The Count of Monte Cristo

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  • The Count of Monte Cristo

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    The Count of Monte Cristo

    The doctor then slowly poured a few drops of the lemonade into the glass, and a thin cloud-like sediment formed at the bottom of the glass; this sediment was blue at first, then it changed from emerald to opal, and from opal to emerald. When it comes to this color, it doesn't change any more. The result of the experiment is beyond doubt. The unfortunate Barrois was poisoned by Enatos. Said d'Avrigny, "I will maintain this assertion before both God and man." Villefort said nothing, but clasped his hands, opened his haggard eyes, and fell limp into a chair. Chapter 80 complaint It was not long before M. d'Avrigny revived the judge, who seemed to be the second corpse in the room. Oh, death has come to my house! Cried Villefort. Let's talk about the God of sin! Replied the doctor. "Monsieur d'Avrigny," cried Villefort, "I cannot tell you what I am feeling at this moment-terror, grief, madness." "Yes," said M. d'Avrigny, in a tone of solemn calmness, "but I feel that the time has come to act. I think it's time to stop this death. Now that I know these secrets, I hope to see someone avenge the death of people and society. Villefort looked around him with a melancholy look. In my house! He said feebly, "In my house!" "I say, judge," said M. d'Avrigny, "have the courage of a man; you are the voice of the law; sacrifice your own selfish interests to the glory of your office." You frighten me, doctor! Are you talking about sacrifice? "That's what I said." "Do you suspect anyone?" I don't suspect anyone. Death keeps knocking at your door. It comes in. It wanders. It does not wander blindly. It patrols carefully from room to room. Hum! I followed its course, I found its track, I used the wisdom of the ancients, I felt my way, because my friendship for your family and my respect for you were like a double-folded bandage over my eyes. "Oh!"! Speak, speak, doctor, I have the courage to listen. "Well, sir, in your house, in your home, perhaps there is also a terrible phenomenon of the kind that occurs once every century.". Luojiastai and Agrippina [In the first century A.D., Roman Empress Agrippina poisoned the emperor's uncle with the help of Luojiastai so that Nero, her ex-husband's son, could succeed to the throne. To be born at the same time was an exception, proving that providence was determined to reduce the whole of the sinful Roman Empire to ruins. Brunhod and Fritigondi [Brunhod was a sixth-century queen of the ancient European country of Ostarasia, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Carrara Marble Slab, whose sister married Chilparic, king of Neustea. Chilparic killed his wife at the instigation of his mistress, Fritigondi, and Brenhold avenged his sister by instigating her husband to wage war against Chilparic. Chilparic was defeated, but Brunhod's husband was also assassinated by Fritigondi. It is the product of the culture's painful struggles in its infancy, when humans were learning to control their minds, so even emissaries from the dark world would be welcome. These women are, or were, beautiful. Their foreheads once had pure flowers, and the same flowers are now blooming on the foreheads of the suspect in your house. Villefort uttered a cry of surprise, clasped his hands, and looked at the doctor with an air of appeal. And the latter went on without pity: "There is a Maxim in jurisprudence: 'Look for a suspect in a mercenary.'" ” "Doctor," exclaimed Villefort, "Alas, doctor! How many times have the judiciary been fooled by this sentence! I know why, but I think this sin — "Do you admit, then, that evil exists?" Yes, it does exist, and I can see it all too clearly. But I believe it's only for me, not the dead ones.

    After all these strange misfortunes, I was afraid I would be attacked again. "Oh, man!" Said d'Avrigny indignantly, the most conceited and selfish of all animals, who believes that the earth revolves for him alone, that the sun shines for him alone, and that death strikes him alone-an ant standing on the tip of a blade of grass cursing God! Did those people lose their lives in vain? M. de saint-mran, Madame de saint-mran, M. Noirtier. "Why, M. Noirtier?" 'Yes, do you think it was the poor servant who was deliberately hurt? No, no, he's like Boronius in Shakespeare, just a scapegoat. The lemonade was intended for Noirtier, and logically it should have been Noirtier who drank it. It had been drunk by accident, and though Barrois had died, it was Noirtier who had intended to die. "Why did my father drink and not die?" The reason I explained to you in the garden on the night of Madame de Saint-Mran's death. Because his body was used to the poison. No one, not even the assassin, knew that for the last twelve months I had administered brucine to M. Noirtier to cure his paralysis. And the assassin only knew that he was convinced from experience that Momordica cochinchinensis was a violent poison. My God! My God! Murmured Villefort, wringing his hands. Let us see how the criminal did it: he killed M. de Saint-Mran first. "Oh, doctor!" "I swear it is.". From what I have heard, his symptoms are very similar to those I have seen with my own eyes. Villefort stopped arguing, and groaned. "He killed M. de saint-mran first,Silver Travertine Slabs," repeated the doctor, "and then Madame de saint-mran, so that he might inherit two estates." 。

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