Reborn 76 years of soft girl's favorite husband

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  • Reborn 76 years of soft girl's favorite husband

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    Reborn 76 years of soft girl's favorite husband

    The little boy looked at Ye Qiu hopefully, but his eyes were not like those of a four-year-old child, but like years of endless vicissitudes. I don't know why, Ye Qiu suddenly remembered the child of his previous life, Qin Weihua. Remembering those things, Ye Qiu was in a bad mood for a moment. Take a deep breath, throw away all those bad memories, and say as softly as you can, "I'm not your mother, go to your mother quickly!" Those who can come here are probably relatives of the Xu family. The little boy suddenly grabbed Ye Qiu crazily, and Ye Qiu wanted to comfort him, but he was stunned by the words in the little boy's mouth. Old lady, I am an animal, and I am an unfilial son. I'm sorry for you. Can you forgive me. I didn't know you could kill yourself. If I had known, I wouldn't have let anyone throw you out that night. “……” Ye Qiu. Old lady, mom.. I, I know I deserve to die. I deserve to go to hell. But I don't want to be a ghost again, and I will never be reincarnated! Please, old lady, please say a word to forgive me. If you forgive me, you will be free. In a word, old lady, old lady, mother,plastic pallet crates, please? At least you gave birth to me. Please forgive me, OK? "Wei Hua, Wei Hua." Suddenly an anxious female voice came and woke up Ye Qiu. Ye Qiu looked at the vicissitudes of the eyes on the tender little face in front of him. Trying to hide the shock of his heart, he suddenly smiled, "Baby, what did you say? How can aunt not understand?" The little boy's expression stagnated, and then he reacted, "Old lady, aren't you reborn?"? If not,plastic pallet containers, you should still be my mother. What rebirth? What did you say, baby? Ye Qiu's eyes were a little cold, and his voice increased instinctively. When the little boy heard this, he looked at Ye Qiu angrily. Every time he appears, he has to go through a struggle to control his body, and he doesn't know how long he can stay this time. Wei Hua, Wei Hua. The voice was getting closer and closer, and Ye Qiu saw Qin Lu appear at the door in a moment. When Qin Lu saw the little boy at Ye Qiu's feet, her face was a little livid. "Ye Qiu, you are also a mother. My son fell down. Why don't you help him?" Then he picked up the little boy and said, "Wei Hua, did you hurt?" "Go away, I'm not your son." Qin Weihua angrily pushed Qin Lu, staring at Ye Qiu, the tone can not help but increase, "you did not forgive me?" Qin Weihua is now more than four years old, but not yet five years old, plastic pallet manufacturer ,ibc spill containment pallet, and no matter how loud his voice is, it is milky. Now it looks like the threat of an ignorant child acting like a spoiled child. Ye Qiu dared to slap him in the ear in his previous life, and suddenly he was no longer afraid of facing a little milk baby in this life. As soon as he raised his head, he looked directly at Qin Lu, who had been pushed down. "Is there something wrong with your son's head that he should recognize me as his mother?" "Your baby is the problem." Qin Lu hates the tunnel. But although the mouth is tough, but the anxiety in the heart is only Qin Lu himself knows. Since the last time her son Qin Weihua was brought back to S city, she would fall ill from time to time, always saying that she was not her child, and that she wanted to find her mother to atone for her sins all her life. But these words, Qin Lu will not say in front of Ye Qiu, in order to avoid being seen as a joke. Ye Qiu has been trying to forget the things of the last life. I don't want to remember now. So he ignored the mother and son and turned away. Qin Weihua was aware of his weakness when Ye Qiu ignored him. But now it is not easy to find Ye Qiu, where it is so easy to let her go. No matter what way to try, see her to leave, immediately rushed up to embrace Ye Qiu's leg, "you do not forgive me will not let you go." Ye Qiu felt sick in his heart and reflexively wanted to kick it away. But when facing the tender face, Ye Qiu stopped. This body belongs to Qin Lu's son. Besides, if she did this in broad daylight, it is estimated that others will also feel that she has mental problems. Just by Qin Weihua holding legs, Ye Qiu could not help but think of those desperate scenes in his previous life. And when he thought of that, his heart hardened and he was ready to kick him away. Ye Qiu, do you dare? Qin Lu has been watching Ye Qiu and his son, found Ye Qiu eyes flashed a trace of ruthless, hurriedly ran to hold the child, at the same time to Ye Qiu roared. Ye Qiu also recovered his Pure Brightness because of this exclamation.

    The raised leg was put down, and Qin Weihua's hand was opened in disgust with both hands, and he turned and walked away. Old lady, mother, please, please forgive me, please? I was sorry for you in the last life. Can also blame my father Qin Guowen, if he did not quietly let people take me away, I can not have any feelings with you? I didn't want to kill you later. You wanted to die yourself. Why did you put all this on me? Why, why? Qin Weihua's previous life was smooth, but an old lady who picked up garbage pointed at him and said she was her son. The evidence is the birthmarks on his arms and neck. At that time, Qin Weihua laughed at the old lady for daydreaming. Even the subordinates around him were laughing. But less than a month later, he received a summons from the court. The father took a quiet look and said, "That's your birth mother.". Qin Weihua could not believe his eyes, so an old lady is his birth mother, deep in his heart is a strong contempt for her, look down on her. That's why they sent two men to stop the old lady so indifferently. However, when the lame man died, she actually went crazy, newspapers, magazines, media reporters, everywhere. Fortunately, the Qin family was strong enough to suppress everything in time. Otherwise, rumors will be flying everywhere, and at that time, even if public opinion is controlled, Qin will be greatly impacted. But there is karma in the world. After the old lady committed suicide, his luck seemed to have come to an end. You lose everything you do. Later, in the battle of wits and courage with the twins,plastic pallet manufacturer, the boat capsized in the sewer. Murdered to death by those two little bastards. No one is willing to pick up the bones after death. Even the son he had always cared about was not his own. His whole life is a joke. And so he became a ghost. But that day was too hard, all kinds of bullying, rules and levels more than the world.

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