South of the border, west of the sun.

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  • South of the border, west of the sun.

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    South of the border, west of the sun.

    "I said, is there something you want to say to me?" Yukiko stared at my face. "If you have something in mind, tell me straight out, okay?"? It doesn't matter if it's not easy to talk. As long as I can, I will do my best. Of course I'm not such a great person, and I don't know much about the world or business, but I don't want to be unfortunate anyway, and I don't want you to be so sad. Is there anything wrong with your present life? I shook my head and said, "There is no failure at all.". I like my present job, and I think I can do it. Of course, I also like you. Sometimes I just can't keep up with my father's rhythm. From a personal point of view, I don't hate him, and this time I accept his kindness as kindness. So I'm not angry. It's just that sometimes I don't know who I am, and I don't know whether what I'm doing is right or wrong, so I'm confused. It's not anger. "But it looks like he's angry." I sighed. Still sighing like this. Yukiko said, "Anyway, it seems that you have been a little upset recently, and you often think about something in a sullen way." "I'm baffled, too!" Yukiko didn't take her eyes off my face. "You must be thinking about something,Cold Drawn Tubes," she said, "but I don't know what it is. If only I could help. I suddenly felt a strong impulse to get it off my chest to Yukiko. How happy it would be to tell the whole story if I could hold it in my heart! Then I wouldn't have to hide, I wouldn't have to play games, I wouldn't need to lie. Hey, Yukiko, in fact, I have another woman I like,impact beam tubes, and I can't forget her anyway. Several times I have pulled back from the precipice to protect the garden where you and your children are. But this is the final limit, and it can no longer be reined in. The next time she shows up, I'll have to hug her. I can't stand it anymore. Sometimes I think of her while hugging you, and even masturbate to her. However, of course I didn't say anything. Even if you tell Yukiko the truth now, it will be of no help at all. Maybe it will only make the whole family fall into misfortune. After dinner, I went back to the office to continue my work. But I can't keep my head down. When he spoke to Yukiko, he took a high-handed attitude beyond the necessary limit, which made his mood extremely bad. What I have said may be justifiable in itself, but it should be said from a more admirable population. And I lied to Yukiko and went to see Shimamoto behind her back-I was not qualified to make such a grand comment on Yukiko at all. Yukiko is genuinely worried about me, which is obvious and consistent. By contrast, is there really something praiseworthy about consistency and conviction in one's own way of life? So between thinking and thinking, I have completely lost the mood to do things. With my feet on the table and a pencil in my hand, side impact door beams ,Precision steel tubes, I still looked out of the window for a long time. Outside the office window, you can see the park, and if the weather is good, you can see several adults with children in the park. Children play in sandpits or on slides, and mothers gather to chat as they squint. The children playing in the park remind me of my daughter. I wanted to see my two daughters, to walk on the road with one arm in my arms, to really feel their warm meat balls. But when I was thinking about my daughter, I thought of Shimamoto and her slightly open lips. The images of Shimamoto are much more vivid than those of his daughters. And when you think about Shimamoto, you can't think about anything else. I left the office and walked up Aoyama Street to the cafe where I used to meet Shimamoto for coffee. I read here, and when I'm tired of reading, I think of Shimamoto, recalling the conversation with Shimamoto in this cafe, the scene when she took out the "salon" from her handbag and lit it with a lighter, and the way she casually lifted her hair in front of her forehead and smiled slightly. But soon tired of sitting alone, he went for a walk in Shibuya. I used to like to walk down the street and look at all kinds of buildings and shops, like to see people busy making a living, like the feeling of their legs moving in the street.

    But all that surrounds me at this moment seems lifeless and ethereal, as if all the buildings are crumbling, all the streets and trees are eclipsed, all the men and women have abandoned their watery emotions and living dreams. I went into the least crowded cinema and stared at the screen without moving. After the movie was over, I walked down the street in the twilight and had a simple dinner at the restaurant I saw first. In front of the Shibuya station, the company staff who were off duty were packed, and the trams came one after another like a fast-action movie, swallowing the men and women on the platform. So it was ten years ago that I discovered Shimamoto in this area. At that time, I was twenty-eight, single, and Shimamoto was still dragging his legs. Wearing a red coat and a pair of big sunglasses, she walked from here to the Castle Peak. It feels like it happened in the distant past. I remember what I saw in sequence: the year-end crowd, her footsteps, the corners, the overcast sky, the paper store bag she carried in her hand, the untouched coffee cup, the Christmas carols. Once again, I regretted why I didn't say hello to Shimamoto decisively at that time? At that time, I had no fetters, nothing to abandon. I could even hug her tight on the spot and run straight to somewhere. Even if there is any specific situation in Shimamoto, at least it can be solved by all means. However, I completely missed the opportunity to be grabbed by the strange man's elbow, and Shimamoto took the opportunity to get into the taxi and escape. I took the crowded tram back to Aoyama in the evening. During my time in the cinema, the weather suddenly turned bad. The sky was covered by heavy clouds with moisture. It looked like it might rain at any time. I didn't have an umbrella, and I was still dressed as I had been when I went swimming in the morning: a windbreaker for a yacht, blue jeans,precision welded tubes, and sneakers. I should have gone home once and changed into my usual suit, but I was too lazy to go home, thinking that I would not lose anything if I went into the shop without a tie once or twice.

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