Rogue master II

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  • Rogue master II

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    Rogue master II

    When the whole competition venue exploded, 123 knew nothing about Zhang Peng's illusion. As soon as he saw Zhang Peng's fork rush out, he just directed his pikemen to smoke stimulants, and quickly retreated a distance, and did not release EMP shock waves at the first time. Because as long as there are no lightning soldiers, as long as so many of their own pikemen are not killed by the mind storm, then even if Zhang Peng used so many forks to remove the mines in front of him. Their own pikemen and tanks, as well as mine-laying vehicles, can definitely kill Zhang Peng A. He just controls his two technology balls with his eyes shining. But as soon as he saw the shadow of a large number of lightning soldiers, his two EMP shock waves had been sent out in succession. Suddenly he seemed to think that the color of the lightning soldier was not right. As soon as such an idea flashed through his mind, he found that all of Zhang Peng's lightning soldiers had disappeared. What's wrong In the space of a few tenths of a second. Before 123 could react, the troops behind Zhang Peng had rushed out. One mind storm after another exploded on the map in an instant. !” This time 2 dragons also just reacted to come over, after he reacted to come over, couldn't help crying, "a lot of mind storm!"! Too many blitzers! There are mind storms everywhere! Spell it,empty cosmetic tubes, spell it! Countless mind storms are like eight hands operating lightning soldiers! Have you ever seen so many spiritual storms? This time, the big wet answered him, "To tell you the truth, I really haven't seen so many spiritual storms in PVT." "MLGBD!" 123 couldn't help crying. It was like the end of the world before his eyes. Everywhere there was a mind storm with great lethality, and so many of his pikemen only saw a piece of blood under the mind storm, just like purgatory on earth. Come on,plastic packaging tube, aren't you going to spell with me? Come on. Zhang Peng couldn't help laughing at this time. Type this sentence to 123. The reason why Zhang Peng was extremely proud at this time was not only because he had a good shot at this time, but also because he was sure to hang up next. More importantly, he decided to give up his pursuit of extreme speed and chose to slow down to feel the essence of the stars. The reason why he lost the rhythm in many aspects was that he could not do it. Not because his basic skills are worse than before, but because he has been in a relaxed state, it is difficult to get nervous all of a sudden. Just like when you are doing a sauna massage lazily and don't want to enjoy anything, a killer suddenly jumps out to kill you. Even if your kung fu is many times higher than that of the killer, it is very difficult for you to jump up and kill the killer at once. Basically, you will be cut down by the killer. It is not so easy to get nervous all of a sudden in a situation of extreme relaxation. Zhang Peng's current training is also aimed at this point, and he can achieve a trickle in peacetime. Suddenly, it can become as turbulent as a river bursting its banks. That is the realm of Dacheng. Zhang Peng's training in peacetime has little effect. Just like he has to desperately increase the practice of individual events, pump tube ,plastic packing tube, such as constantly controlling more than N lightning soldiers to release lightning, so that he can have the same level of operation when he is not so nervous. But now, Zhang Peng finds that he feels much better than usual when he relaxes. Both the operation and the control of the rhythm of the game are much better than the usual training. Why? Because Zhang Peng himself is a competitive player. Because of the atmosphere at the scene, even if he was relaxed, his whole body was more excited than usual. When he plays in such a big game, even if he is extremely calm, his blood flows much faster than usual. Zhang Peng was extremely proud at this time, because he found that he was playing in such an exciting competition. I can still catch that feeling. It seems effective to play one game more than usual training and play many games! Playing in this kind of competition is definitely much faster than usual. This kind of competition atmosphere is the best training! In the midst of Zhang Peng's laughter. I just feel black in front of my eyes.

    Before 123 called Zhang Peng to fight with himself, it was when everyone was strong, but at this time he was semi-mechanized to play the pillar, the pikemen were almost all gone, his army was already left with broken flowers and willows, how to fight? I support your lungs, Tm, you are too shameless! In the heart severely scolded such a sentence, 123 immediately quit the game. Zhang Peng is leading by one to zero. It's such a way of playing! Seeing Zhang Peng's sudden victory, Fang Xiang was very surprised, but at the same time, he couldn't help smiling bitterly in his heart. It seems that it is very difficult for me to beat Zhang Peng. Because this guy is not only like a martial arts fanatic, but also in many aspects such as strain, he has a talent that ordinary people can't match, not to mention, watching his game, it seems easy to be excited by him. This guy is a natural God of war. MB? What a cow. If I hadn't noticed, you would have died in this game. In the host of the second game, 123 called Zhang Peng so. Yes, I admit that you are a master. But Zhang Peng's answer made him stupefied. When he couldn't figure out why Zhang Peng said that, Zhang Peng went on to say, "Because if you are a rookie, your hands will be very slow, and you will slowly see the shock wave and so on. You put it much faster than the rookie. You are a master." “!” Only then did he realize that Zhang Peng was responding to himself, so he immediately shouted, "Don't be old!"! (Don't always speak the dialect of some places, that is to say, don't be arrogant.) I will let you know my power in this game. "How awesome is it? I'm so scared." Zhang Peng laughed and played OK to the referee. I'll kill you! 123 immediately put down the double heavy industry in a threatening manner at the beginning. Only this time his double heavy industry is all at home. Because after seeing Zhang Peng's operation in the last game,empty lotion tubes, 123 felt that he did not need to use underhand tactics, and he could fight directly with him, and he could fight with him.

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