Quickly wear a female companion: your man is blackened again.

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  • Quickly wear a female companion: your man is blackened again.

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    Quickly wear a female companion: your man is blackened again.

    He quickly prepared the things on hand, washed his gloves, carried the big bowl, and walked slowly towards her. Step by step, as if stepping on her heart. Closing the distance, Jovi saw what was in the bowl in his hand. This is a mass of.. Chopped, mixed with red and yellow liquid and impurities.. Strange things. Jovi instinctively felt the fear. What is this? However, before she could figure it out, Chuang Shu picked up the small brush that had been specially used to brush her bones, dipped it in the debris, and smeared it on Jovi's bones. Especially in the joints, he applied it several times, making sure that the strange impurities filled the gaps. He looked very serious, as if he was completing an artistic body painting. Jovi stared into her eyes and peeked at her joints. She felt more itchy. It is not the kind of itch that the brush sweeps lightly, but the kind of itch that the scar grows after the skin is injured. Very. It's weird. Despite a somewhat indescribable fear of miscellaneous things, Jovi clearly felt that such things were very beneficial to her. She lay down with a good conscience and continued to pretend to be an ordinary skeleton with no sense of knowledge, letting Zhuang Shu paint on her body. Two hours later, Zhuang Shu finally completed his task. He put down the brush in his hand, looked back and forth at Jovi's joints,metal stamping parts, and breathed a sigh. Ok Zhuang Shu smiled slightly, and the peerless beauty blinded Jovi's eyeless eyes. Mom, how can there be such a good-looking person! Qiaowei took advantage of Zhuang Shu to turn around and take something, secretly stretched out her little finger and wiped the saliva from the corners of her mouth. Only then did she discover that her ilium, which had been removed by Zhuang Shu yesterday, had been reattached. Moreover, instead of being washed away by the water in the bath,Steel investment casting, the strange impurities on her body quickly solidified, forming layers of invisible protective film at the junction of her joints. Eh? What is this? Jovi swung her arms curiously, looking at the sticky /thick silver /thread pulled out of the elbow joint under the stretch, only to feel very strange. What does the big ghost animal want to do? When Zhuang Shu turned around, Jovi had recovered her original life without love. Be a good boy and bear with it for a few days. He wrapped the plastic wrap in his hand around Jovi's bones layer by layer, inside and outside more than a dozen layers, and finally wrapped a layer of bandage, revealing only two black eyes, and made her a mummy. This look, in fact, is a bit of a contrast. Zhuang Shu took her out and put on the princess nightdress again. Good, now she's a mummy princess! Jovi looked confused: "..??" She's really not a Barbie doll! Chapter 354 corpse drivers (6). Dressed up as a mummy, Jovi lived a full seven days when she was born rather than dead, socket screw plug ,deep draw stamping, no, dead rather than dead. Zhuang Shu fell in love with bone soup, today's yam sparerib soup, tomorrow's lotus root stewed spareribs, the day after tomorrow's chopped pepper sparerib soup. He ate it, and always forced Jovi to sit next to him, shaking bones under her eyes, and asking for her advice "thoughtfully." "Little Skull, do you think steamed spareribs or fried spareribs are better?" “……” She thinks it's better to chop off his bones and make soup! "The ribs are so delicious and fragrant." “……” Can you not sniff her when you say that? Eat your ribs. Hey! She's just a skeleton fresh from the grave! Do you want to be so heavy? This is born from the same root, why is it too urgent to fry each other! "Little Skull, will you give me a bite of your collarbone?" “……” Not good! Her old bones are soft and not nutritious, and they are not delicious! Shut up, shut up! Qiao Wei has been waiting for Zhuang Shu to go to work, she can take the opportunity to run away. However, seven days later, Chuang Shu stayed at home and never left, and all business matters were settled on conference calls. Several times, Jovi couldn't help but want to get close to the skull, steal the show and frighten the subordinates on the other end of the conference call. However At the thought of Chuang Shu trying to pry her mouth open and force her to admit that she was not an ordinary skeleton, Jovi gave up the idea of this prank.

    Never let him get what he wants, huh! Zhuang Shu handles official business simply and neatly, ten sentences he can refine into a few short words, docking efficiency is very high. After finishing his business early, he had more time to play with Jovi. Jovi's face was full of discomfort when she was amused. Mom, what about the company executives who are busy as dogs? Zhuang Shu, the chairman of a listed company, is a proper president. How can he have so much leisure time to guard a skeleton in person! # It's all a lie # After several days of routine harassment, Qiaowei could not bear it any more and secretly unscrewed the door lock while Zhuangshu was taking a bath. ……” “……” Qiaowei decisively and quickly slammed the door, quietly climbed back to Zhuangshu's bedroom, and reproduced Zhuangshu's posture before taking a bath. Mother Chen and Secretary Chen, who are brushing their faces to open the door, look dull. What did they see just now? As if, as if, as if.. It's a girl. A girl with no eyes. How is that possible? How is that possible! Chen Ma and Secretary Chen wandered into the room, mechanically put down the vegetables and fruits they had purchased, and first turned around in the living room, but no one was there. Kitchen? And no one. Study? Guest Room? Balcony? No one is there. All that's left is. Mother and son looked at the master bedroom with the door closed at the same time. In the master bedroom, Zhuang Shu took a bath, wrapped himself in a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom. He strode toward Jovi, who was lying on the bed. He grasped her ilium and gently dropped a hot kiss on her collarbone through more than a dozen layers of plastic wrap, gauze and clothes. It's the last day. It should be all right. Probably after staying in the steaming hot bathroom for a long time, Zhuang Shu's face was flushed,titanium machining parts, his eyes were confused, and his voice was a little hoarse. Jovi is confused. What can I do? Zhuang Shu asked in a low voice, "Is your body an adult?" Jovi: “……???” 。 autoparts-dx.com

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