The Soviet Union had planned to

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  • The Soviet Union had planned to

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    The Soviet Union had planned to

    Original Title: The Soviet Union Had Planned to "Dig Through the Earth", Why Did It Stop Digging to 12262 Meters? What's the reason? In fact, competition seems to be a discordant factor, but in fact it is a reliable link that unites all the components of society. -Duno After the end of World War II, two superpowers appeared on the earth. One is the United States with capitalism as its core, and the other is the Soviet Union with communism as its core. In order to compete for hegemony in the world, the two countries began the famous "Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union" in order to avoid a large-scale war. During this period, the two countries competed in economy, military, science and technology and other aspects. Under the promotion of the Cold War, the footsteps of human beings have moved into space. In addition, the level of science and technology in both countries is "rising" in various aspects, and even some shocking ideas become normal at this time. As long as it can be realized in theory, it will support the scientific research team to do research with strong national strength. At this time, the Soviet Union proposed a crazy experiment, intending to "dig through the earth". But the experiment stopped after a while. Why did the Soviet Union stop digging 12262 rice? What's the reason? After the end of the Second World War, the European powers were badly weakened. It once stood in the world's first-class powers, such as Britain, France and Germany, mining drill bit , which were surpassed by the United States and the Soviet Union and became second-class powers. But because of the huge differences in social system and ideology between the capitalist camp represented by the United States and the socialist camp represented by the Soviet Union, it is doomed that the two superpowers can not live in peace. Both countries believe that the social system they represent can lead mankind to a stronger position. After the British Prime Minister's "Iron Curtain Speech", the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union officially began, and a silent war lasted for decades. Expand the full text This offshoot of what the Soviets called the "Earth Telescope Project" was to reach the junction between the crust and the mantle before the United States. In 1970, the project was officially launched, and the Soviet Union mobilized a large number of scientists and workers to the Kola Peninsula. Those involved in digging the ground can get rich remuneration, enough to cover the wages of ordinary workers for several years, and each person can also get a house in Moscow. Stimulated by a large number of rewards, all the people involved in the project are energetic and the progress is very fast. As for the reason for stopping the project, the official announcement was that the scientific research funds were insufficient and could not continue to excavate. But how could the Soviet Union, which was at the height of its power at that time, be short of money? This made many people skeptical about the reasons for the official announcement. According to some staff, it was because of some supernatural phenomena during the excavation. Some people say that the Soviet Union's cave excavation accidentally opened the gates of hell, and demons appeared, so for the sake of people's safety, it was forced to stop all excavation. More than 10000 meters is indeed a long distance for human beings, but the radius of the huge earth is only 6371000 meters. So this plan to dig through the earth is just a gimmick, for those folk legends of demons, just an exaggeration of some phenomena. Even if the plan was terminated, the fact that the plan could be started and the drilling depth of 12000 meters was completed in that era also proved that the economic strength and scientific development of the Soviet Union were not simple. Such a plan, at that time, was a fantasy for all countries in the world except the United States.

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