Quick-wear Chronicle (End)

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  • Quick-wear Chronicle (End)

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    Quick-wear Chronicle (End)

    Tang Ge has made up his mind and is completely unaffected by the promotion. He has a heart of stone. He Bisheng's wife was long and her wife was short. She circled around Tang Ge for a long time, but she didn't see Tang Ge relax. She also saw a tired look on Tang Ge's face, so she had to leave the main room and move to the Westinghouse. Alone holding the quilt to sleep for a night, why did I lose sleep for most of the night, finally fell asleep in the middle of the night, but because of the dream of Tang Ge was He Wensheng in the small pavilion of the scene to wake up. Because in the dream, He Wensheng not only caught Tang Ge, but also held Tang Ge in his arms, lowered his head and held Tang Ge's red lips, and kissed him fiercely. In order to stop He Wensheng, He Bisheng jumped from the corridor to the yard and aimed a punch at He Wensheng. Then the picture turned, Tang Ge sat in the room with tears, and his voice smelled sad. Why should I have the intention to appease Tang Ge, but I don't know how to open my mouth. The picture turns again, He Bisheng suddenly rushed into the main room, only to see a female corpse hanging on the beam, the face is Tang Ge. Dream here, why rise from the dream woke up, touched a forehead, hands are covered with sweat. In the dream, the scene of Tang Ge's humiliation and suicide was repeated in his mind, which made his heart beat fast. He hurriedly put on his shoes, opened the door and ran into the main room, as if he had lost his soul. The servant girl who was on night duty for Tang Ge did not dare to stop him when she saw his appearance. Why did Sheng rush to the main room and go straight to the bed. On the bed,grey marble slab, Tang Ge's sleeping face is as quiet as water. He stretched out his hand, took Tang Ge's hand, and sniffed it gently. Why should I breathe a sigh of relief when I'm sure I'm still here. After finishing this dream, why should I think about the problems that I can't figure out during the day? At this moment, I have figured them all out. He doesn't like He Wensheng to be close to Tang Ge, which belongs to him alone. Tang Ge was angry during the day, and he must have been angry that he had stood on the side of He Wensheng for the sake of brotherhood at that time. Now that I think about it, what he did was really wrong. How to do in the future,Grey Marble Slab, He Bisheng did not want to understand, now he just want to stay in the side of Tang Ge, a good guard of her. The dream just now was so real that I couldn't help being afraid. He wanted to keep Tang Ge by his side all his life without encountering accidents. The hand is held by why rise, Tang Ge is not comfortable, why rise has not come in, Tang Ge knew. Tang Ge was unhappy when he was interrupted in the middle of the demon cultivation. So, when He Sheng held his hand, Tang Ge did not hesitate to pull his hand out of He Sheng's hand and turned over with his back to He Sheng. Tang Ge woke up and knew he was coming, so why should he be happy in his heart. But Tang Ge ignored him, so why did he feel sad. He sat on the edge of the bed and struggled for a long time before he squeezed out a word. Lady, I will listen to whatever you say in the future. Even if Lady is wrong, I will listen. Lady, let me go to bed quickly. I'm afraid to sleep alone. Tang Ge listened to it and complained constantly. Before she got married, He Bisheng slept with a ghost every night. Sure enough, it is better to believe that a sow can climb a tree than to believe a man's mouth. ! pbtxt123yq > Chapter 374 spurring on Jackie Chan (7) (aiyousheng. Com). That night, no matter how coquettish He Bisheng acted shamelessly, he failed to get into Tang Ge's bed. When he left the main room and went back to the west room, Marble Granite Price ,Slate Wall Panel, why did he hang his head and have no spirit. After getting up the next day, there was no soft wife around him. He Bisheng only felt that the whole person was not good. But because of what happened yesterday, Tang Ge did not talk to him at all, that is, the couple went to pay their respects to Mrs. He, why did they want to talk to Tang Ge several times, but they were ignored. Why rise very lost, to the front of Mrs. He, a face is not a smile. When Mrs. He saw it, she was so worried that she asked him if he was not feeling well. Why did Sheng open his mouth to say that Tang Ge ignored him? He was very sad. Also do not know what to think of, the words turned into a nightmare he had last night, did not sleep well, let Mrs. He do not worry. Hearing what He Bisheng said, Tang Ge took one more look at He Bisheng, who had been silently paying attention to Tang Ge, received Tang Ge's eyes, a sweet feeling emerged in his heart, and a smile appeared on his face in an instant. Mrs. He was in charge of all the affairs in the He Mansion, and her eyes were always keen, so naturally she did not miss the little action between He Bisheng and Tang Ge. The quarrel between husband and wife is not a big deal in Mrs. He's opinion, and Mrs. He is not the kind of mother-in-law who protects her son in everything.

    After Tang Ge married into the He family, everything he did was very measured. This daughter-in-law, Mrs. He, thought she had chosen well. Today, the husband and wife came in the door, why are they not in high spirits? It can be seen that they met with unpleasant things. When Mrs. He saw why she had risen, she looked at Tang Ge from time to time. It could be seen that she had quarreled with Tang Ge and had a small contradiction. It was probably because he had done something wrong that made Tang Ge unhappy and was too lazy to talk to him for a while. The child brought up by himself knows that He Bisheng is a filial child, but his temper is twisted, and it is easy to make a fool of himself in doing things, or that men are all like this, and He Bisheng's father also has this temper. Remembering He Bisheng's father, Mrs. He had a rare smile on her face. Since I didn't sleep well, I'll go back from my place and have a good sleep later. My daughter-in-law must watch over him. Mrs. He explained, and Tang Ge obediently answered. Today came over, Tang Ge did not give him a good look, is to eat Mrs. He will not attack her on this trivial matter. He Fu under the care of Mrs. He, can flourish, Mrs. He is not a mother who always protects her son regardless. From the past, Mrs. He's attitude towards Tang Ge is also more tolerant, the mind is not a narrow, Tang Ge can not look at Mrs. He with the eyes of an ordinary woman imprisoned in the backyard. Sure enough, Mrs. Ho did not care about their husband and wife. Coming back from Mrs. He, the couple sat in the room. Tang Ge ordered the servant girl to do this and that, but refused to say a word to He Bisheng. Why should I be so anxious that I turn around like an ant on a hot pan, trying to coax Tang Ge, but I don't know where to start. "It's late autumn, so why should I sit in the room and sweat?" Lady, I was wrong. Don't be angry with me. My brain doesn't work well. Don't be angry with me. He Bisheng said, also so a few words, let Tang Ge not angry. Tang Ge felt that the heat was almost ready, two lines of clear eyes suddenly fell on the table, tears congealed but did not disperse,pietra gray marble, drop by drop, unevenly distributed on the table, shining crystal light. forustone.com

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