The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

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  • The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

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    The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

    Zi Qing did not expect that he had been on the spaceship for so long, and the place where he was was only a small cabin of the spaceship. You can see that the ship is too big. Ziqing was sent deep into the mine. Even mining slaves have high-tech mining tools. Everyone has a drill that can directly use lapis lazuli as a power source. Ziqing once heard of the lapis lazuli in the advanced Xiuzhen plot, which is an energy stone similar to Lingshi, but it seems that the level is even higher. Only there she had no chance to see the appearance of lapis lazuli, now, the heart is really excited and looking forward to. She once saw the excavation process of Lingshi. Those Lingshi are transparent or translucent diamond-shaped stones, embedded in hard rock strata, which need to be broken up, cut out, and then cut and polished into regular sizes.. Zi Qing is thinking, this day bluestone is more advanced than Lingshi, and it is very rare in the realm of cultivation, is it more difficult to mine than Lingshi? When she saw the green passage. The whole person is a little confused. She murmured, "Oh, my God." These It's all sky. Is it bluestone every day? One of the miners replied, "These are common lapis lazuli stones used to add energy to their drills.". Mining this is not as good as going under the mine, where the grade of lapis lazuli is higher, and mining one piece is equivalent to these ordinary ten pieces. Ziqing looked at the source of the sound, which was the foreman assigned to these novice miners. Just over two meters. He is tall and strong. Wearing the same clothes as ordinary miners. Along the way, Ziqing found that the foreman did not seem to have seen those foremen before. Zhang Yang is domineering,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, with a whip in his hand. Beat and scold ordinary miners at every turn, on the contrary, it seems very. Affinity. Later, she found that the people here seemed to be very friendly. In their words, now they are all abandoned by the human alliance. All on such a barren planet, they should unite and help each other to live a better life. Only in this way can they build a better home.. Ziqing felt that the whole person was moved. She admitted that she used to be too narrow and extreme. As for what the previous leader of the mining star said, it is also very reasonable. Everyone on the planet has his own responsibilities, except for the lack of materials. It is completely distributed according to the form of more pay for more work. And miners don't have to worry that their extra supplies will be taken away by others. So,water bottle packaging machine, Ziqing found that the level of immortality he had previously cultivated seemed to have no place to use? The answer, of course, is no, strength, strong strength is useful everywhere! Just like now, Ziqing can go to the bottom of the mine to mine. The surrounding lapis lazuli completely turned dark blue, here is full of rich energy breath, if not every day must go out to report, she really want to practice directly here. Er, no, it seems that now the practice is completely to improve the physical constitution of the original owner, his soul left, the practice is still his previous body practice of the second layer of immortality, so. After thinking about it, PET blowing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, I'd better take this opportunity to dig more lapis lazuli and learn more about this fantastic world. Zi Qing never thought that one day she would enter the task of interstellar plot. Because in her concept, the stars should be full of mecha, ships, and endless scenes of the void, did not expect. The actual situation is like this. Zi Qing while mining, while using stealth to explore quietly, so that she has a deeper understanding of the planet and the survival rules here. All the rules are set by those in power and serve around the ruling class. Therefore, what we have just seen at the beginning is actually a gimmick, a survival rule that only applies to the lowest miners. Because for those in power, what they need is more labor, not to form a hierarchy between those labor, which is purely a waste of resources. Therefore, wise people in power know how to make full use of the surplus labor value of others. Half a year later, Ziqing had a preliminary understanding of almost the whole planet and even the interstellar world.

    The human race now has a total of six completely suitable habitable planets, and the previous planet from Ziqing is the headquarters planet of the human alliance, which is the largest and most prosperous. The entire surface of the planet has been developed into a human settlement, all planting and food sources rely on indoor planting, dividing the space into numerous layers, extending vertically high in the sky, each layer is covered with specially treated soil, and then fully mechanized and automated planting. This not only saves space, but also liberates human labor to a certain extent, and completely breaks away from the situation of "feeding on the sky", which is a great progress of human beings. In addition to these planets suitable for human beings, animals and plants, there are many planets, because there is no suitable air, water, gravity, temperature and other conditions. But it has energy and other mineral resources that humans need very much. But the conditions on those planets are very difficult, and because of various uncontrollable factors on the planet, crustal shocks and volcanic eruptions often occur.. It is extremely dangerous and the mortality rate is extremely high, so ordinary people are absolutely unwilling to go there. However, the human alliance is still very merciful, human beings have long abolished the death penalty, but it is impossible to support such a group of scum who once endangered society with free food and resources, right? So, as a waste, they send those lifers to these resource planets. In fact, according to Ziqing's behavior that she dared to stuff du into her mouth in front of the law enforcers at that time, she was extremely contemptuous of the alliance law and extremely provocative. Whether she really sold du or not, her behavior was enough to send her to the worst resource planet to serve her sentence. But in the end, it was found that the latest interstellar flight only passed through the No.5 mining star, so, forget it, in order to send a prisoner to such a distant planet,PET blow moulding machine, it is better to throw the No.5 mining star directly. Zi Qing finally knew this information, the bottom of my heart is extremely sigh, oneself luck is also too good. Chapter 630 what a big "cheese" (plus 41).

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