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    President's Hidden

    The next day, people saw a full page of Miracle Entertainment in the Kyoto Evening News again. Unlike the last time, this time the actors were recruited. Look at the age of the main actor. Is this about students? "After reading this introduction, I'm looking forward to what it will be like." "Did you see the advertisement in the evening paper for Miracle Entertainment to recruit actors? Besides recruiting these main actors, we also need a lot of extras. The TV play is said to start shooting during the summer vacation. Would you like to try it? "Let's sign up together!" Many young people are contacting their friends and sharing the news with each other. The name of Miracle Entertainment is once again in the public eye. Miracle Entertainment is about to shoot a TV series during the summer vacation, recruiting the following personnel: Jin Shancai, 16-18 years old, above 165cm, is an ordinary high school student with optimistic and cheerful personality, full of vitality, upright, not discouraged and unyielding. Ju Junbiao, 19-20 years old and above 180CM, is an infatuated man who is overbearing and cold, cold outside and hot inside. He is the heir of a large group. Yin Zhihou, 19-20 years old, above 180cm, has a gentle, kind and delicate heart under his indifferent appearance. He is the grandson of the former president. Su Yizheng,Automated warehouse systems, 19-20 years old and above 180cm, is a playboy who is strict with himself, the second son of an artistic family and a ceramist. Song Yubin, 19-20 years old, is a gentle and domineering boyfriend above 180cm, the heir of the emerging giant. Min Ruixian, 20-22 years old,shuttle rack system, the only heiress of the owner of a law firm above 170 CM, is a model. Ju Junxi, 20-22 years old and above 168CM, is a barbarian girl with upright character. Qiu Jiayi, 16-18 years old and above 160CM, is a close friend of Jin Shancai. She is shy and has amazing courage. In addition to the above main actors, there are also many supporting roles and mass actors. We sincerely invite you to send your resume to the following mailbox, and the company will inform you of the on-site interview and audition at a later date. The TV series will start shooting during the summer vacation. We sincerely invite all young friends to join us! In addition, during the summer vacation, you need to rent a school with beautiful scenery to shoot. I hope you can recommend it enthusiastically. Interested schools can contact the following mailbox to send pictures of campus scenery. Chapter 20 of the main text: a stone stirs up a thousand waves. Star River Film and Television, "Dad, the boss of this miracle entertainment has a lot of ideas. Such a young actor, although it is still uncertain what the specific plot is, is very attractive to young people. Now the TV series on the market are all the same. It needs innovation. I want to try after watching this advertisement." Knowing that you want to be an actor, metal racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, Dad will open a play for you and let you be the leading actor! It's true that this miracle entertainment has ideas, but the remote control is still in the hands of housewives, which may not necessarily have good ratings. When the time comes, we will see the effect of their shooting before deciding. Of course, we also need to create new types of scripts. It's time to innovate. In the conference room of Qiangshi Film and Television, Xiao Xiao, the artist director, said, "What do you think of the TV series that Miracle Entertainment started shooting during the summer vacation?" "I think it's good for young artists to give more opportunities to young people." "I just don't know how new people's acting skills are." "How about we make the script younger, too?" "Yes, we also need more new roles, often playing similar types of roles, forgetting that we are also at a flowery age." The general manager of Mingyue Film and Television, "Chairman, Miracle Entertainment is your nephew Ou Yuchen, right? Is this script also created by Siqi?"? Can our two companies cooperate this time? Yes, their main actors are young people, and the parents of the protagonists always need to be a little older, so can we contact the general manager of Miracle Entertainment directly? "I'll call Xiao Chen first and then contact you." "Xiao Chen, what are you busy with?"? I saw your company's advertisement this time. The boss of our film and television company just called me and said he wanted to cooperate with you. "Uncle, yes, the play just needs a lot of powerful old actors with acting skills.".

    When the time comes, we can help bring our new people. It's great to be able to work together. Then we'll make an appointment to interview the actors in advance and show them the script before making a decision. All right, I'll ask General Manager Zhang to contact you directly, and you can talk about the details directly. Uncle saw your advertisement this time, and he was a little curious about what kind of story it was. Last time, your script was almost finished, and it will be released soon. Uncle is still looking forward to it. "OK, uncle, I know, I will talk to Mr. Zhang in detail, and when I finish this, I will go to see my uncle!" After that, Ou Yuchen made an appointment with General Manager Zhang to meet with Mingyue Film and Television the next day to discuss in detail and interview actors by the way. The advertisement of Miracle Entertainment has led to a new way of thinking for various entertainment companies in Kyoto. Script creation should not be confined to family dramas, but art should be diversified. Whether Miracle Entertainment can succeed or not has attracted the attention of other entertainment companies. In thousands of families, such scenes are staged. Mom, when this TV is on, I want to watch this. You can't change the channel at that time. Every day, there are such TV series. There are no young people watching them. "" Mom, do you think I can also send a resume to the past? This play was filmed in the summer vacation anyway. If the interview is successful, how about going to work in the summer vacation? "Dad, you know, I want to be an actor. Last year when I took the college entrance examination,metal racking systems, you didn't agree with my acting major. I've been admitted to the School of Economics. Now you have to let me try." "I don't care. I've already signed up. I didn't choose because my own strength is not enough, or I am not suitable for this role, but I have worked hard and I don't regret it. 。

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