The autumn moon in the Han Palace

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  • The autumn moon in the Han Palace

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    The autumn moon in the Han Palace

    "Brother Jian Tian, are you here?" Brother Jian Tian? Elder brother? Where are you? Brother shameless, if you don't come out again, the moon will ignore you. Whoo, I will never talk to you again! Bad brother! Purr "All right, don't cry. Didn't I come out?" "Scoundrel!"! I ignore you! -Well, I don't want it. "Really not?"? Then I eat well, very delicious, very delicious yellow meat oh! "Give it to me, not for nothing!" "Oh, are you still angry?" "Well.." For the sake of the delicious jelly, don't be angry. "Oh, isn't it delicious?" "Well!" …… Brother Jian Tian, Brother Jian Tian, where are you? The moon is afraid. "The moon is not afraid. My brother is here." "I'm afraid of ghosts." "Brother Jian Tian is here, and no ghost dares to frighten you." "Really?" "Really." "Then you must not go." "Well, I won't go." "Pull the hook!" "Pull hook-pull hook, up and down, do not change for a hundred years,saw palmetto extract, change is a puppy." …… "Aunt, where is Brother Jiantian?" "Moon, Brother Jiantian is gone." "Where did my brother go?" "Far, far away." "Will he come back?" "Not anymore.". Moon, Jian Tian will never come back. "" "Brother Jian Tian." Don't want the moon? …… "Brother, I can't find you. Come out!" "Brother Jian Tian, I will be angry if you don't come out!"! I'll never speak to you again-this time it's true! "Brother,pumpkin seed extract, I know my aunt lied to me. You said you would always play with the moon." "Brother Jian Tian, it's getting dark. Come out quickly and let's go home!" "Brother Jian Tian, it's getting dark. I'm afraid of ghosts. Will you come out and accompany me?" Brother, it's so dark around. The moon is afraid. We don't play, you come out! Brother Jian Tian doesn't keep his word. You said you would stay with me all the time. We also pulled the hook, but now you're not here! "Brother Jian Tian, where on earth are you?" Moon, brother Jian Tian is not here. Go home with Mom and Dad, okay? "No, brother, he must be here. I'll wait for him." "Moon, Jian Tian is not here, he." Died "Dead?"? Impossible. How could my brother die? You're lying to me just like your aunt, naringenin price ,turmeric extract powder, aren't you? "The moon is good and goes home with her mother." "Mom, tell me, you just lied to me!" "Mom didn't lie to you." "No, Dong.." By the way, my uncle is not here. My brother must have gone out with him, didn't he? "Moon!"! How do you want your mother to tell you so that you can understand? Jian Tian is dead! No, no. Brother Jian Tian, Brother Jian Tian.. Purr Elder brother …… "Brother Jian Tian." Elder brother Purr Brother Jian Tian. Moon, moon! Wake up "Well?" Am I not in Grandpa's neighborhood? I was there.. Wait for cousin. Why are you here again? "Moon, did you have a nightmare?" "Perhaps.." But it wasn't a dream. Yes memory Those are the things that really happened before, the little things about cousin. What are you talking about? I cannot understand Through my sleepy eyes, I saw Ziye's confused face. Because Ben had just woken up, his voice was hoarse, and he was incoherent, it would be strange if she understood! "Nothing.". I had a long, long dream. It's really long, but God doesn't know if I pray for it to be longer? "Oh.". You've been sleeping for a long time. It's getting dark anyway. Why don't you go back to sleep? Zi Xiao straightened the broken hair stuck to my forehead and said. Only then did I realize that it was dark outside the window, and I slept for a long time! "Mmm." I changed a position, the back has been tired of a lot of sweat, I want to let Zi dimple fan me. Maybe the more you sleep, the more sleepy you are? Maybe you were tired in the long dream just now? Soon after I closed my eyes, I fell asleep again, but there was no dream.

    Be ordered to enter the palace Another day. At noon, the fierce sun was in the sky, and I squinted through my fingers at the golden sun, which was lonely and cloudless. Maybe I shouldn't be too persistent. I persistently refuse to admit my cousin's departure, persistently want to go back, persistently want to change the fate of "Chen Ejiao" now.. What should be persistent? What about those who should let go? My brother is gone and will not come-I should let go. Came here, the miracle can not bring me back-I can not adhere to. But should we obey history! Since I came back here, I have been drifting and struggling in good and bad days, but the determination I made in the last moment has been shaken and disintegrated in the next moment. Perhaps, I can't be too persistent in asking myself for a decision now. "Lord, the eldest princess is waiting for you in the main hall." The confused thoughts were interrupted by Xun Xun. Uh What's the matter? I smoothed my hair, which had been ruffled by the bars, and asked casually. It is the emperor's decree that is coming. I didn't expect her to answer me. I thought she would count the wild maidservant "fobbed me off!"! "Hm?"? Xun, what is the imperial edict? I blinked curiously and asked sweetly. I'm not faking it. I'm a "curious baby." Lord Weng has killed the maidservant. You are the master. It was a very frightened word, but she said so indifferently, "It should be about Lord Weng's entry into the palace." "Into the palace?" I turned to look at Xun Xun, who was walking half a step away from me, and repeated. Can't she be more specific? "Well, the king's princess will go to marry, the emperor intends." Lord Weng will know for a moment. She suddenly frowned and stopped talking. She is the mother's personal maid is also the mother's confidant, must know the details,best green coffee bean extract, but take into account the servant's "little knowledge is better" inconvenience to say more. They knew before the emperor's decree arrived. Look, it's "the emperor's intention" but the mother's "intention"! "Mother." When I was blessed, I rubbed my body into my mother's arms and acted like a spoiled child. "What's the matter with Jiaoer?" 。

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