The whole house customized home furnishing industry

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  • The whole house customized home furnishing industry

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    The whole house customized home furnishing industry

    Original Title: The Whole House Customized Home Furnishing Industry Has Become the Mainstream Trend of Home Decoration, and the Market Scale, Sales Volume and Price Are Increasing Whole house customization emphasizes providing consumers with a complete set of personalized furniture solutions through style customization, color customization, space customization and function customization. Compared with the traditional standard finished furniture industry, whole-house customized furniture can meet the unique needs of consumers: design different furniture schemes according to different house structures and individual preferences, maximize the use of space, and maximize the aesthetic standards of consumers. Compared with the hand-made furniture of traditional decoration companies, the whole house customized furniture not only meets the psychological needs of consumers for "private customization" of furniture products, but also has the advantages of strong sense of design, consistent style matching, small product error and short completion time. I. Development Status of Whole House Customization Industry The rise of customized furniture, initially mainly concentrated in customized cabinets, customized wardrobes and other fields, mainly due to the introduction of foreign popular integral kitchen, wall cabinet sliding doors, as well as the relatively strict requirements of kitchen and wardrobe for the use of housing space and other reasons, with the improvement of production technology of furniture enterprises and Chinese residents. Customized furniture has gradually expanded to the whole house furniture areas such as bedroom, study, living room, dining room and kitchen. Customization model is a win-win business model. For consumers, it has the advantages of personalized design, high space utilization, full consideration of the demands of the home environment, and has a strong attraction. For enterprises, it reduces the inventory of enterprises, improves the profitability and risk resistance of enterprises; At the same time, customization mode is conducive to the whole industry to achieve on-demand production, effectively avoid the problem of overcapacity in the industry, reduce wood waste, is conducive to environmental protection, and has good social benefits. Therefore, the realization of whole-house furniture customization is the development direction of customized furniture industry, but whole-house furniture customization also has higher requirements for information technology strength, process technology strength, flexible production capacity and so on. In recent years, with the gradual improvement of the production technology level of furniture enterprises, the concept of furniture consumption of Chinese residents has matured. Customized household categories have gradually expanded from integral cabinets and wardrobes to other sub-categories such as integral bathroom, customized wooden doors and even large or whole house customization, so as to meet consumers'one-stop purchasing needs and reduce consumers' choice and purchase costs. For enterprises, whole-house customization is conducive to the industry to achieve on-demand production, effectively avoid the problem of overcapacity in the industry, reduce wood waste, and is conducive to environmental protection, with good social benefits. Major customized household enterprises have also put forward the development strategy of whole house customization. Among them, the layout of Shangpin House Matching is relatively early. Shangpin Home Delivery took the lead in the whole house furniture customization in 2008, and is one of the first enterprises to realize the whole house furniture customization in China's customized home furnishing industry. Subsequently, Europa Home officially launched the "Big Home" strategic plan in 2011, which began to be tried out in 2015, aiming to build a modern "Big Home" product supplier with the whole kitchen cabinet as the core,bra measuring tape, covering the whole wardrobe, customized wooden doors, kitchen appliances, whole bathroom, wall wallpaper, solid surface materials, commercial kitchen utensils and other household products. In 2012, Piano began to build a whole house customization strategy. Sofia also put forward the strategy of "Customized Home Sofia" in 2013, devoting itself to the layout of the whole home, followed by the layout of the whole cabinet, customized wooden doors, customized curtains and other fields. Since 2015, Zhibang Home, Hollyker, Wole Home and Dinggu Jichuang have also put forward or promoted strategies such as big customization, customized home master and whole house customized home. Whole house customization has gradually become the mainstream trend of industry development.
    Expand the full text In terms of whole-house customization, leading customized home furnishing companies in the industry have promoted it in the form of packages, such as the 22 m2 19800 package for the whole house and the "1 + 5" whole-house package for Europa,printed tape measure, Sofia's 19800 whole-house customization package, Shangpin House 518 whole-house package and Hollyker's 16800 whole-house package. In 2017, the 518 package service was first introduced in the customized household industry to calculate the price of the whole house customization according to the "space area", that is, the buyer can estimate the overall cost of the whole house customization only according to the "518 yuan/square meter price X actual space area", and the price is relatively transparent, which introduces a new business model for the customized household service. We believe that the introduction of whole-house customized packages will contribute to the growth of consumer orders with high unit price, thus improving the overall unit price and contributing to the growth of overall performance. Second, the scale of the whole house customized home market With the promotion of urbanization and the increase of per capita disposable income, the penetration rate of customized home furnishing industry has been increasing. According to China's current overall penetration rate of customized furniture in the home furnishing industry is 30%, compared with 60-70% in developed countries such as the United States and South Korea, it is still at a low level, and there is still much room for improvement. In 2017, the scale of the whole house customization market in China was 276.562 billion yuan, and in 2020, the scale of the whole house customization market in China increased to 311.257 billion yuan. Since 2012, the compound growth rate of the market scale in China has been 4.02%. Data source: financial reports of various companies, collated by Guanyan Tianxia Data Center In terms of regional distribution, in 2020, the scale of the whole house customization market in East China is 139.064 billion yuan, that in North China is 32.175 billion yuan, that in Southwest China is 35.451 billion yuan and that in Central South China is 81.609 billion yuan. From the perspective of market segmentation, in 2020, the overall market scale of customized cabinets in China will be 172.105 billion yuan, the market scale of customized wardrobes will be 85.607 billion yuan, the market size of customized TV cabinets will be 1.469 billion yuan, and the market size of customized sofas will be 4.270 billion yuan. The customized wooden bed market is 1.220 billion yuan, the customized mattress market is 4.893 billion yuan, the customized bookcase market is 1.594 billion yuan, and the customized wine cabinet market is 1.718 billion yuan. The customized shoe cabinet market is 1.345 billion yuan. Third, the whole house customized home market sales In 2020, the overall sales price of customized cabinets in China was 23.6668 million sets, customized wardrobes were 41.5 million sets, customized TV cabinets were 510300 sets, custom tailor tape ,personalized tape measure, customized sofas were 468000 sets, custom-made wooden doors were 15.8072 million units, custom-made wooden beds were 260.1 million units, and custom-made mattresses were 7.2704 million. Customized bookcases sold 8.1308 million square meters, customized wine cabinets sold 4.2846 million square meters, and customized shoe cabinets sold 2.4011 million square meters. Four, the whole house custom home market price trend In 2020, the average sales price of customized cabinets in China was 7272 yuan per set, the average price of customized wardrobes was 4150 yuan per set, the average price of customized TV cabinets was 2879 yuan per set and that of customized sofas was 9124 yuan. The average price for customized wooden doors was 2354 yuan, for customized wooden beds was 4691 yuan, and for customized mattresses was 673 yuan. The average price of customized bookcase is 196 yuan per square meter, the average price of customized wine cabinet is 401 yuan per square meter, and the average price of custom shoe cabinet is 560 yuan per square meters.
    5. Forecast of the Development Trend of Whole House Customized Home Furnishing in the 14th Five-Year Plan Nowadays, the opening of the national three-child policy has led to a series of factors, such as the change of family population structure and the rapid development of urbanization. The whole house customization is more suitable for consumers'demand for efficient use of indoor space. In the design of indoor home decoration, the whole house customization has higher design requirements for indoor ergonomics. To sum up, the demand and development status of whole-house customization consumers are as follows: 1. Intelligent production, green and healthy products In the future, the production mode of small apartment whole house customization must be intelligent. The intelligent production of whole house customization is that furniture enterprises design and customize the exclusive furniture of consumers according to the requirements of consumers on the basis of large-scale production. Intelligent production can improve production efficiency, shorten the production cycle of products and save labor costs to a certain extent. Reduce the production cost of enterprises, reduce product inventory and backlog, provide more possibilities for the development of enterprises, the whole house customization enterprises can use the saved manpower and production costs in the propaganda, management and product research and development of home furnishing companies, so that the company's products can win more competitiveness when a hundred schools of thought contend in the market of similar products. While bringing convenience to people, it also exposes some problems threatening life safety and health, especially in the household life and production intellectualization which are closely related to people, it is necessary to ensure that the materials are environmentally friendly before production, that the materials for the added accessories are healthy in production, and that there is no pollution to the environment and no harm to the human body after production. Therefore, intelligent production is also environmentally friendly production, green and healthy products, reduce the waste of production materials, with the progress of consumption concept, consumers in the face of a wide range of products, will be more inclined to choose green and healthy products. The green health of household products is the first factor to be considered by consumers of whole-house customization. Therefore, in the future, the production of whole-house customization should be intelligent, and the products should be green and healthy, so as to provide consumers with reassuring household products. 2. Diversify sales and expand sales channels With the rapid development of the Internet at a speed beyond people's imagination, people's production, life and consumption patterns have been changed. The whole house customized household enterprises keep pace with the development of the times, improve their own sales model, do not stick to a single physical store sales model, implement online and offline sales at the same time, and expand sales channels. In order to provide consumers with more convenient and efficient consumer services, the competitiveness of modern products is reflected in product design, service, sales and other aspects, need to be well controlled, for consumers to consider, think what they want, in order to get priority recognition in similar products, with the development of the whole house customization industry, sales model has also been developed. Often have to go back and forth in many building materials markets and furniture shopping malls, which will disrupt their life and work rhythm and affect their quality of life for urban office workers. Since the development of the household industry, major customized household companies have joined the online sales model, which has diversified the sales model and expanded the sales channels. Consumers can browse the online stores of customized home furnishing companies, view the products of customized home furnishing and consult the details of the products they want to know. This is a win-win situation. Consumers can save time and avoid going to physical stores. Customized home furnishing companies can also reduce labor consumption and rent of some stores, which saves costs for the development of the company. 3. Humanized service to enhance brand image Service humanization, including the service before, during and after installation of furniture, the preparatory work before installation, the communication between designers and consumers, and the full understanding of consumers'needs, so that consumers can become the masters of home design and the designers of their own home art life. Installation workers should be careful and patient in the installation process to ensure that furniture products are not damaged and easy for consumers to use. After installation, indoor garbage should be cleaned up in time, and the maintenance of furniture and after-sales service of products should be guaranteed, so that consumers can use them at ease.
    The competition of similar products in the customized home furnishing industry will rise to the product service. Whoever provides consumers with more humanized services and solves their worries will seize the opportunity for development. Humanized services can provide good consumer experience, increase consumer satisfaction with products, and invisibly enhance the brand image of products. Brand image has an inestimable contribution to the long-term development of a company. Consumers have a certain trust in a certain brand. When purchasing other products they need, they will give priority to the brand they recognize. The whole house customization household enterprises should adhere to the unique brand line and provide more humane services for consumers. Only in this way can we win when the market environment is unstable or when we compete with similar products. 4. Design rationalization Return to people-oriented products is fundamental, only good products can retain customers and form a virtuous circle. Now there are many home decoration companies on the market under the banner of whole house customization to rub heat, and as a selling point to attract consumers, while the product itself is worrying, there is plagiarism or imitation, lack of innovation and characteristics, design rationalization, the premise is to be people-oriented. On the basis of satisfying ergonomics, we also need to satisfy the aesthetic pursuit of consumers, reflect the personality and taste of the owner, and optimize the customization experience through the product itself and service. The smaller the indoor area, the smaller the range of activities, the higher the requirements for ergonomics. Therefore, when designing furniture, designers should fully consider the size, shape and range of movement of furniture. Customized furniture enterprises are transformed into whole-house customized furniture enterprises to fully realize the complete customization of whole-house furniture. Only considering practical furniture can no longer meet people's consumption needs. Whole-house customization is based on different consumption needs of each consumer, different housing types and different indoor space areas. To make indoor home life design full of fashion and comfort, the emergence of whole house customization is the common result of the upgrading of consumer demand and the development of home industry. To make this demand continue to develop, we need the design support of home products, so that the design can meet the changing consumer demand at any time, and the practical area of housing is limited. More importantly, we need to design reasonable and people-oriented household products to meet the needs of consumers'home art life. With the development of furniture industry, customized furniture in China has become the mainstream trend of home decoration, and whole house customization has become the main strategy of home enterprises to meet the consumption needs of young people. For consumers, what they need is more convenient, environmentally friendly, personalized and multi-functional customized furniture. For household enterprises, what they need is a marketing model with more efficient production, more innovative design and more flexible sales. Nowadays, the hot whole house customization can meet the above needs of consumers and enterprises at the same time. The demand for whole house customization is growing. In the highly competitive customization market, whole house customization is a potential industry. In the future, the development trend of customized furniture is whole-house customization, and the development path of enterprises is to implement characteristics, environmental protection and efficient production.
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