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Super brain

Half of Liu shook his head and said, "I'm not particularly clear about the origin of this knife. I just know that this knife was picked up by a power person from a dilapidated spaceship.". However, this Dao was a magic Dao. At that time, all the people who owned this Dao died a violent death. It was regarded as an ominous Dao. It was not until the appearance of a man, who appeared on the battlefield with the magic knife in his hand, that he killed three strong emperors with his own strength, which caused the panic of the dark race. They actually hit the power, and five strong emperors attacked the man, killing him at a huge cost of casualties. After the man died, no one else could use the magic knife. But thanks to the addition of the master of the magic knife, the situation of the whole battlefield was reversed. After listening to half of Liu's story, Ye Yang sighed, but he didn't expect that this magic knife had such an origin. Powerful power, mysterious prophecy, Ye Yang's eyes can not help but move up. What he was thinking about now was how to make the magic knife recover as soon as possible, so that it could exert its greatest power. But has recovered for such a long time, the magic knife is still not fully recovered, if you want it to recover as soon as possible, it seems to need more energy. It's just that it doesn't swallow all its powers. So far, it only devours light and dark races. It seems that it's good to hunt more dark races. Although the king level of the strong is difficult to hunt,rotary vacuum disc filters, but it is easy to kill the Hou level of the strong, do not know how much power they can provide to this magic knife. Just as Ye Yang was planning to hunt the strong man of the dark race, the figure of the sea emperor suddenly emerged. He said to half of Liu, "Lord Poseidon, the Dragon Clan has sent a letter inviting all the powers to go to the space where the prison gate is to discuss how to deal with the dark race." Liu half nodded and said, "OK, reply to the Dragon Clan. We will definitely go there." He turned to Ye Yang and said,fine bubble diffuser, "Well, let's go and have a look.". Ye Yang frowned, then nodded and said, "Look at it.". The reason he wanted to see it was because of the prison door. To know that he and the prison door but have a lot of grudges, this will naturally be to go there, even if not to look for trouble, but also to show off ah. PS: (Thank you for your support here, and then ask for rewards, subscriptions and flowers.) Chapter 613 delicious food (the first more flowers). Finally is to confirm the identity of half of Liu, but also know the origin of this magic knife, Ye Yang this time really did not come in vain. He didn't want to stay with half of Liu for a while. Although the old magic stick really helped him, it also hurt him. Ye Yang fulfilled his promise to Lisana and piled up a lot of things for Lisana. Although it was not as exaggerated as what he had said before, the effect of putting a whole supermarket's food there was extremely shocking. Lisana immediately smiled like a flower, directly hugged Ye Yang and kissed him, Belt Filter Press ,Lamella Plate Settler, which made Ye Yang really stunned. She seemed to feel something was wrong, and she blushed and stuck out her tongue. Ye Yang shrugged his shoulders and pretended that nothing had happened. He said, "Now that the ingredients are complete, I'm going to make you a table of our best Chinese dishes to open your eyes." At this time, the sea emperor suddenly appeared at the door, he said with a smile: "I have long heard of Ye elder's craftsmanship, I do not know if I have the honor to taste it." Ye Yang nodded with a smile and said, "His Majesty the Emperor of the Sea sent me the Dragon Ball, which is a great kindness to me. This little thing is out of the question.". Please wait a moment while I begin to prepare. "I also eat, I also want to eat" is another voice, but do not need to look, can also hear who is the person. Ye Yang bluntly refused Liu half, he said: "Anyone can eat, but you can't.". Half of Liu was stupefied and shouted, "You are taking revenge on yourself.". Ye Yang smiled and said, "I'm just taking revenge. What can you do?" You,, hum, "Liu half snorted, but he obviously did not give up, but looked at Lisana.".

"Lisana, does your grandfather Poseidon usually hurt you?" Liu half smiled and said that he looked like a kind grandfather at this time. "Well," Lisa nodded, half of Liu is really spoiled her at ordinary times. Because of Poseidon, she also found a way to fight against her father. Ye Yang squinted at half of Liu, where he did not know what half of Liu had in mind. Although the result is certain, but he just wants to see Liu half this guy how low three four. Liu half curled his lips and said, "Now you are eating delicious food. Do you have the heart to let your grandfather Poseidon watch beside you?" Er?? "Lisa's face suddenly became blushing, she looked at Ye Yang, some can not bear to say:" Ye Yang, or let him eat it. Ye Yang shrugged his shoulders and said, "I made it specially for you. It's your freedom to share it with anyone you want.". After hearing Ye Yang's words, half of Liu's face suddenly showed a smile, and he sat down directly without any embarrassment. Ye Yang rolled his eyes, the face of this old magic stick is really very thick. He ignored them and said, "It's not a good place to cook here. Let's go to the island together." Four people rushed directly to the island, Ye Yang from the absolute space out of the table, tableware, and then set up the stove. Lisana was surprised at Ye Yang's outward transformation from absolute space. Sea emperor and Liu half guess that Ye Yang should have some kind of space, the heart is also very envious ah. Here, also Liu half went to the human world to turn around, I am afraid that the human world has countless delicacies, see Ye Yang put out one by one material, can not help licking his lips. The corner of Ye Yang's mouth turned up slightly, his right hand waved,Mechanical fine screen, and the kitchen knife dripped around in his hand. He picked up a potato in his left hand, and when he moved his hand, the potato gradually took shape in his hand.

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