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  • pant diapers Free Sample

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    pant diapers Free Sample

    pant diapers Free Sample  Our History
    FUJIAN TN DP.,LTD, a Chinese company established in 2002, is actively seeking for valuable opportunities during the rapid growth of global consumer goods and baby and mother hygiene products. FUJIAN TN DP.,LTD is devoted to producing and selling these goods which is of significant influence on the consumer goods market.
    The surge of birth rate offers FUJIAN TN DP.,LTD a good opportunity to enter the market of disposable hygiene products.
    We realize that if we want to come to the top in this market with huge demands, we have to provide our customers with high-standard, high-quality products, and precise quantity flexibly when needed. To make them satisfactory.
    Customers choose products from us rather than our competitors, is because we offer competitive price and better quality. That is what makes us viable in this market and the business environment that we live in requires us.
    We have dedicated and experienced staff and excellent partners. Through effective management and marketing, we send our hygiene products over the globe. What TNDP is doing now is to push the sales to occupy more market shares and increase productivity. And we are still working hard, expecting the cooperation with you!
    Our Factory
    Our factory is located in Quanzhou City, which is the professional manufacturing base of sanitary products. Our factory occupies an area of 8000 square meters and has advanced machine lines. The annual capacity is 200,000,000pcs (about 580 X 40HQ containers). Strict quality control covers every procedure, from material sourcing and processing to testing and packing, which makes us stand out from other companies and obtain many clients' reliance. We welcome new and old customers from all the world to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!
    Our Product
    Baby Diaper, Adult Diaper, Wipe, Sanitary Napkin, Underpads, Pet Diapers, Menstrual Cups, Sanitary Pants, Nursing Pads.
    Product Application
    Baby diapers suitable for babies under 3 years old
    Adult diapers are suitable for the elderly with urinary incontinence, as well as some patients with temporary lack of self-care ability. There are also postpartum, postoperative, menstrual, and long-term outdoor workers can use.
    Sanitary pads, menstrual cups, menstrual pants are suitable for women of any age, and the size is also suitable for all women's needs.
    Nursing pads can be divided into baby nursing pads, maternity nursing pads, and adult nursing pads according to different user groups. Baby care pads are mainly used for newborns to isolate urine to ensure that the mattress or mattress below is not soaked by urine.Maternity nursing pads are mainly necessary items for women after childbirth. After giving birth to a child, a large amount of lochia will flow out every day in the first half of the month. General sanitary napkins cannot meet it. At this time, special maternity nursing pads are required. The use time of maternal nursing pads is generally It is used from the first postpartum period to the whole postpartum period when bleeding and lochia discharge.
    Adult nursing pads are mainly used for post-operative and paralyzed people and people who cannot take care of themselves. The adult nursing pads are easy to replace and can ensure that the mattress below will not be dirty.
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Our factory occupies an area of 18000 square meters and has six advanced machine lines. The annual capacity is 200,000,000pcs (about 580 x 40HQ containers).
    Production Market
    We mainly deal in life care products: baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers, wet wipes, etc.
    Over the years, we have established our own brands overseas, such as Rasna, Romaity, Very Care, Top Nurse, BEBE STAR, Soft terre, etc. Our products have passed ISO and CE certification, and are exported to more than 58 countries and regions. Europe, America and South America are our main supply markets such as the United States, Russia, Australia, France and South Africa.
    Rasna is a high-end baby diaper. It is made of Japan's full core SAP polymer, and the surface layer is made of pearl pattern to quickly absorb water. Our old customers love it very much, and there are 30 cabinets produced in one year of purchase. TNDP's branded diapers are much higher quality than famous bands. We strictly control the quality of the screening, Top Nurse diapers, you deserve it!
    Our Service
    With many years of manufacturing and sales experience in China, FUJIAN TN DP.,LTD is a leading personal care products manufacturer in the sector of diapers for babies and adults, underpads, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, menstrual cups.
    鈼?Service 01
    Have your own personal care products manufacturing factory, can reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness.
    鈼?Service 02
    Multiple personal care products manufacturing production lines and specialized laboratories to ensure product quality and on-time delivery.
    鈼?Service 03
    Helping corporate brands cover globally while reducing investment costs and investment risks.
    鈼?Service 04
    At the same time, it can also help customers solve the problem of shipping after the completion of production, and truly achieve one-stop service.pant diapers Free Sample

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