The consolidation plan involves merging

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  • The consolidation plan involves merging

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    The consolidation plan involves merging

    The consolidation plan involves merging 18 existing servers into a more manageable count of 7 servers. This reduction in server count is a proactive step towards creating a more vibrant gaming environment by concentrating player interactions and activities. The new server structure aims to Throne and Liberty Lucent facilitate smoother gameplay experiences, especially in group content, and promote more robust guild recruitment and collaboration. Here's a breakdown of the server mergers:

    Aaron ← Roen, Sylabes
    Calis ← Solicium, Nyx
    Asota ← Khazhar, Wisp
    Einar ← Clay, Belforet, Gigantrite
    Ponshine ← Calancia, Draco, Roxy
    Crimson ← Herpy, Raslan, Revil
    Berkant ← Zenith, Tolland, Gerrard
    While existing players will retain the core progress of their characters, including inventory and guild statuses, certain aspects of the game will undergo resets to ensure balance and fairness across the merged servers. Notably, PvP progress and rankings, including Conquest Battles, will be reset. This means that achievements such as Boonstones and Riftstones earned in these battles will be nullified, requiring players and guilds to re-engage in competitive gameplay to reclaim their positions.

    Moreover, activity ranking scores and guild member contributions in the week preceding the merge will be reset. This reset mechanism aims to level the playing field and provide all players with equal opportunities to establish their dominance in the new server environment. Additionally, item prices and "favorite items" lists will undergo a reset, encouraging players to explore new strategies and adapt to throne and liberty lucent sell evolving market dynamics.

    Players engaged in Ranked battles will also experience changes, with rewards being distributed based on the server they originated from at the time of the merge initiation. This ensures that players are duly rewarded for their past achievements and contributions, maintaining a sense of continuity amidst the transition to the new server structure.

    The server integration process is scheduled to take place during regular maintenance on Wednesday, January 17th. This planned transition aims to minimize disruption to gameplay while facilitating a seamless migration for all players involved. Throne and Liberty enthusiasts are encouraged to stay informed about the upcoming changes and prepare accordingly to make the most out of the merged server experience.

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