Quick wear raiders: the female partner is poisonous

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  • Quick wear raiders: the female partner is poisonous

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    Quick wear raiders: the female partner is poisonous

    The scenery was puzzled, but he reached out and flicked her forehead. After seeing her discontented frown, he raised a smile on his lips. "Little girl, I'm playing with you." Chapter 1656 strategy.. Master, double cultivation? The scenery was stunned for a moment, but she didn't put down her guard and asked again, "Are you really just teasing me?" This is called Yu Kun, she can not see his foundation and cultivation, so that she is not sure, he is not to see his true identity. Although the dragon is a God feared by all, in the eyes of those heretical people, even if the dragon is a God, it is only a tonic to increase cultivation. Do you really want me to do something? Yu Kun blinked his eyes again, and the smile in his eyes was still there, but it seemed that he was going to move faintly with his words. The alarm bell rang loudly in her mind. "What do you dare to do to me?" She said angrily. "Well, that's what you told me to try." Yu Kun stretched out his hand again. The scenery stared at the hand tightly and shrank back against the tree, especially with her head in her hands. It's a bit like a good woman being bullied by a bully. Yu Kun! The belated flying purple kite ran over and stood in front of the scenery. "What do you want to do?" Seeing the woman with a strong sense of justice, the scenery breathed a sigh of relief, although it was not safe to follow the woman, but before the man appeared, safety was still guaranteed. Yu Kun stood up with his mouth curled. The fan in his hand shook and shook. He said in a boring way, "If you don't come early or late,juice filling machine, you have to pick the most critical time to come." As soon as Fei Ziyuan heard this, he was angry. "Yu Kun, I am willing to go with you because you are willing to lend me money to relieve the victims. If you are really greedy for money and oppress the women of the people, then we can also be separated here!"! In the future, everyone goes his own way! The scenery stood behind the flying purple kite and asked curiously, "Aren't you friends?" "He and I only met in Yangcheng, and we just met today, so we're not friends yet." Flying Purple Kite explained that an old beggar had asked her for money at that time, but her money had been spent on other victims along the way. Later,water filling machine, Yu Kun appeared and saw that he was a rich playboy. Fei Ziyuan borrowed a money bag from him. The scenery expressed doubt, she looked at Yu Kun, "since it is a chance encounter, how can you be willing to lend all your money?" "At that time, I saw a beautiful woman asking me to borrow a money bag. Is there any reason not to borrow it?" Yu Kun said in a free and easy way, "Who would have thought that this flying girl would give all my money bags to that old man?" So, it was an accident. "I didn't want to give it all," said Fei Ziyi. "The old man grabbed the money bag and ran away." Who would have thought that such a poor old man would run so fast? There were so many people on the street that it was impossible to catch up with them. You see, the old man clearly does not need sympathy, nor pity, if you do not have to give money to others, I will end up penniless now? Yu Kun raised his eyebrows and looked at the scenery and said, "I won't pester this girl to give us a little money." Are you asking for charity? You are clearly cheating money, okay? Yu Kun this mouth, can say bad for good, liquid bottle filling machine ,juice filling machine, he crooked a lot, after all, others want to say him, is a very difficult thing. It's your business if you don't have money. When she felt her horn was gone, she put down her hand and turned away. "No matter what you two want, it has nothing to do with me." Chapter 1657 strategy.. Master, double cultivation? Sure enough, getting involved with the woman is a sign of bad luck. Scenery does not know whether this is called Yu Kun is one of the harem of the woman, she only knows that as long as she is with the woman, she should contact less, not to mention, she can not see the true identity of Yu Kun.

    Flying Purple Kite and Yu Kun, she had no interest at all. Now she had only one idea, that is, to get to Wuyi Tian as soon as possible. After worshipping the school, she could get in touch with Wuyi. She kept looking back all the way. Fortunately, Yu Kun did not catch up with them, which made her relieved. When it was getting late, the scenery walked into an inn and went directly to the shopkeeper and said, "An upper room." "All right, an upper room." The shopkeeper wrote it down, then flipped through the booklet and said, "The girl lives in Room 2. How about that?" "Good." The scenery nodded, paid the deposit, went up to the second floor under the guidance of the waiter, and found her room. Before the waiter left, she ordered to wait until sunset for dinner. Waiter nodded yes and went out. The scenery looked at the room, feeling good, outside of course can not ask to live as comfortable as in the Dragon Palace, this one hundred and sixty years, although she has been spoiled to grow up, but her bones take things as they come have not changed. She took out the map and looked at it again. After passing Yangcheng, there were still about three days to go before she could get to Wuyantian. But Wuyantian was on the peak. Her father had said that learning from a teacher was about sincerity. That is to say, when she really got to the foot of the mountain, she had to walk up step by step. At the thought of this, the scenery sighed deeply. Not long after, the waiter brought the meal. There were seven dishes, all of which were ordered by himself. The waiter thought that he was a young lady from a rich family, and no matter whether he could finish it or not, he could order whatever he wanted. Of course, the waiter would not ask people whether they could finish it or not. His duty was only to deliver the meal, and when it arrived, he would retire. Scenery point, all their favorite meat dishes, she excitedly picked up chopsticks, but after tasting a sweet and sour ribs, she could not help but spit out, it is too salty! After several glasses of water, she tried to taste other dishes, which were either too spicy or too sour. Finally,liquid bottle filling machine, she lost her temper, threw her chopsticks and went downstairs to find the waiter. Waiter! As soon as the scenery went downstairs, she saw the busy waiter go into the kitchen to carry the dishes. She also lifted the curtain and went in directly. gzxilinear.com

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