Super thief

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Super thief

Do not steal the news of his wife's return, one by one players learned, revealed the incredible news, and sent the news to their friends one by one, each player almost became a personal micro-blog. News crazy rotation, Huaxia District suddenly caused a sensation, the forum is more lively and boundless, but more people think that this undocumented news is false, after all, the astronomical PK value, how can not be washed clean in a short period of nine months. But at this time, the emergence of another news is to let these players have to believe. Beauty Paradise Vice President Ruo Piaoling has personally confirmed in front of nearly 400,000 members of the entire Beauty Paradise Guild that not stealing a wife has washed away all the PK values and officially returned to Beauty Paradise! "How is that possible? It's ridiculous!" "I don't know how he did it. It's worth more than a million PK!" Drift naturally there is no need to lie, after the statement of drift came out, no one continued to question the truth of the news of not stealing a wife. Most people turned their attention to how not stealing a wife could wash away more than one million PK values in nine months, but no matter how they wanted to break their heads, they could not think of a possibility. However, some people have been to the city of divine punishment, suggesting that not stealing a wife may be through the payment of contributions to reduce the PK value, but if this assumption is established, these players feel even more incredible. Most players have a deep understanding of the power of monsters in the land of sin. How powerful do you have to be to do this without stealing a wife? "At least like the super BOSS, the constant use of range attacks,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, in order to kill a large number of monsters in the land of sin." After someone calculated, he gave an answer with a pale face, which made everyone look at each other. Although the legend of super BOSS has become the past, but the strength of super BOSS can not be underestimated, at least if let super BOSS to kill monsters, it will certainly be crazy. The strength of not stealing a wife now has become a mystery for a time, which makes countless people extremely curious. I'd like to see what the big show is about not stealing wives and the four super guilds. There are many players who are ready to watch the fun and have evil intentions. Beauty heaven and the four super guilds, especially the king guild,Nail machine supplier, is a bitter enemy, in the game is known to all, but has been, both sides are small fight, now do not steal the return of the wife, maybe there will be any big changes. …… The Huaxia district was bustling with people talking about it. In the ruins of the Sky City, there were hundreds of corpses lying on the ground in a mess. As the Blue Dragon guessed, after Xiao Hua destroyed nearly fifty people from the other side in one fell swoop, and then summoned Blackie and the Flower of Darkness, the team of the King's Guild was quickly defeated and completely destroyed. If the ordinary competition, the king will choose to admit defeat in the case of the situation has gone, or can save a lot of strength, those dead members do not have to drop so high experience, but in the king's invincible victory or defeat conditions, the members of the beauty paradise but did not let each other survive the heart, Nail machine manufacturer ,wire nail machine manufacturers, all is to fight to death, by Xiao Hua this guy in this battle. It didn't last long, and in less than five minutes, the winner was decided. Beauty Paradise hung more than ten people, but the king's guild was completely destroyed. After the members of Beauty Paradise rescued their own people, their morale soared to clean up the battlefield and pick up the booty. The two hundred teams of the King's Guild are the elite of the elite, each of them is more than a dark gold set, many players are using their own means to get one or two artifacts, so as long as the equipment is dropped, it is basically dark gold, this trip down the melee, the harvest is even greater than killing a few legendary BOSS. Like this kind of core team group destruction, but rare in the major guilds, group destruction once, but the loss is quite huge, the king's guild this time is absolutely stealing J J Ji not into the erosion of rice, blue dragon in the side, can only sigh again and again. These two hundred people, dropped dozens of pieces of dark gold, but even he could not help but swallow saliva. All right, if you pack up, move on, and aim for the middle road! Seeing that the battlefield was almost tidied up, Xiao Hua gave the order.

"Yes, President!" Xiao Hua was startled by the neat answers of nearly two hundred members. After this battle, the nearly two hundred members were convinced of Xiao Hua, the president. Nothing was more convincing than seeing a person reverse the whole battle with his own strength. After such a battle, they had completely become the absolute owners of Xiao Hua. Under the leadership of Xiao Hua, a group of people killed the road in the middle. With the concerted efforts of all the people, the speed of cleaning up the monster was amazing. About six hours later, a group of people found the third magic guide mine in this relic. The number of monsters in the magic guide mine that no one has ever entered is terrible. Looking ahead, they are all dense monsters. However, the people who can walk all the way here are not simple people, not to mention the team led by Xiao Hua. It took nearly two hours to clean up all the monsters in the magic guide mine. After cleaning up once, the magic guide war puppet in the magic guide mine will be refreshed, but the number will be less than half, only one hundred members can maintain the situation, so Qiuyu then issued an order to let one hundred people, according to the previous established plan, return to Piaoxue City, let the professional mining members come to dig the magic guide ore. Magic guide ore is a very advanced ore, there is no master-level mining, hair can not be dug here, generally speaking, to this advanced place to mine players, with some special props, increase the probability of mining or increase the probability of digging to the best ore, there are some miners, in these advanced mines,iron nail machine, with special props on their bodies. They can even dig some valuable special props, which the guild will naturally not collect, so advanced mines like the Magic Guide Mine are very popular with miners. How long can the mine of this magic guide mine be dug? 。

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