Spiral Conveyor price

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  • Spiral Conveyor price

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    Spiral Conveyor price

    Spiral conveyor designed for saving space and continuous transfer cargo. Spiral type save space, increase product buffer time in whole production line. Spiral conveyor design also capable of bottom or top loading depend on your equipment layout.
    Spiral Conveyor Features
    -- Continuous Transferring, high effective;
    -- Driven by only one motor under height of 10m;
    --Can be customized, variety of models;
    --Widely application, stable and reliable;
    --Easy to operate and maintain.
    --Saving space
    Spiral Conveyor Technical Parameter
    AC 220V / AC380V 50HZ 0.18-4KW
    Spiral conveyor have aluminum type, carbon steel type, stainless steel type.
    Spiral conveyor chain width 304.8mm, 406.4mm and 609.6mm
    Height less than 10meters
    Capacity 50kg/m2
    Inlet and Outlet can be customizedSpiral Conveyor price

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