Rural daughter-in-law reborn as cannon fodder

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  • Rural daughter-in-law reborn as cannon fodder

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    Rural daughter-in-law reborn as cannon fodder

    After waking up, Zhang Guilan looked at the side of the sleeping Luo Jijun, can not tell what his heart is a taste, there are sour and astringent more is sad, two lifetimes of husband and wife, is the previous life really just her fault? In this life, she wanted to cherish and try to make life better, but the people around her made Zhang Guilan very confused about the future of the two people. Now, when she heard her mother mention that Milan had come back to the village, Zhang Guilan's only thought was to be tired. After Milan arrived in the city, the days at home were not quiet. Now when she came back to the village, Milan came back again. She knew that Milan was thinking about Luo Jijun. Well, now she doesn't care. Everything is left to Luo Jijun and let him solve it by himself. Luo Jijun sees daughter-in-law this is angry, listen to daughter-in-law to let oneself go home, more do not go, "Dad is now in the field, or I go to the field." In the morning, Luo Jijun will follow Zhang Laowu to go to the field together. He was stopped by Zhang Laowu and his wife. He asked him to stay at home and help Zhang Guilan make lunch together. In fact, the real meaning is to let two people have more time to get along with each other. No way, Luo Jijun can only stay, at noon to Zhang Guilan fire, Zhang Guilan yesterday's remaining chicken hot,secondary containment pallet, and made a sweet and sour cabbage, rice is two steamed bread. After dinner, Zhang Laowu left, Sun Shubo thought for a moment, or told her daughter about Milan, but also wanted to let her daughter have a preparation in her heart, then Sun Shubo patted her daughter's hand and went to the ground. Don't go. Mom will have to come to you in a minute. Zhang Guilan had already anticipated what would happen. It's good for Milan to come back, which just shows my attitude and saves the villagers from thinking too much. Luo Jijun sat down,collapsible pallet box, "are you angry?" Zhang Guilan shook her head, "not angry, but tired.". I want to live a good life, as you can see. It's not that I want to live a good life. Luo Jijun did not think so. If he had not been engaged to Milan, if he had not sacrificed to save himself, if he had made his attitude clear after Guilan married. There are too many ifs, and it's no use just regretting them now. You can't take the initiative to say anything about Milan. After all, she didn't say anything. It may be true that she came back suddenly. It is the best way for the rice family to control the movement with quietness. I have found a job for Milan, and she has arranged the rest of her life. I don't owe her anything. You can rest assured that I know what to say. Luo Jijun is obviously bored. In the city, Milan chased the troops, came back, and Milan chased them back. If he was still alone, it would be nothing, but he was married, and that day he made it clear to Milan that if she still took things too hard, plastic pallet crates ,drum spill pallet, he could not blame him for not showing mercy to her. Zhang Guilan looked at it and suddenly asked, "You won't hide anything from me, will you?"? You don't look like the first time. Are you with Milan? When asked about this, Zhang Guilan's own heart beat faster. If this is true, it is really difficult to solve Milan, this era of premarital sex but to be responsible for others. Luo Jijun stared and looked serious. "Am I that kind of person in your eyes?" Said on the anxious eye, Zhang Guilan did not get angry but relieved, if they really have that kind of relationship, she must divorce. Chapter 82: Charges Zhang Guilan did not speak, Luo Jijun felt uncomfortable, he knew that he did not do well before, and even never went to care about the marriage life of two people carefully, so there will be such a situation now, the mother and sister at home will be like this, Luo Jijun did not think of it, beyond his expectations, what should be said, the family is still like that, he can only take his daughter-in-law to live his own life. In Milan, Luo Jijun said what he should say, arranged it, and did what he should do. He should also pay back what he owed to Milan. For Luo Jijun, these things are easy to solve. He doesn't care about what he doesn't care about. He can't attract his attention and care about it. But his wife here is the most headache for Luo Jijun. I don't know how to make his daughter-in-law believe him. At Luo's house, Guo Yinggang cooked the meal and saw her daughter coming back. "Haiying, it's just right to come back. Go to Zhang's house and ask your eldest brother and sister-in-law to come back for dinner. Your father let you.".

    ” Luo Haiying originally wanted to say something, but when he heard that his father had let him, he put down his bag and went out without saying a word. When people arrived at Zhang's house, Zhang Guilan was having a hot meal. She had cooked a lot at noon, so she just put it in the pot to heat it up. When she saw Luo Haiying coming, she glanced at Luo Jijun meaningfully and seemed to say, "See what I said is right?"? Luo Jijun also felt embarrassed and asked Luo Haiying with a tiger face, "What's the matter at home?" Luo Haiying saw that his brother and sister-in-law seemed to be in a gas jam, and he bumped into them again. He secretly regretted that he shouldn't have come. He steeled himself and said, "Mom has cooked a meal. Dad asked you and sister-in-law to go back to eat. Then I'll go back first." Without waiting for a reply, Luo Haiying fled away. Zhang Guilan filled the last handful of firewood into the stove, blocked the door of the stove Kang, and turned to wash his hands in the washbasin beside him. "Tidy up, let's go back." After admitting her fault that day, Luo Haiying obviously changed. Zhang Guilan believed that she had not lied. Her father-in-law told them to go back. She must have something to say. Zhang Guilan also knew that now was not the time to be impatient. Besides, Luo Jijun hasn't done anything to Milan yet, and it's not good for him to have a small temper now. Luo Jijun first strode out of the house. When Zhang Guilan was discharged from the hospital, he saw from a distance that Luo Jijun had entered the house. Then he hung up the gate of the courtyard and followed him. When he arrived at Luo's house, the Kang table was set up and the dishes were out of the pot. I could hear my father-in-law's voice in the room. Zhang Guilan was surprised. It's too early to come back. I'm afraid it's a big deal? The man followed him into the room. Luo Yongzhi a face of thick color, smoking dry tobacco, "you asked for a few days off this time?"? When will you return to the army? "This is an annual leave.". You can stay at home for more days. Luo Jijun leaned against the table and made way for Zhang Guilan to sit. Zhang Guilan sat down beside him, "Dad, what's the matter?" Father-in-law has always been less talkative, most of the time things are not asked,plastic pallet suppliers, now such a question, think of Milan's return, Zhang Guilan faintly guessed what happened.

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