Seven Candles _ Shangguan Midnight

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  • Seven Candles _ Shangguan Midnight

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    Seven Candles _ Shangguan Midnight

    I looked at Luo Tian in a trance. He did not seem to be him, and I never thought that behind his cold face there was such an unknown story, although he only used two simple sentences to tell it. The green light was reflected in his face, and now he was like a figure in a fantasy, and the expression of his face was so deep, quiet and soft. I sat until it was getting dark, and then I reluctantly left here and went back to the city. We went to have dinner together, and then he sent me home. We talked until ten o'clock. He said that if I wanted to go to the lake in the future, I would call him at any time. When I was just about to fall asleep, I received a phone call from He Qin'an. He was very noisy. There was music and other people were drinking and talking. I was a little surprised. Wasn't he supposed to be in the hospital at this time? Why does it feel like you're in a bar? When I asked him where he was, he hesitated and said something I didn't understand. He said, "July, what do you think is true and what is false in this world?" "Have you been drinking?" "No, no, if I'm really drunk, it's okay, I.." Qin An, where are you? What's going on? I'm coming to you now. "Don't come,touch screen kiosk," he said vaguely. "I'm fine." After asking for a long time, I finally asked where he was. Then I saw He Qin'an in the bar. He was curled up in a corner. The table was full of wine bottles. He kept smoking. He looked so lonely and desperate. When he picked up the bottle again and poured it into his mouth, I went over and grabbed the wine from his hand? Qin An? He gave me a glassy look and a clumsy wipe of his mouth. "Is that you, July?" He asked. "Yes, it's me, it happened." Before I could finish,smart interactive whiteboard, he suddenly hugged my waist and cried like a child: "Why?"? What did I do wrong? Do you want to punish me like this? I felt a chill in my heart. Could it be that an Yiyun had an accident? I patted him on the back: "Tell me, Qin An, is not Evian..." "Don't mention her!" He let go of my loud interruption. "I wish I'd never known her in my life!" With that, he stood up and rushed out. Qin An- "I followed out:" Qin An, where are you going? " "Don't follow me!" He turned and shouted at me. Stumbling ahead again, the whole person is like a bunch of strings, there is the possibility of breaking at any time, and his steps are the disordered beat. I ran after him and shouted behind him, "Qin An!"! Don't run yet! I know something very serious must have happened. Please tell me. Maybe I can help you? Qin An, say something! Qin An. Don't follow me! I don't trust anyone! I can't trust anyone! Don't ask me again! "Even I don't believe it?"? We've always been such good friends, haven't we? He jerked to a halt and turned to glare at me. "Do you really want to know?"? OK! I'm telling you! He took out a letter from his pocket: "This is the letter, let me know that I am an idiot, I love her so much, facial recognization camera ,temperature screening kiosk, tolerate her everything, but she?"? Turn me into a doll from beginning to end! I foolishly thought it was her privacy to send the letter, but it was sent to me! How ridiculous? How cruel? I'd rather not know anything! Do you want to see it? I'll show you! Let you know what an idiot I am! Here you are He crumpled it into a ball and threw it at me, and then he burst into a complete collapse of laughter: "Ha ha.." I'm an idiot! Ha-ha Why? Why Ran all the way out. I squatted down to pick up the letter and spread it out close to the dim street lamp. Qin An: My love, when you read this letter, I may have completely left you, also left this world, forgive me, Qin An. I am a sinner and I know that the time has come for God to judge me.

    Do you remember the first time we met? It was at Sasha's funeral, and I fainted. You must think it was an accident, right? I now confess to you, confess all the crimes I committed, you hate me, Qin An, all of this is deliberately arranged by me, including the death of Shasha, you really believe that she fell from upstairs, right? Qin An, do you know how much I hate her? She's the one who made me lose everything. She's the one who made me miserable. I love so much a man, our feelings used to be so good, is the appearance of rustling, she tried to seduce him, when I see them naked in bed, do you know the kind of pain in my heart? But I still love him, crazy, crazy. I was so cheap that I even cut my veins and knelt down to beg him not to leave me, but he was indifferent. He told me that he loved Shasha. I didn't have the wild beauty of Shasha. I now know that when a man changes his mind, everything I do in front of him will become a ridiculous childish. Actually, Sasha didn't love him. They broke up after two months together, and then Sasha found you. After talking about breaking up, I went to find him, but he said that the dead can never turn back, so I hate Shasha, I hate her! So I pushed her down the stairs. I found you at her funeral. I fainted in front of you. I just wanted to get your attention. Even if Sasha died, I would make her soul restless. I hated her so much. So I used all my charm to make you fall in love with me. Yes, I did. However, I found that I was not happy, because you were so good. You were so good to me that I was afraid. I wanted to leave you, because in this war between women, it was unfair to you. I never loved you,digital signage kiosk, I just used you. Using you to get my revenge on Sasha. I'm sorry, Qin An, I'm really sorry that I hurt you so deeply.

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