There are other ways to acquire a Headhunter

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  • There are other ways to acquire a Headhunter

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    There are other ways to acquire a Headhunter

    There are other ways to acquire a Headhunter, like farming the Divination cards for it, but this is the traditional route. Between the absolute power of the unique modification and the incredible rarity POE currency trade, Headhunter is often worth more currency than most players will see over the course of manyleagues, let alone a single league. Here's the price history for the current league, Ritual (listed in Chaos Orb price):

    What are the Headhunter changes in Ultimatum League?

    While we don't know the specifics yet (and may never outside of community experiments), Grinding Gear Games just announced that a handful of powerful uniques, including Headhunter, are being added to the core drop pool, which means they can drop from anyenemy at anytime. Is the chance to drop less than 0.5%? Probably! But it's still a huge increase to the incredible amount of gatekeeping that Path of Exilenormally has around the famous belt.

    Even if the chance to drop is a small iota of a half of a quarter of a percentage per killed enemy, there are still billions of monsters killed at an alarming rate in Path of Exile. As players enter the end game of running maps, their builds become relentless killing machines, sometimes clearing an entire map in a matter of two to three minutes.

    This change is boundto expand the number of available Headhunters on the market. Again, just using basic economic principles of supply and demand, the price of Headhunter should go down pretty steadily over the course of the league.

    Is Headhunter being nerfed to compensate?

    Nope! Chris Wilson, lead developer at Grinding Gear Games, spoke with popular Path of Exilestreamer ZiggyD about this topic, actually. His exact words were Headhunter stays great and that we're not nerfing [Headhunter], it's gonna stay awesome. However, it is now harder to POE divine orbs for sale get from sources other than the core drop pool. Chris explicitly mentions that it will take more Ancient Orbs to get one, as an example.

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