Rebuild the Prehistoric Recipe of Adverse Life

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  • Rebuild the Prehistoric Recipe of Adverse Life

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    Rebuild the Prehistoric Recipe of Adverse Life

    Emperor Jun and others are angry, Kun Peng is one of the four masters of heaven, even if it is now the emperor Jun, if not in the hands of the two top LingBao, even if you can defeat Kun Peng, also want to spend a lot of money, so Kun Peng deserves is the first big battle force of heaven, and now see it is so Pangu real body attack, at present life and death do not know, They all deplored it in their hearts. Kunpeng Daoyou? Are you all right? Taking advantage of this gap, Fuxi quickly left the battlefield and flew from midair to the huge body of Kunpeng, asking anxiously. Ahem, it's okay. The voice of the dying ROC came, and then saw a flash of light, the huge ROC body disappeared in an instant, replaced by the human form of the ROC, but he was also pale, blood in his mouth, clothes disheveled. But at this time Kunpeng is not concerned about these, now his heart is only lucky. Fortunately, just too a hand to help, the use of the East Emperor Bell so that the big hand attack delayed for a while, so that he was able to avoid a distance to the left, so that the iron fist did not hit, but a little off, let him survive by luck, otherwise he must be crushed to pieces, both form and spirit. "It's all right,tube fitting manufacturer, Daoyou. I'll take you to one side to rest and recover." Fuxi said, now Kunpeng seriously injured in the body, is no longer suitable to stay here, otherwise, by the aftermath of the war, had saved him, may therefore completely fall, this is not what Fuxi wants to see, so, Fuxi also did not care about Kunpeng any reaction,needle valve manufacturer, then immediately carefully with Kunpeng out of the battlefield, toward the mountainside of Mount Buzhou. Thank you, Daoyou. Kun Peng sincerely thanked him. Taoist friends are polite. We both belong to heaven. Naturally, we have to take care of each other. Well, Taoist friends are here to recover now. I'm going to help the Emperor of Heaven. Fuxi smiled disapprovingly, and then quickly arranged a few guard formations around Kunpeng, and then quickly left, flying toward the battlefield. Ha ha, emperor handsome children, the four masters of heaven, now that the so-called sorcerer has been seriously injured by me, then it's time for you to be punished. Emperor Jiang laughed and said that it was so easy to hit Kunpeng, who once needed three ancestral witches to resist, into a serious injury. Emperor Jiang's confidence was obviously doubled, and his words seemed to have a feeling of ignoring Emperor Jun and others. Hum, Emperor Jiang, if Xiu wants to be rampant, who wins and who loses, it is still unknown, the emperor to see who will laugh to the end of the war. Seeing that Kunpeng was not dead but seriously injured, stainless steel needle valve ,14 needle valve, and Fuxi had brought Kunpeng to safety, Emperor Jun's worries were put down, but in the face of Emperor Jiang's arrogance, Emperor Jun was cold and hummed. Ha ha, good, that this ancestor sorcerer today lets you helplessly watch them one by one fall under my iron fist. Emperor Jiang still laughed loudly, then waved Kunpeng's seriously injured hand again, and the powerful iron fist went to the side of the East Emperor Taiyi, and the strong momentum locked Taiyi firmly. Damn it, Emperor Jiang, don't you look at the son of your sorcery clan? Seeing the emperor river will hand to the too one, emperor hurriedly anxiously shouted, originally he was going to use the week star fight array will be twelve ancestor witch to completely hold, at the same time let their good corpse and ten big demon saint led a group of demon fairy to the sorcery clan big witch and countless witches to strangle, but now the situation is not good for them, emperor Jun had no choice but to expose their purpose, In order to interfere with the emperor Jiang mind, let him square inch chaos, so that Taiyi can escape and the situation as he expected. As soon as his voice fell, Dijiang stopped his attack. Ah, Emperor Junzi, you are so mean. Emperor Jiang exasperated way, he patronized and emperor Jun and others, but ignored the sorcery clan outside the array, in emperor Jun and others three corpses and ten big demon saint under the strong attack, sorcery clan can be said to be a heavy loss, there have been several big witches fell.

    Now there are only a few famous witches such as Xing Tian with the clansmen to resist bravely, but the emperor can see that if they don't go out to rescue, although he can continue to seriously injure Taiyi Fuxi, but at that time I'm afraid there are few sorcery clansmen left. "Emperor Jiang, as the saying goes, those who achieve great things do not stick to trifles. For the sake of the great cause of heaven, what is this means?" Emperor Jiang's roar, Emperor Jun did not care at all, still indifferent smile, and then sneer again. You still think about yourself now, you are trapped in this emperor array, even if you want to rescue, I'm afraid you are powerless. As long as the big array of Zhou Tianxingdou has been running, the momentum of the vast starry sky will always be locked in Pangu's true body. As long as the big array is not broken, the twelve ancestors will not be able to escape this array, and will not be able to rescue Xing Tian and others. So although Emperor Jun told his purpose, he was not worried that this would have any impact on his side. Good, in that case, this ancestor sorcerer today will be your big array to break open to see how you trapped me. Emperor Jiang roared loudly, his face full of indomitable firmness. (PS: Ask for tickets and ask for collection) Chapter 229 Witchcraft Wars (7). Chapter 229 Witchcraft Wars (7). As Emperor Jiang's voice fell, the real body of Pangu, which was billions of feet high, began to shrink inexplicably in the incredible eyes of Emperor Jun and the onlookers, and gradually became only tens of millions of feet high, which had not stopped, and finally became only millions of feet high. "Is this a secret skill?" All the great powers, including Emperor Jun, were puzzled. The real body of Pangu was already very powerful in their eyes, so powerful that they could not catch up with these arrogant quasi-saints. But now the real body of Pangu has shrunk to millions of feet. If this is not a secret skill to improve their strength, they really don't believe it. And things are really as they think, as Pangu's real body continues to shrink, Emperor Jiang shouted again. The axe comes. Just two words, but like thunder rolling in the sky, resounded through the flood and famine, but also as if penetrating the eardrums of all monks,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, directly resounded through the depths of their souls. Then I saw that the real body of Pangu showed an axe-shaped shadow in the hands of millions of feet, and the shadow kept solidifying until it was finally simple and unadorned, like a real axe. This is 。

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