Quick-wear female companion: villain boss poison v1703

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  • Quick-wear female companion: villain boss poison v1703

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    Quick-wear female companion: villain boss poison v1703

    "You are too weak" Shi Sheng looked at them in disgust [Nearby] a ray of sunshine [Nearby] Prestige [Nearby] You suffer [Nearby] Little White Wolf in Jianghu She's here to taunt This BOSS is really different from the flirtatious bitch outside Shi Sheng suddenly reached out to touch a ray of sunshine A ray of sunshine shakes the tiger's body [Nearby] a ray of sunshine BOSS! If you have something to say how decent it is to do something! I am a player with moral integrity! "Then I'll move the scepter" Shi Sheng's eyes narrowed [Nearby] a ray of sunshine You'd better put your hands on it! [Nearby] Prestige Boss where is the moral integrity [Nearby] You suffer I was eaten by the boss hahahaha [Nearby] a ray of sunshine a man should be able to bend and stretch When Sheng was just holding the attitude of trying did not expect that this game is really abnormal to no edge The general game is that players can touch corpses but the setting of this game is different from ordinary games NPC can also touch Pesticide Adjuvants corpses Apparently a ray of sunshine was also shocked [Nearby] a ray of sunshine I go Hua Mengmeng actually took away my 100 gold the game company is too good at making money [Nearby] Prestige She can touch [Nearby] Little White Wolf in Jianghu!! [Nearby] You are a victim to restore the most authentic Jianghu I finally understand what this line means In this game the difference between NPCs and players is that they can post quests and drop equipment items The rest of the time it's the same as the player In the future they will play games not only against players but also against NPCs When Sheng touched everyone probably because she was an NPC there were restrictions and the things she touched were worthless except for 100 gold from a ray of sunshine Tie them up Shi Sheng greeted the palace people next to him The palace people immediately came forward and tied up the ten corpses Good this game is interesting [Nearby] You are suffering Hua Mengmeng what do you want When Sheng felt that it was strange for a person to talk to himself he also opened the interface to type [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Robbery! [Nearby] a ray of sunshine [Nearby] Prestige [Nearby] Little White Wolf in Jianghu [Nearby] A series of ellipses NPC also has robbery function Does this game still allow players to play [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng If one person gives me 1000 gold I won't care if you trespass on my territory How about that [Nearby] a ray of sunshine Why don't you grab it The exchange of 1000 gold for RMB is 1000 yuan [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Isn't this a robbery [Nearby] Prestige The boss is mentally retarded again [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Is he always so stupid This ray of sunshine has been selling stupidity since before How on earth did he sit on the throne of the gang leader China Chemicals  [Nearby] You're so stupid Yeah always so stupid [Nearby] a ray of sunshine You've had enough you've talked to her and now she's robbing us! [Nearby] Hua Meng Meng It seems that the gang leader is not stupid but the whole gang is stupid [Nearby] Little White Wolf in Jianghu The Sect Leader is rich [Nearby] Prestige Sect Leader Rich + 1 [Nearby] You are the recipient Sect Leader has money + 2 [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Is he rich so you let him be the leader of the gang Shi Sheng felt that he had seen through something [Nearby] a ray of sunshine I am by strength okay He is so handsome and stylish There are a lot of girls who want to give birth to monkeys for him How can he sit on the throne of the gang leader because of money [Nearby] Hua Meng Meng The Strength of Kneeling in Seconds [Nearby] a ray of sunshine The heart is very tired why can an NPC despise him so arrogantly He's not the only one kneeling in seconds Why do you laugh at him alone [Nearby] This NPC is funnier than other NPCs They all speak so sharply Ha ha ha [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng After all I am BOSS This baby is a different firework Of course it's different from the sexy bitches outside [Nearby] Prestige Previously the forum said that there would be many changes after the update It seems that they have raised the IQ of intelligent NPCs
    Although the NPC of the previous game is also intelligent it can not keep up with human thinking after all the human brain hole is infinite And this is the first holographic intelligent online game there are many places with BUG Some boring players go to chat with NPC and now all kinds of NPC quotations dominate the screen [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Can those fools make such a clever NPC as me Shi Sheng honey juice despises Even through the screen they can feel the deep contempt Awesome my NPC You even dare to despise your creator and you are not Fertilizers afraid of being destroyed by humanity! This NPC is going to heaven! [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Cut the crap and give me money or I will send it to the world and let the people who dream of returning to Xitang redeem them Well she's in the middle of a robbery Be serious [Nearby] Prestige No money no life! [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Aren't you dead Where does life come from Sure enough they are a group of mentally retarded people [Nearby] Prestige The last group of people although reluctant but still gave the ransom people had to bow under the eaves the intelligence quotient of the NPC can not be provoked The most important thing is that they have a local tyrant gang leader and they are not short of money The others though not dreaming of returning to Xitang were given a ray of sunshine This minute spent ten thousand yuan also did not see a ray of sunshine how distressed But being robbed by an NPC Seriously what a shame! You can't go out and say it [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Why don't you go When Sheng finished counting the money he found that the group of people were still lying and chatting What's wrong with them [Nearby] a ray of sunshine The scenery here is good Let's chat here and talk about our ideals [Nearby] Hua Mengmeng Oh As soon as Shi Sheng lifted her skirt she sat down beside a ray of sunshine and a corpse globalchemmall.com

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