Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

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  • Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

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    Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

    Although Chu Miaoli had never been moved by any man, let alone made an eternal alliance, perhaps because An Changyi had already identified her in his heart, he used various ways to express his feelings to her on their way back to Daning Mansion. Because of this, Chu Miaoli knew how cruel and embarrassing it was for An Changyi, who had already planned their future happiness blueprint in his heart. However, short pain is better than long pain. Now know, always better than later, an Changyi asked her to marry, she refused to come again. Therefore, Chu Miaoli once again ignored the sadness in An Changyi's eyes, and continued to say in a formulaic tone: "I am now walking in this world in the name of your younger martial sister. So, you are naturally worthy of this voice, Elder Martial Brother. Moreover, we will have to get along for a long time in the future. Therefore, Elder Martial Brother, please cover up for me more." To keep me from being exposed again. "The fairy laughed." An Changyi,smart interactive whiteboard, whose disordered mood had been calmed down, pulled the corners of his mouth as reluctantly as he could. "In fact, even if Anmou didn't rush back to the governor's banquet today because he didn't trust his sister, he was afraid of you." Will also use other ways, tell Anmou, you are not Anmou's sister cake himself. An Changyi's tone unconsciously brought out a bit of self-mockery. It's also Anmou's stupidity. It was not until today that I found many hints from the fairy to Anmou. That's right, if Anmou's sister cake really has the mysterious ability of fairies like you. How could she. How can you be tortured by the family with the heart of a wolf?! An Changyi blinked his eyes twice,digital touch screen board, trying to blink away the hot flashes and dampness that were becoming more and more obvious in his eyes. In this world, there is nothing more painful than getting it back and getting it back. He An Changyi searched for so many years, and finally found his sister. Who knows. He went to a lot of trouble to find it. But it's just a shell. An Changyi, who seemed to have been forced into a bowl of Coptis soup in his throat, was unwilling to reveal his vulnerability in front of the seemingly familiar and unfamiliar fairy. He looked rather discomfited and carelessly wiped his face. The fairy has a great kindness to the two families of Qi and An. Since you have reached a consensus with Anmou's sister cake and avenged her, Anmou will naturally do his best to assist the fairy to complete the task that the fairy said before. I just don't know. Does Anmou have the ability and honor? Chu Miaoli naturally welcomed An Changyi's self-recommendation. As the saying goes, a fence has three stakes, and a hero has three gangs. It's better to have help than to have her alone. Moreover, she also wants to take advantage of this ghost tide, which is bound to set off stormy waves, to accumulate more power of faith for the future. An Changyi, who got a positive answer from Chu Miaoli, 4k smart board ,75 smart board, had a trace of blood on his face again. Although the younger martial sister is gone, at least her body is still there! As long as the'Younger Martial Sister 'is still there, then the signboard of the Huimin Medical Center in Qijia, Daning Prefecture, will not fall down! As long as the'Younger Martial Sister 'is still there, then his master, Master Qi, who has saved his life, will surely regain his sanity and health a little bit! "Now that the fairy has decided to walk in the world in the name of Anmou's sister, Qi's Jade Pearl, the fairy has to go to the ancestral temple of the Qi family." The more he thought about it, the more peaceful he became. An Changyi once again made a deep bow to Chu Miaoli. Chu Miaoli has no objection to this. Since she got the body of the descendants of the Qi family and wanted to remain in this world in her name, of course, she had to give a satisfactory account to the ancestors of the Qi family. An Changyi took Chu Miaoli to the ancestral temple of the Qi family. The place is well taken care of by the housekeeper Qi. But I don't know if it's because the blood of the family is almost wiped out, but this ancestral temple, which looks quite lofty and solemn, has inexplicably brought people a feeling of desolation.

    "Master An's family has never done less in giving medicine and doing good deeds, but in the end.." This last descendant has also changed his soul. An Changyi looked at the full memorial tablets in the ancestral temple of the Qi family, and for a moment his mood showed some signs of losing control. Originally, he also expected that after he married his sister, he would adopt a child to continue to pass on the roots of the Qi family and the Huimin Medical Center. Unfortunately, it is doomed to be empty. I'm sorry. Chu Miaoli knew that An Changyi had deep feelings for the Qi family who had rescued and raised him. The fairy need not be sorry, if there is no fairy, I am afraid that Anmou's sister cake will really die in her grave. With a sad laugh, An Changyi came to the sacrificial table and respectfully knelt down three times and kowtowed nine times to the numerous memorial tablets on his head. Then he described the transaction between Chu Miaoli and his sister Qi Yuzhu in detail. Finally, he invited Chu Miaoli to hold three sticks of incense and stood to worship the ancestors of the Qi family symbolically three times. Chu Miaoli's soul today is far better than that of ordinary people, but she has not really become a God, so the ancestors of the Qi family can afford her three worships. When she officially became a deity, the ancestors of the Qi family, not to mention being worshipped by her three times, might not even be able to afford the three sticks of incense she herself picked up. But even so, when Chu Miaoli was offering incense and worshipping, the memorial tablet of the ancestral temple of the Qi family still beat violently twice in a conditioned reflex. It's like.. A little overwhelmed? An Changyi, who saw this scene happen with his own eyes beside him, could not help but add some speculation about the true identity of Chu Miaoli. After the ceremony of offering incense, which was doomed to be submerged in the dust of history, An Changyi, as if he had completely put down a worry, left the ancestral temple of the Qi family with Chu Miaoli, which had once again restored its cold and quiet. Since An Changyi has taken the initiative to indicate that he wants to assist Chu Miaoli to complete the task she needs to complete in the lower world,interactive touch screens education, then, of course, it is not lip service. hsdsmartboard.com

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