Super lucky draw

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  • Super lucky draw

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    Super lucky draw

    Super lucky draw

    Jiang Xian this fist but is to use their own ten percent of the strength the strength of the fist exhaust the air straight to the bridge of Li Jin's nose mercilessly blasted up Li Jin pupil slightly contracted a stack of hands blocked his own body Cut! Cut! The strength of Jiang Xian's fist is so terrible that the skeleton of the human body absolutely can't bear such a force At least Li Jin can't bear it Although Li Jin also secretly defused part of Jiang Xian's impact with ingenuity the rest of the force on his arms still burst out with Flavors and Fragrances shocking power Click! Two hands were broken the expression on Li Jin's face suddenly became extremely painful but Jiang Xian did not intend to give Li Jin any chance to react the left fist quickly raised a finger fiercely lightly picked but just Li Jin's way of attack See this move Li Jin heart beating more intense this is clearly their own tricks Jiang Xian tightly just took a look completely learned this guy is simply a freak Sniff! Li Jin suddenly retreated at the same time a twist of the neck barely avoided the attack of Jiang Xian but the neck was still left a deep wound by Jiang Xian blood like a blowout in an instant Li Jin felt his brain dizzy this time although not immediately killed him but has broken his artery even if Jiang Xian did not kill him So much blood loss killed him all the same But will want to love you and do not intend to give Li Jin any chance to react double fists fists like rain horrible fists overwhelming mercilessly fell on Li Jin's body Either you die or I die Li Jin this person is dangerous to death if you can not kill him in one breath then the next their own life can really be a problem At this time Jiang Xian is completely crazy no matter whether it is a busy city or not no matter how much trouble he will cause himself after killing Li Jin in short Jiang Xian has only one thought in his mind at the moment that is to kill him Peng! Peng! Peng! Li Jin only felt a blur in front of his eyes followed by violent fists falling on his body Kaka Kaka Li Jin clearly felt his bones broken inch by inch facing Jiang Xian's violent fists he felt regret for the first time Damn it I should have killed him when she wasn't looking! Li Jin really regretted in fact with his ability to have a way to kill Jiang Xian but he was careless the wrong estimate of Jiang Xian's strength is the wrong estimate of Jiang Xian's mentality pride arrogance became a fatal blow to Li Jin And From the depths of his heart Li Jin did attract Jiang Xian so last night he gave Jiang Xian a chance to kill Zhou Minghao's family but he never dreamed that just one day later he would follow in the footsteps of Zhou Minghao's family Chemicals Suppliers  Boom! Jiang Xian ruthlessly knocked Li Jin to the ground At this time Li Jin was already breathing in and out He also spat out a mouthful of blood foam in his mouth Jiang Xian squatted in front of Li Jin and opened his mouth in a cold tone "I can't believe it!"! I will be killed by the ants in my eyes one day! "I just regret why I didn't kill you in advance!" Li Jin spat a mouthful of blood foam and said reluctantly "Really damn it However don't be complacent If the Blood Feather Society can't get in touch with me then you will certainly think of you At that time the people of the Blood Feather Society will also avenge me!" "Are you finished" Jiang Xian looked at Li Jin with an expressionless face "Then I will send you to hell If your so-called Blood Feather will come to retaliate against me then I will send them to hell one by one to reunite with you!" Speaking of this Jiang Xianmeng punched out mercilessly fell on Li Jin's heart Boom! Li Jin whole person's chest suddenly deep sunken into a mouthful of blood fully spit out two or three meters high the whole person's eyes stare big a face of death expression
    Volume I Chapter 99 Celebration (3/4) Bow thanks ti510 reward 100 Tian Zhengyang reward 588 _ _ NRT ° reward 100 piracy control reward 100 After confirming Li Jin's death Jiang Xian heaved a sigh of relief and picked up his cell phone to call Flavors and Fragrances Xia Zhenguo At this time the sound of a siren was also fast from far to near How to say the police always arrive later] Jiang Xian was once again caught in the Bureau OK! Jiang Xian admitted that he had a predestined relationship with the hospital and the Bureau during this period of time and he came in every other day Xia Bing is very tired today Jun's death Zhou Minghao home yesterday gave birth to an explosion a family of two was blown to pieces everything let the whole police station into a huge busy when Xia Bing busy morning but also to help Jiang Xian release his parents almost can be said to be very busy At noon just want to go out to have a meal then see two powerful police are pressing a person toward the police station came in Xia Bing fixed his eyes on a look this is not Jiang Xian Seeing that Jiang Xian was pressed in with handcuffs Xia Bing was really angry Originally because Zhou Minghao and the killer last night were upset enough seeing that Jiang Xian was caught again Xia Bing was furious Pointing at Jiang Xian's nose he said angrily "Jiang Xian what's wrong with you What did you do to me again" "Well I'm not in trouble!" Jiang Xian shrugged his shoulders Sister Xia Bing do you know this person Just now this boy committed murder and killed a man on the spot! "We're going to question him" said an elderly policeman "What's the matter" Xia Bing looked at Jiang Xian and asked she knew that Jiang Xian would never start beating people for no reason let alone killing people there must be a reason for doing so This one Jiang Xian looked at the two policemen beside him and said slowly "Can I talk to you alone" Xia Bing frowned looked at the two policemen beside him and said "You two let him go first you say!"! What the hell is it 。

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