Romantic Lazy Man Traveling in Other World

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  • Romantic Lazy Man Traveling in Other World

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    Romantic Lazy Man Traveling in Other World

    Indeed, under the cover of the magic robe, Lusa's figure is not so concave and convex. Today, as soon as she changes into casual clothes, her perfect curve is completely outlined. Compared with Liang San Shao and the cold night of these two normal men, Dida is not so normal, he just looked at Lusa, they dare not look more. In fact, Dida is very normal, but Dida thought that such a perfect girl naturally belongs to the big benefactor cold night, for his benefactor's woman, Dida dare not have any illusions. However, although Dida's eyes were away from Lusa, he seemed to see the shadow of Lusa in front of him, which showed how powerful Lusa's charm was. With every step forward, the eyes of all followed a step back, and in this way, under the stunned gaze of all, Lusa came to the side of the cold night. Under the gaze of the slightly puzzled eyes of the cold night, Lusa actually made a move that could make any man in the world kill the cold night. Lusa actually sat on the lap of the cold night,ultrasonic extraction cbd, with her hands around the neck of the cold evening, and called out softly in a tone of some sound: "Husband." The cold night is shocked! His heartbeat is increasing! He's even choking! In the past, Lusa didn't even let the cold night touch her, but now she took the initiative to sit on the cold night's lap, and it was so ambiguous that she had to let the cold night have the idea of being flattered. After a while, the cold night woke up. A lot of questions immediately flashed in my mind: "Did she take the wrong medicine?"? Is she crazy? Or did she secretly see me and those women last night and start coquettish? If you can't figure it out, you won't think about it any more. If the beauty is in your bosom, you will naturally enjoy the cold night. After confirming that it was not a dream,ultrasonic welding transducer, the cold night did not hesitate to embrace Lusa's slender waist, fearing that she would run away, and then groped around Lusa at random, without any concern for the eyes around her. Don't miss a good opportunity, and the cold night should be grasped well. In the face of the claws of the cold night, Lusha did not resist, but Lusha quietly put her head close to the ear of the cold night, whispered: "Today I give you face in front of your classmates, you can treat me well in the future!" The cold night knew that Lusa regarded chastity as her life and would never give in easily. It was expected that she would do so for a reason, but the cold night could not control so much at this time. Since the beauty took the initiative to throw herself into her arms, he would not be polite. Even if you don't give me face, I will take good care of you. Leprechaun! The cold night groped through her clothes on Rosa. After fifty-nine minutes, the cold night was more satisfied to stop the action on his hand. Because the cold night knew that if it went on like this, he would execute Lusa on the spot. I'm afraid the final result is not to have face in front of my classmates, ultrasonic cutting machine ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, but to lose face. The cold night stood up and let Rosa sit down, while he himself returned to the main seat. Let me introduce to you, this is Rosa. As soon as the cold night said this, it interrupted Rosa. Hello, everyone, I am Lusa, and I am also a student of this supernumerary enrollment. I will be a classmate with you in the future, and I hope you will take care of me a lot. Said Lusa with a smile. After a pause, she added, "I am.." I am Wang Ye's woman. Hearing this, everyone gave a thumbs-up to the cold night, even Liang San Shao was no exception. Only Wang Ye can match such a beautiful woman! Dida immediately thought so. Wang Ye is so handsome that he won't humiliate Sister Lusa. Meimei thought so. Sister Lusa is so happy to be Wang Ye's woman! Lan Lan thought so. Wang Ye is really my idol, and I will hang out with him in the future. I, Liang San Shao, swear to the water God that I will marry a woman as beautiful as Lusa in the future! Liang San gritted his teeth and thought to himself. When I touched my nose, it was bleeding again. After a while, Mu Xiaobo also came over. Soon after they got to know each other, they decided to go to the Kamikaze Academy together. As for the departure date, they chose tomorrow. Anyone who can win in the ring must have his own excellence. The overall strength of the seven supernumeraries in front of us is naturally not bad. Together, the seven of them are equal to a very good adventure team on the Big 6. As a result, someone wanted to choose a name for the team.

    "I think it's a seven-man team!" "So vulgar!"! I think it's called the Seven Gods Team! "Not imposing enough!"! I think it's better to call the Seven Demons Team, so that no one dares to attack us easily. "I think we'd better call it the kamikaze team. After all, the kamikaze Academy is a sign." "Why don't we call it the kamikaze seven evil spirits? It's both a sign and an imposing manner!" …… Everyone was at sixes and sevens, but the cold night did not speak. Eventually, kamikaze became the name of the team, and Leng Ye became the captain of the team as a matter of course. In fact, although for an ordinary strong, from the water mist empire, to cross the dark empire to the kamikaze empire, perhaps difficult, but in the cold night it seems that this difficulty is not big, first, the cold night somehow also has crape myrtle ranger in hand, and second, there is Lusa, the saint of the dark church with her, expect a bright future! Tomorrow comes out, the cold night is natural to say goodbye to his woman tonight. After having dinner with Liang San Shao and others in a hurry, the cold night went into the gentle village. Chapter 159 three little show power? On December 12, under the watchful eyes of "relatives and friends", the cold night officially embarked on the journey to the kamikaze empire. (Caizi Pavilion updates the first WWw. CAizige. Com) There were three carriages in the procession, one for Leng Ye and Lu Sha, one for Liang San Shao and her two new girlfriends, and the other for Dida and Mu Xiaobo. The three carriages were all on the official road, and because the flag of the carriage had the words "Xiaoyao King" written on it,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, it was unimpeded all the way. On the first carriage, Leng Ye reluctantly entered the state of practicing undead magic under the coercion and inducement of Lusha; on the middle carriage, there was a call of "Yiyiya" from time to time. It was not difficult to imagine that Liang Sanshao and his two girlfriends were "learning from each other". There were two thunderous grunts in the last carriage. It was obvious that Dida and Mu Xiaobo were sleeping like pigs.

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