. He suspected that he could not get the command of Weizhang, in this anxiety, Lin Lei endured the days, however. Just now. A sudden war. But it brought a surprise! "At last, a golden badge." Lin Lei said to himself in his heart. Beibei and I will work together, and we can do it. In less than a year, I got a golden micro-seal, and the face war is still nearly 900 years away.

I'm sure I can get enough gold badges. One success. Let Lin Lei's heart calm down! And how your mouth will make that day to come dangerous. How dangerous. Lin Lei is confident to face it! "Yes.". There is also a golden micro-seal. Lin Lei suddenly turned his head and looked at Beibei. Beibei, open the space ring and have a look. When Yolande was killed, the golden medallion was kept inside. Lin Lei was a little excited. Beibei has been paying attention to Lin Lei's expression. Suddenly laughed: "OK, I will open it." Beibei also knew that Lin Lei had just shed tears, which were tears of joy. A drop of blood seeped out of Beibei's skin and dripped into the space ring. En? "Beibei stared.". Lin Lei could not help frowning. The drop of blood actually rolled on the surface of the space ring. Finally, he fell down and fell to the ground with a bang. Shit! That wolf, Sloe And the doppelganger is alive. Beibei said angrily. Sure enough! "Lin Lei had this preparation in his heart.". Generally enter the plane battle field to command, except for a few. The vast majority of people are kept outside, after all, the probability of death in this battlefield is too high, and this Wolf Silo. Obviously. He also has a God to stay outside, causing Lin Lei to be unable to open this space ring at all. Ah! "Bei Bei suddenly shouted angrily," the main artifact of defense, the main artifact. I can't use it! Even the space ring can't recognize the Lord with blood, which is the main artifact of defense. The same is true of nature. Lin Lei glanced at the dark golden armor and said with a faint smile, "Beibei.". Being cared about this. You should also know.. This is the main defense artifact. And the Lord God gave that wolf,Magnetic Drain Plug, Silo, even if we kill him. But this main artifact, the main God will still take back the land and stay with us temporarily at most. 。

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