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  • Super Inn system

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    Super Inn system

    This consumption is very cheap for the big families, even ordinary people, open a few hours a day, also within the acceptable range. If the cost of Lingshi heater is low enough, it can even be extended to the whole Han country. Of course, if it is made purely by blacksmiths, the cost can not be reduced. As far as Lin Dong knows, the cost of a Lingshi fan, not to mention that in order to win over the blacksmith of the inn, he offered a sky-high monthly wage of one hundred taels of silver. Even ordinary blacksmiths, the cost is as high as twenty taels of silver, more than a dozen people, it takes more than a dozen days to work together to build one. If you want to reduce the cost greatly, you have to make moulds and then mass produce them. If a mold can be made, it is equivalent to pouring molten iron and then assembling it. The only trouble is that there is a lack of loyal blacksmiths. The mechanism that inspires the spirit in the spirit stone to escape and turn into power can only be made by a loyal blacksmith, otherwise, it is very easy to be imitated by other mechanism masters. Fortunately, with more than a dozen blacksmiths in the inn, just building these organs can also support the consumption of Lingshi Fan in Lin Ji Inn. When there are more and more inn branches, the hoodlums who are completely loyal to the inn should be able to find some people who are willing to be blacksmiths besides choosing the shopkeeper and guards. It is not a problem to support Lin Ji Inn. As for whether we can promote it on a large scale and want to protect our own interests, we can only temporarily give up the idea of benefiting the people. After thinking about it in the room for a moment,Nail machine manufacturer, Lin Dong went out and decided to talk to Ma Chun. In any case, the cost of Lingshi Fan must be reduced in the inn alone, and it is imperative to make moulds. These molds are not afraid of being imitated, naturally do not need to be kept secret, plus the future demand for hotels alone is not small, it is also essential to build an auxiliary factory outside. Has not yet arrived at the lobby, face to face,Nail Making Machine price, Ma Chun unexpectedly a face anxiously rushed over. Lin Dong smiled bitterly, and when he saw this look, he knew there must be nothing good. Shopkeeper, something big has happened. Sure enough, as soon as Ma Chun saw Lin Dong, he hurriedly said, "The price of the spirit beast's spirit material has risen sharply." "Why?" Lin Dong frowned. Fenglin Restaurant began to say early this morning that all the spirit animals and spirit materials available as ingredients will be purchased at double prices in three days. Ma Chun gnashed his teeth and said, "His grandmother's, Fenglin Restaurant. This is crazy." Lin Dong startled in the heart, immediately wry smile, maple forest restaurant is not crazy, this is in the major restaurants to the abyss. Even if you don't consider the wages and seasoning wood, the cost of a plate of a first order scaly beast is three hundred pennies. Originally, the prices of major restaurants are mostly one or two silver a plate, and now 90% off, Nail production machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, which is equivalent to only one hundred cents a plate. The spirit materials of other spirit animals are almost the same. That is to say, each table of food and wine two taels of silver, even if it is a highly profitable scale strange beast or other spirit beast spirit material, each major restaurant table will have to lose four taels of silver. If the cost of the scaly beast is doubled in one breath, one plate is equivalent to a loss of five hundred yuan, two taels of silver, and a loss of five taels of silver. Compared with the past, it is equivalent to a full 1.5 times. With the current loss of Lin Ji Inn, the loss of five hundred taels of silver a day suddenly increased by one thousand two hundred and three hundred taels of silver. Not long ago, he thought that he could not introduce Lingshi Fan, otherwise the number of diners would increase and the more he would lose. Now, Fenglin Restaurant plays such a game, the number of diners has not increased, and the silver has also doubled. Shopkeeper, what shall we do? Ma Chun asked. Lin Dong hesitated for a moment and asked, "What do you think should be done?" Ma Chun was stunned. After a careful calculation, he gritted his teeth and said, "Of course, it's to raise the price of buying spirit animals. Without spirit animals, we can't go on the second floor of the inn.". Fortunately, the business association only has the candidate for the president of the Control yuan, and it has been more than half a month, so there should be only a few days left. Let's take it easy to collect spiritual materials and animals, and we won't thank too much. Lin Dong is silent, this should be the most normal idea of all big restaurants, but also the only way to continue to operate the restaurant. After careful consideration for a moment, under Ma Chun's impatient gaze, Lin Dong resolutely said, "Go to the restaurant and tell Boss Wang not to raise the purchase price of the spirit beast's spirit material. We'll offer it to him at the original price.".

    ” Ma Chun said doubtfully, "Most of the plantations and enclosures of the ancient Emperor Huan Zong are seedlings and cubs. Where do we get the spirit animal materials to provide to the guest restaurant?" "Don't forget our relationship with Gu Huanzong." Lin Dong explained, "Talk to Master Xiao later and ask him to write a letter. You should go to the Ancient Huan Sect from the gate of transportation and ask the disciples of the Ancient Huan Sect who stayed in the ancient Huan Mountain to help collect spiritual materials and animals everywhere." Ma Chun patted his thigh and exulted, "Yes, why did I forget this?". The disciples of the ancient Emperor Huan Zong were no more powerful than ordinary hunters. They hunted spirit animals and picked spirit materials faster. We can even take advantage of this opportunity to make a lot of money. "Don't think about making a lot of money." Lin Dong waved his hand and said, "Tell Boss Wang to raise the price of food and wine in the restaurant by another 10%, and we will follow suit." "Raise the price?" Ma Chun said in astonishment, "If we do this, the business of our two families will drop dramatically." "Keep about eighty tables, and the price of the spirit beast will rise desperately. The number of hunters going to the mountains will also increase. There are not many disciples left behind by the ancient Huan Zong, and they can only support this consumption." Seeing that Ma Chun hesitated to speak, Lin Dong said with a wry smile, "Do you really think that the news from the Commercial Association will take shape in a dozen days?" "More than a dozen days?" Ma Chun is in a fog. Wait and see. It's fast to stop in three or five months. Lin Dong said carelessly. Three or five months? Ma Chun was surprised and said, "Does the shopkeeper think that Fenglin Restaurant is deliberately dragging us?"? Let's follow it day by day? But No matter how rich and powerful Fenglin Restaurant is, it should not affect the court, right? After all, this business association is also related to other industries, big businessmen in all walks of life,Coil Nail Making Machine, should hope that the sooner the business association is implemented, the better. "Who knows the bullshit of the imperial court? Maybe it has something to do with the struggle for the throne. Anyway, it can't be finished in three or five months." Lin Dong said helplessly.

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