The story of the Sahara

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  • The story of the Sahara

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    The story of the Sahara

    The next morning, Guka returned my high-heeled shoes, which had been made unpresentable. I glared at her and grabbed the shoes. Hum! You are angry, angry, I will be angry. Guka's face was swollen and red, and she was very angry. Your shoes are in my house. My shoes are in your house. I'm more angry than you. She went on. I couldn't help laughing when I heard her ridiculous explanation. Guka, you should go to a madhouse. I pointed to her temple. What courtyard? She doesn't understand. Forget it if you don't understand. Guka, let me ask you first, and then you can ask all the neighbor women, in our family, besides my toothbrush and husband, are there any things you are not interested in borrowing? As if waking from a dream, she asked, "What does your toothbrush look like?" I was so excited that I shouted, "Get out-get out." "I just want to look at the toothbrush," Guka said as she retreated. "I don't want your husband." When I closed the door, I heard Guka shouting to another woman in the street, "Look, look, she hurt my pride." Thanks to these neighbors, my days in the desert were made colorful by them, and I no longer know the taste of loneliness. Vegetarian fisherman One Sunday, Jose went to the company to work overtime and was not at home all day. In order to pass the time, I carefully calculated the money Jose earned from March this year to the present, and wrote it on a clean piece of white paper, waiting for him to come back. In the evening, when Jose came back,Nail Making Machine price, I put the paper in front of him and said to him, "Look, we have earned so much money in the past six months." He took one look at the account I had made and said happily, "I didn't expect to earn so much. It's worth enduring the hardships of the desert." "Let's go out for dinner. There's so much money anyway." His high-spirited proposal. I knew he was going to take me to the National Hotel for dinner, and I quickly changed my clothes and went out with him, which rarely happened. We'll have a good red wine, seafood soup, I'll have steak, prawns for four for my wife, and ice cream cake for dessert, also for four, thank you! Said Jose to the steward. Fortunately, I haven't eaten anything all day, nail manufacturing machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, and now I'm just having a big meal. I said softly to Jose. The National Hotel is officially run by Spain. The dining room is decorated like an Arabian palace, with local color and soft lighting. There are not too many people eating. The air here is fresh, without the smell of dust. The knives and forks are polished, the tablecloths are ironed, and the music is flowing like a stream. As I sat inside, I often forgot that I was in the desert, as if I had returned to the good old days. After a while, the dish arrived, a large row of fried prawns on a beautiful silver plate with green lettuce, and a deep red wine in the glass. Ah! Here comes the happy bluebird! I looked at the big dish and sighed. I like it very much. I can come here often in the future. Jose was very generous that night, like a tycoon. Living in the desert for a long time can only make people learn one advantage. Any little enjoyment in real life can bring infinite satisfaction and sublimation to the soul. In other words, we pay more attention to our stomachs than our brains. After dinner and paying two green tickets, we walked home happily. I was a very happy person that night. The next day, of course, we ate at home. There was a round potato cake, a white bread and a bottle of water on the table. Wait for me to divide this cake, you eat two thirds, I take one third. As I divided the dishes, I put the whole bread on Jose's plate, which looked a little full. It's delicious. I put onions in it. Eat it! I started eating. Jose wolfed down the cake and stood up to go to the kitchen. There's no food. That's all for today. I stopped him at once. What happened today? He looked at me inexplicably. Take it and see! I handed him the other bill. This is the money we have spent in the past six months. Yesterday it was earned, and today it is used. I lay on his shoulder and explained to him. So much, so much spent? It's all used up! He yelled at me. Yes I nodded.

    "Look, it's clearly written on it." Jose grabbed up and read the running account I had made- 'Tomatoes are sixty yuan a kilo, watermelons are 221, pork is half a kilo and three hundred.' "Why do you buy such expensive food? We can eat a little less." While reading and muttering to himself. Wait until he read- "repair the car fifteen thousand, gasoline twenty four thousand half a year-" the voice is getting higher and higher, the man stood up. Don't be nervous! After running sixteen thousand miles in half a year, you can calculate whether you need so much oil money. "So we spent all the money we earned and suffered in vain." Jose looked very upset, and his expression was like a stage play. In fact, we didn't waste any money. We didn't spend a dollar on clothes for half a year. It was all about eating with friends, taking pictures, and long-distance travel. "Well, from today on, single friends are not allowed to come to dinner, take pictures only in black and white, and no longer go on trips. I don't know how many times I have crossed the desert." Jose announced with determination. In this poor little town, there is only one dirty and shabby cinema, and there is not a single busy street. Most of the books, newspapers and magazines have expired. On average, the TV is received two or three times a month, and the people reflected are like ghosts. A person at home dares not watch them. It is common to have power and water cuts. If you want to take a walk, there will be a strong wind and sand all day. Apart from the fact that the Saharawi people live a comfortable life here, Europeans drink too much, couples fight,wire nail making machine, and bachelors often commit suicide, all of which are tragedies forced out by the desert. We are the only ones who understand the "art of living" and have survived the hard times, and our lives are not too bad. I listened to Jose's announcement of the savings plan and began to warn him.

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