The King of Fighters is in the other world

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  • The King of Fighters is in the other world

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    The King of Fighters is in the other world

    But if they knew that Chen Feng evaded those attacks, did not waste any physical strength, all used teleportation to dodge, they would surely shout "cheating" in unison. After a while, Hollylove also passed the first hurdle, when he saw that Chen Feng's face was as ugly as a pickled eggplant. Whoever loses a lot of money won't be happy. But ugly to ugly, the heart is still shocked without attachment. The force was so great that the passage collapsed. My God, is this still a person? No, is he really a second-class Dou Zun? Through the first pass people plus Chen Feng, Ling Feng, a total of 28 people, that pressure Chen Feng can pass the black hand guy unexpectedly also passed. 72 people left 28, the first level of brush down more than half. The middle-aged man continued to walk over and stood in front of the crowd, saying,Concealed Flush Valve, "If you can pass the first pass, it proves that you have succeeded in a small half. The following is the examination of the second pass." Said with the crowd came to a vast hall, floating in the air hundreds of flying balls, do not know what it is. The middle-aged man pointed to the ball in the air and explained, "This is a special magic prop, called a'flying ball. 'The speed of their flying and dodging can catch up with the all-out flying of the nine-level Dou Zun. The second level is a test of speed and flexibility. Therefore,stainless steel squatting pan, each of you is given one minute. Within one minute, you are ranked according to the number of'flying balls' you catch." 20 are qualified! "In addition, I would like to say that you can only use the field to fly. If you control the field to lock the'flying ball ', it will explode immediately. No matter how many'flying balls' you catch, you will be judged as a failure. You will not be allowed to take part in the Lingshi examination within six months!" "The speed is similar to that of the nine-level Dou Zun, but it can't be used in the field. How can we grasp it?" Everyone has a big head. If the field is used, it is very simple to use the field to lock the "flying ball", but it is absolutely difficult to catch these things faster than the arrow by flying alone. When it's easy, how can it be more difficult to get the Lingshi badge? Hawley gave a roar. "The middleaged person sees everybody cries this ability to say:" Ask everybody to go out with me now, call a name to just can enter inside! Just can enter inside! They followed them out of the hall and came to a separate room. There was a magic wall on the wall of the room. The names and serial numbers of each person were written on the magic wall. Chen Feng looked, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Service Sink Faucets, do not know what reason he was actually ranked last, Lingfeng penultimate. I guess it was because I pushed down the test wall with too much force just now, and they were afraid that I would destroy it again, so they put it in the last one! He thought for a moment and understood what Fang meant. Even if the last one destroys the building, it will not delay today's examination. Number one, Arnold! The middle-aged man shouted out. Arnold is the strong man of the ninth level. The nine-level Douzun strong man went out. He could not hear any sound in the room. He did not know the situation in the hall at all. However, everyone was very nervous. He caught 20 "flying balls" in a minute. Even in the eyes of the nine-level Douzun, it was not something that could be done casually. Without strength and luck, it was completely impossible. There were two people whose palms were soaked with sweat because of nervousness. In order to reach Dou Zun, they can almost completely control their metabolism, but they can still sweat, which shows the tension in their hearts. Chen Feng and Ling Feng may be the least nervous of the rest. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes slightly and sat on a stool as if he didn't care about anything. Ling Feng's face was full of waves. She couldn't see any nervousness. In her eyes, the Lingshi badge was dispensable. If it wasn't for Chen Feng, she wouldn't have come herself. Dang.. A clear voice came, marking the end of the minute. So soon? Everyone felt that time passed quickly. I can see the number! A voice roared out.

    They looked up and saw a bright red place written behind Arnold's name on the magic wall. 27? That means it's passed! Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the door of the room opened and Arnold strode in with excitement on his face. Whoever is able to pass the test will be happy, but some people are happy and others are unhappy. Level 8 Dou Zun strength only catches 27, how many can I catch? "The second.." There was another shout outside. The second one was a seventh-level Douzun. Unfortunately, he only caught 16, so he failed in the end. The 13th was Hawley, who was very experienced after taking part in seven times. He tore his clothes open and pocketed them with his clothes, and caught 311! There are four more than the nine-level Dou Zun. When he came back, his face was excited, his eyebrows were raised, and he stared at the thin black guy, as if he were picking. Also took a look at Chen Feng by the way, but saw his eyes narrowed, it seems that he did not care about anything, secretly murmured in his heart: "Just let you get away with it, this time with speed and sensitivity, I see how you can pass!" Think so, in the mouth also said to come out to pat the shoulder of black thin fellow to say: "Make a bet with you again..." "What's the bet?" Said the black guy. "Of course I bet on that boy," said Holylove with a smile. "I bet he can't catch twenty!" "What is the bet?" Said the thin black fellow. That's the money you just won! Said Hollylove. OK! Bet with you. The thin black guy is also very straightforward. ………… The black and thin guy was No.22, and I don't know if he was lucky or used the same method as Hollyoff, but he caught 20,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, which was qualified. The ranking list also came out, and Hollylove ranked first, so it was no wonder that he was excited. It was Lingfeng's turn. She stood up slowly and took a look at Chen Feng. Go ahead Chen Feng nodded his head. Lingfeng smiled and turned into the hall.

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