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    Rebirth-unique pet

    Qin Yiyi kissed again like a reward, smiling with contented loveliness, and Meng Shichen liked it very much. My brother is the best. Meng Shichen pursed his lips together to raise the temperature. Even when life is in danger, Qin Yiyi's request is the most important. When he raised his head again, Qin Yiyi's face gradually became cold, his eyes were full of knives, and his momentum was appalling. Did you get in touch? "Well, about two hours later." "An hour." "Yes." Qin never felt embarrassed because of the almost impossible conditions put forward by Qin Yiyi, but agreed without even thinking about it. Miss said it would take an hour to arrive, that is to sacrifice everything, and it would take an hour, which is their rule. Go outside and guard, and surround the place when they arrive. I don't want to see anyone come in and go out without my permission for an hour. "Yes!" Qin Shuang Qin Jue answered loudly at the same time, and then two people quickly back out, by the way, contact their people to arrive according to the time set by Qin one by one. After the two men went out, Qin touched each other with both hands, as if they were tidying up something, but the look was still as indifferent as when they had just given the order with Qin Jue, which made the doctors feel more inexplicable fear while they were confused. They don't understand,alloy die casting, but the people around Qin Yiyi know that she has a pair of transparent gloves on her hands. Tidy this up, that means.. "Uh." No one could figure out what was going on, and the doctor in charge, who had just stood on one side and was arrogant, fell to the ground and died before he could exclaim. The position of his Adam's apple had two very obvious concave holes, and without careful comparison, he knew that these two holes were caused by Qin Yiyi's two slender,car radiator cap, white and tender fingers. Rubbing his fingers, Qin Yiyi's dark and deep eyes scanned a circle. To be honest, I don't like killing people very much, but I don't have the patience to talk to you at this time. Do what you usually do, and don't let me see anything wrong. Otherwise, he wouldn't have died as happily as he did. The words spoken by the stunning woman in front of them were light and not threatening, but the instinctive self-protection of their bodies made them understand that what the woman said was absolutely true. Looked at the boss lying on the ground with his eyes wide open before he could close them, and swallowed saliva at the same time. Nod hurriedly, which still have just that high above the appearance that looks at a person with nostril. So people are afraid of death, not afraid, it proves that you have not been threatened by death. Hurry up and start. The repair side has already helped Meng Shichen insert the instrument, and hit the anesthetic, this group of people hurriedly came forward to help him observe the index and deliver the scalpel or something. Indoor fear of interference with medical equipment, there is no communication equipment with the outside world, deep draw stamping ,Investment casting parts, and the outside is still guarding Qin Shuang Qin Jue, the most important thing is that there is a God of death in the house who is always watching them, these people just don't want to be obedient. Take off that layer of transparent gloves to throw aside, and from Meng Shichen's hand also take off that layer of obstacles, the hand firmly grasped up. Brother, kiss. The voice did not have the terrible domineering majesty just now, and returned to its clever appearance. It's not cold. Meng Shichen's low body temperature was caused by excessive blood loss. How could he cover up the heat for such a short time. But Qin Yiyi said he believed it. Then the baby kisses me again. "Boo." Qin Yiyi even kissed out his voice this time, which was particularly loud in the silent room and made both of them laugh. Mr. Meng, this medicine can keep you strong all the time. It's good. Yuemeiwu took out a pill that had been hanging for Qin's life and handed it to Qin Yiyi, who fed Meng Shichen to eat it. Even if again strong, Meng Shichen also really cannot carry the injury and the anesthetic function, the eye starts to be lax. Qin Yiyi saw his hard support and pressed his cheek against his cheek and said softly. Brother, would you like to sleep for a while? "Well, I'll wake up in a minute." After saying this, he rubbed Qin Yiyi's cheek sentimentally, "Baby, it's all right." Meng Shichen almost closed his eyes as soon as his voice fell, which showed that he really couldn't stand it. If not this time, Qin Yiyi really once felt that he was a God, not an ordinary flesh and blood person.

    Because the wound was in the back, Meng Shichen was turned face down. Qin Yiyi could not see his pale face, but just seeing the blue skin, he felt a little unbearable. Repair of the scalpel cut open Meng Shichen's skin, Qin one by one to see the blood pouring out, and then see the doctor constantly changed down the cotton ball covered with blood. I don't know if the speed of blood transfusion will be faster than the speed of outflow. At this time, her mind was empty and she was thinking about a lot of things. I see the bullet. Xiu whispered the present situation, let Qin Yiyi hold Meng Shichen's hand is a shake. A big drop of sweat dripped down from Xiu's head, and Yuemei Dance wiped it away in time to keep it from blocking Xiu's sight. The location is not very good and a little dangerous. This sentence makes Qin Yiyi's whole body tremble, big eyes tightly staring at a pair of stable hands of Xiu. Don't worry Knowing that this sentence was said by Xiu to her, but also to himself, Qin closed his eyes one by one, and then opened it again, still so firm. After saying this, there was no more movement in the operating room, and occasionally there was the sound of the collision of instruments. There was a moment of noise outside, and these sounds seemed to come into Qin's ears from outer space, making her feel so far away. Xiu's forehead is constantly dripping sweat, Qin Yiyi's body is also soaked with cold sweat, this highly tense state of Qin Yiyi feel that it may only be a second, but also feel like a light year has passed. I got it. If you look at the time, you will find that more than an hour has passed since the operation. Normally, this kind of trauma will not take such a long time at all. This time, because the position of the bullet card is really special, let the repair be careful again. Qin Yiyi's eyes had not blinked at this time,metal stamping parts, as if he had overcome the laws of nature, did not feel dry, and only stared at Xiu's careful and slow movements. Ding Ding.

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