Special B King in ancient times

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  • Special B King in ancient times

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    Special B King in ancient times

    "Nothing, Song Prime Minister, this king appreciates you very much.". If there is an official in the Southern Tang Dynasty who really does facts for the people, it must be you, Song Qiqiu! However, you seem to be really old now, and you are beginning to think about your children and grandchildren. This makes the king feel helpless and sad, the king is not afraid to tell you, within five years, I Kang Long will unify the whole world. The king hopes that five years later, the disciples of Song are still good officials who do facts for the people. Good-bye! Kang Long stared at Song Qiqiu's face and said, but ignored the horror and excitement on his face and turned away. Old man, really old?! Alas.. Song Qiqiu pondered for a moment and then suddenly said, "Somebody, gather all the disciples of the Song School and come to the old man's mansion to discuss the matter." The situation in the world is clear, however, although some places are constantly at war,fenugreek saponins, some places are singing and dancing to promote peace, a peaceful and prosperous look, but how many people understand that there are still too many people suffering in the world after all? People yearn for great unification, because only a great unification of the world is the real peace and prosperity. Who is the one who can really unify the world? The Li family of the Southern Tang Dynasty? Li's father and son indulged in debauchery all day, unable to extricate themselves, fighting for the wind and vinegar, reciting poems and ink,turmeric extract powder, have they ever paid attention to the poor people struggling at the bottom? Song Qiqiu sadly found that the Southern Tang Dynasty he had assisted had decayed, and that even his once ambitious warm-blooded imperial envoy, the Iron-blooded Prime Minister, seemed to be as old as Kang Long said. Only an old fool can still benefit his children and grandchildren at such a critical moment. Order all guards to stand guard! Song Qiqiu seemed to remember something and immediately ordered. Kang Long led the thin donkey to stride out of Song Fu, turned a street corner, and walked directly to the most prosperous area of Dongcheng. Half an hour later, Kang Long appeared in front of a large house. Hearing the unique hoofbeat of the thin donkey, the Yan sisters appeared at the gate at the same time. Xianggong, why have you been there for such a long time? Yan Ruyu asked in a charming voice. Now she finally knew her life experience and recognized Yan Ruyu. The two men came to Jinling this time because they wanted to find out the mystery of their life experience. Unfortunately, the only clue to them has recently disappeared. Yan Ruyu was brought up by one of her masters named Gongsun Jiuniang, but now Gongsun Jiuniang is missing. Moreover, the mansion left behind had no clue at all. Kang Long hugged the two sisters as he walked and comforted them by saying, pumpkin seed extract ,best green coffee bean extract, "Jade, feather, don't worry.". In fact, there are already traces of this matter. Didn't you find a very strange thing? Master Gongsun, who used to work under Song Qiqiu, is very much like Mr. Gongsun, the legendary master of refining utensils, but now he seems to be crazy and can't remember what happened before. I walked around the city of Jinling a few times today and found out that her master Gongsun Jiuniang often found various excuses to get close to the crazy Master Gongsun. Both of them are surnamed Gongsun. Don't you think there's something strange in it? The three of them talked about it as they walked inside. Indeed, Gongsun Jiuniang was so sad about the crazy Master Gongsun who lived at the foot of Qixia Mountain that she would go to see him almost every once in a while. And Gongsun Jiuniang seems to be particularly good to Yan Ruyu, even better than some parents love their children. There's definitely a connection. Kang Long speculated that it was very likely that Gongsun Jiuniang was related to Mr. Gongsun, and that the two Yan Ruyu sisters also had something to do with them, which led to such a reaction. Kang Long went to countless places in Jinling City these days, constantly inquiring about Gongsun Jiuniang and Song Qiqiu and other people who might be related to the two Yan sisters. The two authorities were confused, and he, a bystander, gathered a large amount of information into one, and gradually found some clues. They are now in the property that Yan Ruyu purchased in Jinling. This is not a small house, when Yan Ruyu went to the palace to celebrate the queen mother's birthday and played the piano music, she was praised by the queen mother, which was rewarded, but Yan Ruyu has not moved here to live.

    "Xianggong, you are now the Shenwu King of the Shenwu Army. Will those people find an assassin to assassinate you?"? Although you have Xuanyuan Shenjian to protect your body, more and more people come, and the realm is getting higher and higher. They all just want to know what you got in the Jinque Hall of the Blood Spirit Platform. I'm afraid they still want to find a breakthrough from Xianggong. Yan Ruyu asked with some concern. What are you afraid of! I have everything! Kang Long shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, "I would like to meet a powerful person, but unfortunately I failed to do so.". Let's go find that crazy old man. I don't believe he will go on like this! Chapter 3 The Life Experience of the Yan Sisters Kang Long came to Jinling alone this time, and he came grandly with the Yan sisters and Yan Jiuniang, but not aimlessly and recklessly. There are three tasks this time. First, it is about the life experience of the Yan sisters. Kang Long learned a lot from Yan Ruyu's mouth, and at the same time, he also learned some information from Yan Ruyu. With a combination of two compartments, Kanglong found a lot of doubts. When Yan Ruyu two sisters, Yan Ruyu was given to Fu Yanqing by the mysterious Taoist nun, but Yan Ruyu was sent to Chengxinju to grow up. From this point of view, the mysterious Taoist nun must know the life experience of the two sisters. From what Yan Ruyu said, the mysterious Taoist nun was Gongsun Jiuniang, who raised and taught her to grow up. Now, when Gongsun Jiuniang saw the reunion of the Yan sisters, she disappeared half a year ago. This is too suspicious. This shows that someone must have coerced or ordered Gongsun Jiuniang to leave, otherwise,jujube seed powder, Gongsun Jiuniang as Yan Ruyu's master, how could he have the heart to watch his disciples pursue their own life experience regardless? The person behind is the key. As long as we can find out who that person is, we must be able to trace back to the source and find the mystery of the two sisters'life experience. prius-biotech.com

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