The white moonlight stand-in, she went viral.

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  • The white moonlight stand-in, she went viral.

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    The white moonlight stand-in, she went viral.

    Lin Anan looks like now, with rich black hair, delicate makeup and enchanting figure. At first glance, it still looks young and beautiful. However, Lin Hong knows that this black hair is just a wig headgear, since Lin Anan began to lose her hair, her hair loss situation has not improved. Even if Lin An-an said the day before that he had found a panacea, his hair would grow out, and the next day, he would begin to lose his hair again. Moreover, the speed of her white hair also began to become faster, even where it was not bald, it began to become white hair. Wearing a wig, Lin Anan is still beautiful and moving. But without the wig, Lin Anan is a terrible look with mottled hair and a bald head. In that way, not to mention outsiders, even Lin Hong did not dare to approach, for fear of being infected with any disease. Anyway,Nail machine supplier, I have a way, and I'm not going to be outdone by that bitch Joann! Lin Anan got up in anger, pushed Lin Hong away and rushed out. Now that Lin Hong was unreliable, she did not count on Lin Hong. Lin Anan swore to herself in her heart that she must let Joann taste the humiliation she had suffered today! From that day on, Lin Anan left the Lin family and never went back. Lin Hong called the police, and the police searched all over Yuncheng and found no trace of Lin Anan. In recent years,Coil nail machine, the little flower Lin Anan, who was very popular for a time, disappeared in the entertainment circle before it really exploded. She left the public, in addition to seducing the richest man Lu Zheng shameless small three names, there is only a bald image. …… "Is Lin An-an really missing?" Joann was surprised to hear Ye Yu's words. Ye Yu: "Yes, I heard that I had a quarrel with Lin Hong and left home, and then I never showed up again.". Lin Hong called the police, but she didn't find it. Joann slanted her head a little, and somehow she always felt that people like Lin Anan would not disappear so easily. Ye Yu: "Oh, don't worry about her. Let's think about what you will wear at the old lady's birthday party.". This is the 80th birthday of your old lady of the Lu family. I heard that all the relatives of General Manager Lu's family will come back. You're not nervous about meeting their family for the first time. Joann: "…" It's a lie to say you're not nervous. She has been married to the Lu family for so long, and she has been busy with her career. This time before the Chinese New Year, but to formally meet the Lu family, how can not be nervous. Joann: "Lu Zheng's parents went early. It's not easy for the old lady to maintain the whole Lu family by herself.". I have to manage the old lady's 80th birthday in person. Don't arrange other activities for me at the end of the year. Ye Yu: "I just know you are busy recently. Brother Yang said he would not arrange anything extra for you.". But there's an awards ceremony at the end of the year where you have to go and nominate you for best supporting actress in Ming Xi Zhuan. Even Joanne didn't think she could be nominated. Although she was devoted to acting in Ming Xi Zhuan, wire nail making machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, it was her first real play. Of course Joanne was happy to be affirmed the first time. Well, you and brother Yang will help me pick out the dress for the award ceremony. It's almost time. I have to go to the old house of the Lu family. Let's go first. Qiao An said goodbye to Ye Yu and left the company to run a company. As usual, she pressed the elevator to go to the underground parking lot. The elevator door opened and Joann looked slightly stagnant. Gu Siyan is also in the elevator. Joanne paused for only half a second and went in with a calm expression. We are all in the same company, and we can't see each other. When Gu Siyan saw Joann, his expression was somewhat stagnant. When Joanne went in and the elevator door closed, his voice was deep. "Long time no see. Thank you for last time." Joann: "Yes." Gu Siyan: ".." I thought Joann had helped himself last time, and his attitude would be relaxed, but I didn't expect it to be so cold. Gu Siyan's lips were filled with bitterness, and he knew in his heart that these were the consequences of his former prejudice and pride. Gu Siyan: "I am sorry, I misunderstood you in the past, I should not look at people with colored glasses." Joann: "Oh." Gu Siyan: ".." Qiao An helps Gu Siyan, mostly for Yang Feiguang, and he doesn't like Lin Anan. Gu Siyan this person, but not too many views, what he said, she can not only'oh '. Gu Siyan even hit a few soft nails, but also kept silent. When the elevator arrived at the underground parking lot, after the elevator door opened, Joann took the lead in leaving without looking back. Gu Siyan is in the back, keeping a distance. Seeing that Joanne was about to get on the bus, he hesitated a little and stopped her. "Wait." Joanne, look back.

    Gu Siyan: "You.." Do you know the Lu family? Joann: "What are you trying to say?" "Don't get me wrong," he explained in a low voice. "I just heard that the old lady of the Lu family is going to celebrate her 80th birthday soon, and that the relatives of the Lu family abroad and in other provinces will come back. The Lu family is a big family, and there must be some requirements for the eldest grandson and daughter-in-law. I want to remind you.. Joann: Do you want to remind me that there may be someone in the Lu family who doesn't like me? Even deliberately finding fault? "" “……” Gu Siyan didn't expect Joann to guess, "Yes." Joann grinned, "You irrelevant people seem to like to worry about this kind of thing.." She laughed not only at Gu Siyan, but also at Huo Yao and even Yi Chenguang. This is the third person to say this to Mrs. Lu since the news came out that she was going to celebrate her eightieth birthday. At first, it was Yi Chenguang. Of course, she fully understood that Yi Chenguang was kind. Later, when she took part in the ribbon-cutting activity, Huo Yao suddenly came to the scene of the activity. Then, it is Gu Siyan. Joann: Thank you for your concern, but I believe in my ability, and I also believe in the vision of Lu Zheng and the old lady. Even if I can't satisfy some people, they will always be on my side. With that, Joann got into the sports car and walked away. From the beginning to the end, she never doubted Lu Zheng and the old lady's trust in her. In the same way, she trusts them. Later, Joann drove to Lu's house. As soon as she followed the housekeeper to the living room of the old house,nail manufacturing machine, a little boy of seven or eight years old, with black hair and black eyes somewhat similar to Lu Zheng, rushed at her. The milky little boy hugged her. Mama. The little melon finally saw you! Chapter 82 (double more in one).

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