Perfect World (1)

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  • Perfect World (1)

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    Perfect World (1)

    In its rear, other people are also moved, many people have seen Shi Hao will defeat the Taoist nun, out of the imperial capital, never thought later is beheaded. I don't believe it. How could the Master die? A young female disciple screamed, very frightened, so powerful a venerable is dead, let her mind great fear. The Venerable Butianjiao had no time to say anything else, so he pinched the seal in his hand, and a fiery unicorn rushed up to meet the golden sun in the sky to resist the terrible blow. Boom! Turned upside down, a gorgeous, light and rain, through heaven and earth. It has become a sea of divine power, and this blow is so powerful that it shakes people's souls. The young and strong men behind the venerable all cried out. Had it not been for the shining bodies of the five venerable men, which formed a bright curtain of light and protected them in the center, all of them would have died and turned into ashes. At the end of the first blow, the five venerable men burst into an astonishing wave, sending out infinite light, running through the sky, and the Qi movement was terrible and frightening. Their protective light is linked together, like five mountains standing side by side, majestic and solemn, sacred and powerful, killing all the rebels in the world. The Five Venerable Ones stepped forward at the same time, and every step they took sent out endless light between heaven and earth, mysterious and powerful, solemn and transcendent, with light and rain everywhere. This is a powerful oppression, crushing to Shi Hao together, just like the five gods in the lower world, so terrible that people's hearts are frightened, it is difficult to give birth to the heart of resistance. Shi Hao wields the sword, the golden sword gas splits,euro plastic pallet, splits that kind of "general trend", gives birth to a tranquil place, stands alone, looks at the front, there are two venerable people of Bulaoshan. You did it, too, so don't blame me for being unsparing. He talked to himself like this. Xiaoshi, I have come to save you, but I still don't look back. How can you fight against the Venerable with your strength? The two venerable masters of Mount Bulao opened their mouths. Your Majesty is a human emperor. How can you humiliate him with the word Xiaoshi? Peng Jiu was drinking in the distance. Shut up, there is no place for you to talk! One of the venerable ones rebuked. It's you who should shut up! Shi Hao scolded in a cold voice. The old man of the Butian Sect had a gloomy look in his eyes, a cold face,plastic bulk containers, and an endless desire to kill. He was the first to kill, because the death of the middle-aged Taoist nun made him angry. Young Emperor, Xiaoshi, your time has come! He paddled with both hands, pulling a red unicorn, runes all over the sky, shaking the sky, sending out the strongest blow. At the same time, the other four venerable ones also stepped forward, sending out strong pressure, cooperating with him, oppressing Shi Hao and helping him. Shi Hao gave a cold hum and stepped on it fiercely. The heaven and earth changed, and the endless rays of the sun surged in an instant, separating the Venerable Butian Sect in an area. Here, there are thousands of dragons, dense symbols, brilliant and incomparable, the breath of the gods permeates the air, and the towering divine light surges. The magic array of gods?! The Venerable Butianjiao was shocked, and then completely changed color. I have learned the unique learning of another Venerable Master of the Heaven Mending Sect, so I don't need you to sharpen me. You can go on with peace of mind. Shi Hao whispered. The array of gods glowed, interweaving a dense symbol, which drowned the place, plastic pallet bin ,plastic pallet manufacturer, so that the Venerable Butian was angry and tired of coping with it. He fought with all his strength, but he was still about to be suppressed. Shi Hao stepped forward and came aloof. His clothes were moving, and he was free from vulgarity. When he raised his hand, he waved his golden sword and cut off the head of the Venerable Butian Sect with a "poof" sound. The blood rushed up very high! Chapter 0474 blood-stained palace. The head flew very high, with fear on his face, with unwillingness, with fear, full of puzzlement and disbelief. He was a venerable man, and he was killed in this way? A sword cut off the head, that young man is fluttering armor, super dust free from vulgarity, empty in the completion of such a feat. The Venerable Butianjiao was unwilling. In his last glance, the young man was so detached. After beheading him, he was calm and calm, as if he had cut through the clouds and seen the sun. The whole person was shrouded in golden brilliance. Puff! The headless corpse fell, the head finally fell to the ground, and a generation of venerable people died. There was a kind of confusion in his eyes, and a kind of great fear. In this way, he was defeated and ended his life. The blood was very bright, but it soon turned into light, like a divine fire beating, burning in this pale golden palace, shocking. Rear, many people have been petrified, difficult to breathe, it is difficult to accept the facts of what happened, how can this be? Beyond people's expectations.

    This is a generation of venerable, ah, in a moment, landslides and lakes dry, the earth trembles, one breath can swallow tens of millions of living beings, powerful, high above. This is beyond the power of the world of mortals, can easily kill an ethnic group, destroy endless mountains and rivers, at this time how can be so fragile, here to be killed. Master! Several young men and women cried out, their eyes full of fear. A generation of venerable men was killed. They had lost their protectors and would have a hard time in the church in the future. A group of young monks are all frightened, can not help but back, this is terrible, small stone shot, fierce and decisive, even the Venerable were killed, they will be extremely dangerous. The four Venerable Ones were already facing a formidable enemy, and each of them was blooming with divine light, like five huge divine furnaces burning, lighting the sky, and light everywhere, guarding their own bodies. They knew that the situation was not right, and that there were several large arrays of gods in the palace, which seemed to be intact and not destroyed, which was inconsistent with the situation. This will be extremely dangerous, beyond their control, originally to ask for punishment, to suppress Shi Hao, but now it has fallen into the Bureau, may fall here. "The Four Venerable Men looked out of their divine consciousness and observed carefully, but they could not understand it. They frowned and became more cautious." Just as well, we have incomplete array, at least we can rush out. A venerable master of the Western religion opened his mouth and cultivated the indestructible body of Vajra. His whole body was gilded, and his blood was surging like the sea. Shi Hao is indifferent, looking at all this, there is no fireworks at all, he is really like a banished immortal, detached, watching everyone. Poof! A venerable of Bulaoshan stepped forward and rushed in one direction, using practical actions to verify the law array, to see if the remnant map is useful, and to open up a golden road. At its feet,collapsible pallet box, the mist flows and the silver glow blooms, paving a road leading to the distance. But so, you can rush out. 。

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