The Phantom of the Other World _ Pai Pai Novels

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  • The Phantom of the Other World _ Pai Pai Novels

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    The Phantom of the Other World _ Pai Pai Novels

    "Then I wish Mommy and Daddy a good time first, and give me a brother or sister quickly." Little Bing Ning seemed to see two carts of gifts shining in front of her, and a younger brother/sister let her do it. = _ = | | Doomed to misery before birth). However, her heart was always a little uneasy, as if something unfortunate was going to happen.. I am a lovely dividing line. A day later Holding the newspaper tightly in her hand, Xiao Bingning saw the headline on the newspaper- "The flight to the United States was in an air crash, and all the passengers on board were spared.". That's Mommy and Daddy's flight. Are they.. The next day, her relatives came to her home. Despite their words of regret, Xiao Bingning knew that none of them cared about her. They just wanted the property left by her parents-Zihua, one of the top 50 enterprises in China. She looked on coldly as they fought for her custody. Hum! Although she only has. Five years old, but she is the successor of Zihua, who is known as a genius. She hated their faces, but she knew she had to be strong, she had to protect everything her parents left her, and she would not let go of anyone who wanted to destroy her little wish. Sure enough, it was not long before those annoying faces disappeared from her face, either accidental death or disgrace, and no one could get custody of her. Finally, an "uncle" who came back from abroad became her caregiver. That day, she smiled with a trace of indifference in her mouth. He is a very obedient "uncle", but also very clear what he can do,plastic wheelie bins, what he can not do, so she is very satisfied with this "uncle", worthy of her special selection, is indeed a first-class actor. Now, the only thing Bing Ning needs to do is to learn and wait, learn as much knowledge as possible, and increase her ability; when she grows up, she can inherit everything her parents left her,drum spill containment, and then this "uncle" will disappear from now on. Every night she slept soundly, and she felt that someone was guarding her, which made her feel at ease. But after all, she is only 5 years old, no matter how smart and strong she is, she also needs the care of her parents. Mommy, Daddy, did you come back to see me? Xiao Ning misses you so much. When Xiao Bing fell asleep, a shadow darker than darkness condensed into a "person" beside her bed. Looking at the tears hanging from the eyes of the little girl in her sleep, he sighed silently. He went to the bedside to do it, held the sleeping little ice in his arms, and gently kissed the tears from her eyes. He knew that he was moved, from the first time he saw her, her beauty, spill plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, her cleverness, her strength, her helplessness, her disgust for those relatives, and her cold plan to make them disappear.. He never knew that he also had emotional time, he was born from the chaos of the other world, from the beginning of his existence, he knew that he was death, he looked coldly at the life and death of many creatures, even the most cruel picture he never frowned, but the tears of the little girl in front of him made his heart tremble. He wanted to protect her and make her happy. Looking at the sleeping face in his arms, he decided that there was no rule that he could not marry a bride, but that he was just a "human" in the other world, so let him set a precedent. Didn't those noisy old immortals above (even the gods in the sky, only he dares to say so) say that they want him to come to this world to communicate with the underworld here? Marriage is the best communication, and it also saves those boring goddesses and fairies from bothering him. That's it, go to the underworld to find the old man named Yama (Zixi:.. = _ = | | Are you young? You have existed since the beginning of chaos. He's a lot younger than you. Death: I look young. He looks like an old man. Tell him to adopt this girl's soul to our nether world. Those old immortals above should also talk about it (Death: If you dare to say no to me, I will let the old immortals become "dead" old men). Looking at the slightly white sky, he reluctantly put the little girl in his arms back on the soft bed, carefully covered her with a quilt, and left again as a dark shadow before the sun came out.

    Volume 1 The First Chapter of the Nether World The Bride of Death Nine years later Bing Ning is 14 years old, and over the years, she has grown more and more beautiful, even surpassing her mother. Her every gesture can touch people's hearts, regardless of appearance or temperament is a must in the world. However, she is not only a face to see, what really makes her stand is her wisdom. Originally, she was very clever, and when she was four years old, she was proficient in six foreign languages and all the dialects in China. When she was five years old, neither Eastern nor Western musical instruments were difficult for her, and world-class music masters could not help praising her heavenly voice. After her parents left, she tried her best to improve her ability. At the age of six, she made all the special tutors (authoritative doctorates) vomit blood into a fan shape, but they all praised her as a rare genius in the world in front of outsiders, and she learned everything they could teach. At the age of seven, she won many awards for inventions at home and abroad, but her teachers always sighed why she used her inventions to punish people. She "sweetly" told them that it was to let them devote themselves to her inventions and prove her masterpieces with their own experiences. At the age of eight, she won the decathlon, and the teachers who taught her all felt sorry for her talent. She refused to take part in any competition despite their lip service. (Influenced by the invention at the age of seven, she was so popular that many people kidnapped her. She could not even sleep well. This is because people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being fat.) At the age of nine, she became a martial arts master (mainly because there were too many people who were malicious to her and had to learn some self-defense), regardless of the 18 kinds of Chinese martial arts, Japanese martial arts, Western swordsmanship, and even the marksmanship and assassination of the invited killers, and maliciously beat all the martial arts teachers down. (Xi: Defend yourself. Why do you learn assassination? Ning: If you know yourself and your enemy,plastic pallet manufacturer, you can win every battle. At the age of ten, her cooking skills are comparable to those of a six-star chef. He was poisoned almost every day, so he had to learn to cook by himself.

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