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    Professor of Magic

    Lin yuan smiled and said, "Your Excellency, Vice President.". You know, people are different in this world. Some people will be psychologically unbalanced because of pressure, while others will turn pressure into motivation, but can play a higher level. And Fasno and Drona are the second kind of people. "But." "No buts." Lin yuan rudely interrupted Vice President Kapachi. I know my students. The two of them will surely win honor for Finol students in this competition! In a twinkling of an eye, he put on a smiling face and approached Kapachi and said, "Your Excellency, if one of them wins the championship, do I have any reward?" Kapach was just upset because Lin yuan had interrupted his words, and was immediately dumbfounded by his latter sentence. You still reward? Don't end up disgraced. Just let me clean up your mess. Lin yuan said with a straight face, "Your Excellency, Vice President, tell me, which time will I, Lin yuan, do something I'm not sure about?" When Kapach thought about it carefully, it was true. Although Lin yuan always likes to fool around, the final results show that his nonsense is actually planned and can bring benefits to the students of Finol College. If one success is his luck, then two or three times, the second success is not as simple as luck. Thinking of this, Kapach could only nod reluctantly. Right? Then,long span shelving, as the deputy dean, should you encourage your subordinates who are about to go to the battle field? Lin yuan smiled shyly and said, "For example, give our first-grade team members and leading teachers more subsidies, not more, just 100 gold coins a day for each person." "You might as well take the students to be robbers." "Kapachi finally couldn't help shouting and scolding, pulled out a piece of paper in his bosom and threw it to Lin yuan." What is this Lin yuan took it over in astonishment, only to find that it was a list. There are many names on it,heavy duty racking system, and there are corresponding notes behind each name. For example, a name called Nou Camp Tess is followed by this note: a first-year student of Mitzi College, a level 3 magician of the Wind Department, who is good at using the Wind Department magic to move quickly, while looking for enemy flaws to attack. These are some of the things that need to be paid attention to among the participants of the major colleges. Kapach explained. If you take it back and look at it carefully, you'd better remember the characteristics of all the students, and then tell the three students to pay more attention to it in the competition. "Wow, the vice president, you are really." It's too powerful! Lin yuan couldn't help exclaiming. He came here today for a long time, not just to explore the terrain, but just now with those people "flirt", that is, to find out the enemy's situation. Unexpectedly, now Vice President Kapachi has solved this big problem with a casual hand. All right, all right, Industrial pallet rack ,Pallet rack upright, don't flatter me. "Kapach is getting more and more helpless with this Lin yuan." Lin, since you were so heroic just now, I promise you. If the students can win the first and second place in the first grade competition, I will not restrict the action of Class 3, Grade 1 at all next semester, how about that? Lin yuan opened his eyes wide and looked at him as if he had known Kapachi for the first time. Mr. Vice President, you.. So you're crazier than I am. Kapach suddenly sneered, "That old man, Callan, dared to provoke me today. He clearly didn't care about our Finol. If we don't teach him a lesson, I'm afraid they'll think that our Finol Academy is undeserved." Lin yuan finally understood that although the vice president of Kapachi was totally different from the old man Hawk on the surface, in fact, he was all the same. That is extreme protection of shortcomings. Finol College, for them, is as untouchable as a tiger's ass. It's just that old Hawk can vent his discontent directly by virtue of his strong strength. For example, the last popular mercenary regiment incident, he was very domineering to let Garlot himself to make amends. As a result, Garlot, the head of the popular mercenary regiment, who was also one of the top figures in the land of Farinos, still had to come to make amends obediently.

    Vice Dean Kapach, on the other hand, is different. He can't be as extraordinary as Hawk, the great magic teacher. He needs to think too much about what he does, so he often seems a little timid and hesitant. But in his heart, he may care more about Finol College than old Hawk, but he doesn't express it a lot of times. Thinking of this, Lin yuan felt hot in his heart, nodded to Kapachi, turned around and ran out. Lin, what are you doing? Capach asked in astonishment. I'm going to beat up all these guys on the list so that they can't take care of themselves, so that Fasno and Zhuona are sure to win the first and second place! Lin yuan's voice came from far away, and a moment later it had disappeared outside the competition field. Only Vice President Kapachi stood in the middle of the field with a dull face. He was stunned for a long time. He shook his head and said with a wry smile, "This Lin is really fooling around." Teacher Lin's Winter Holiday Day 21 In-depth Study of Mixed Magic Of course, Lin yuan can't actually kill other academies before the big game, otherwise, not to mention what other academies will do to him, I'm afraid the magician's guild will be the first to spare him. In the next few days, he mainly inquired in Finland according to the list provided by Kapach, and he really met several people on the list. Although he could not actually determine the strength of these people, no matter how he looked at it, he felt that these people could not pose any threat to Fasno and Drona. Although there may be some potential masters who have not been discovered, after all, this is the first grade competition of the college. Most of the students at this stage still rely on their own talent to determine their strength. Like the students of Class 3, Grade 1, under the guidance of Lin yuan, there are very few who can pay attention to some skills in the use of magic and the basic theory of magic knowledge, not to mention that there will be freaks like Lin yuan,Pallet rack supplier, so Lin yuan did not bear much. Besides, this competition is also a kind of exercise, in the encounter can reflect the real strength. And the actual combat experience of Fasno and Zhuona is much better than that of the average first-year college students.

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