The Cultivation of Entertainment Queen

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  • The Cultivation of Entertainment Queen

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    The Cultivation of Entertainment Queen

    So I always say, I am not, maybe I am a little more active than others, more thoughtful than others, I can come up with speculation that others can not think of, but I am not cold enough or ruthless enough, if I really want to do my best, I must change. But I don't want to, because there is still the softest place in my heart, if I touch it, it will be wet and painful. If it weren't for Shu Zhikai, I don't know what I would be like today. The browser turns over page by page, I see the post that scolds me to see numbness. In my whole life, I probably haven't been scolded as much as I am today. The phone at hand kept flashing, but I turned off the vibration and turned it to silent. I have seen the magic power of FANS for a long time, and I just got my phone number! Change the number tomorrow. Since they are angry, I will let them harass them wantonly. It is my principle not to confront the fans directly. I do not want to regard their enthusiasm as a joke, but if someone really wants to move AB behind their backs, I will not be polite. Browsing page by page, I began to find that the atmosphere of the whole forum was consciously guided, all voices of dissent were deliberately suppressed and ignored, and many speeches from different IDs were strikingly similar in tone. If it's not the same person,push button toilet flush valve, at least it's the same team. Chen Li, Chen Li, there are such people with obvious purpose in your FANS. How do you want me to destroy them? After browsing the whole forum, I locked the target people on several IDs, and saw that their personal data were normal, and there was no clue to their email address MSN. Not the management of the forum, I naturally have no way to get the IP address of these people to lock, of course,Manual Flush Valve, I am not a policeman, even if the request will not be approved by the administrator-according to the Internet security and confidentiality regulations, if their IP address is obtained by me, it should be illegal. I repeatedly looked at these IDs, which were not newly registered waistcoats, in an attempt to find out the flaws from their previous statements, thus leading to clues. APPLE, star, YANN, deep purple.. I talked about these seemingly ordinary IDs and looked at their previous messages in the forum. Apart from the affectionate praise for him one after another, there was nothing new about how to see Chen Li, how to be crazy about him, and how to get his gentle response. I was there on many occasions, but I couldn't remember the women who surrounded Chen Li at that time, which one was the ID who made waves on the forum now. The ID called YANN is slightly strange. On September 28, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Flushometer valve, she edited all her previous speeches into blanks. Then change the signature file to: "It's over. I have nothing.". But it's okay, so are they. The reason why I am so sensitive to this day is that it was the day when I left Shu Zhikai, and it was the day when I took advantage of his showdown with Xiao Yan Yan to escape from him. I was curious about what happened to this person on the same day as me and asked her to edit all of her remarks, so I used the snapshot function of the search engine. I actually found some of the content she left before editing, but there was no point. She did not seem to have met Chen Li, and when the competition was still going on, she came with a kind of pointing work, because some gossip in the entertainment circle gathered many people and became a "star" with a certain support on Chen Li's forum. Her online time is not necessarily, but whenever she opens a post, there are always a lot of people waiting, which is quite similar to the image of "mint candy" ID I set up, but later the official of mint candy, readers will naturally accept the concept that mint candy is actually a team, and this YANN, from the style of writing, should be just one person. This may be the reason why she did not form a climate. She once left a mailbox of her own in a reply, but it was quickly edited by herself. The name of the mailbox is not special, it is a combination of letters and numbers. I searched it hopelessly, and thousands of search results came out. When I saw the second page, there was a blog message with the same ID as this email address.

    This message was left on Xiao Yanyan's blog in Xinyi. I was surprised that when I opened the page, the message was no longer there, but I could still see it using the snapshot function. There was nothing special about the content, but I was excited by the discovery. If it's her, if it's really her. Why is a woman like her suddenly interested in Chen Li? At that time, if I remember correctly, she should still be trying to get back together with Shu Zhikai. On September 28, I was in a taxi to Zhou Qian's home, and she edited all the speeches in Chen Li's forum, saying, "Everything is over, I have nothing.". But it's okay, so are they. Who are they referring to? She has nothing to understand, she refers to them, is it me and Shu Zhikai? Or someone else? If she knew about my relationship with Shu Zhikai at that time, she shouldn't have started with Chen Li after such a long time, or I just escaped her revenge when I went to Hong Kong? After September 28, she spoke less, and her tone was more calm and unfeeling, either unceremoniously breaking the little girl's pink fantasy, or pointing out the poor work of the forum managers in a condescending manner. And her attitude, unexpectedly, was not suppressed, but was praised to heaven, almost like an imperial edict was carried out. It is no exaggeration to say that this ID is the spiritual leader of the forum in essence. But in the blog set up in this forum, YANN is still writing about Chen Li, about his people, about his songs, about her feelings. Many people comforted her,Flush Retrofit Kit, many people advised her to open up, but the last sentence in her blog was left last week. Someone gives me a chance to retaliate against people who will hurt me. Should I accept it? Her article turned off all the comment functions, but it was read by many people.

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