To Cut Wood Machine Four-Process CNC Cutting Machine

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  • To Cut Wood Machine Four-Process CNC Cutting Machine

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    To Cut Wood Machine Four-Process CNC Cutting Machine

    At present, the application of woodworking cutting machine is more and more extensive. As a complex mechanical equipment, woodworking cutting machine has many precautions in operation and maintenance. Today, iGOLDENCNC Company will introduce some precautions for using woodworking cutting machine:

    Woodworking Cutting Machine

    1. Do a good job of dust removal for all parts of the countertop and woodworking cutting machine. Once the dust enters the equipment, it will cause great trouble to the equipment, affect the normal use of the equipment, and affect the production efficiency. Therefore, in daily use, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the machine table and the surface of the casing.

    2. It is necessary to use the power supply corresponding to the rated voltage when the woodworking cutting machine is plugged in, otherwise it will cause damage to the woodworking cutting machine.

    3. The woodworking cutting machine is mainly composed of various metal parts, so the woodworking cutting machine cannot be placed in a humid environment for a long time, otherwise it will cause strong corrosion to the woodworking cutting machine and reduce its service life.

    Fourth, do a good job of lubricating the transmission device of the blanking machine. When the equipment is running, if the transmission device of the equipment does not run smoothly, it will cause uneven feeding of the equipment, affecting the quality of blanking and industrial production. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the transmission of the equipment during routine maintenance.

    5. When using the woodworking cutting machine, it is strictly forbidden to replace or destroy the original accessories and cables of the woodworking cutting machine. The original accessories are configured according to the corresponding requirements of the CNC woodworking cutting machine. If replaced, damage or accident may occur.

    Although the daily maintenance of the woodworking cutting machine is trivial, it is one of the tasks to ensure the performance of the equipment, and it is of great significance to prolong the service life of the woodworking cutting machine.

    Recommended equipment: four-process CNC cutting machine

    The four-process CNC cutting machine is an economical multi-function numerical control equipment. The four-process numerical control cutting machine has four spindles. When producing panel furniture, all four spindles can realize punching processing, two of which are high-power the main shaft is dedicated to grooving and blanking, and the other two are dedicated to punching. The four-process CNC cutting machine adopts the international leading technology vacuum adsorption table, equipped with a vacuum pump with strong adsorption force, and a six-zone design, which can strongly adsorb materials of different areas, greatly improving work efficiency.

    Woodworking cutting machine_Four-process CNC cutting machine

    1. Four processes of blanking, slotting, punching and engraving are completed at one time;

    B. The speed of automatic board calculation is fast - just input the length, width and height of the finished product, and automatically calculate the size of the required boards such as the top board, side board, door board, etc.;

    1. Save sheets and improve sheet utilization – according to the required size of the calculation board and different sheet materials, optimize the combination through the material calculation optimization software, give priority to the use of the remaining material, and increase the optimization rate and through-knife cutting to improve the sheet utilization;

    D. Reduce the error rate - the optimized results can be directly entered into the program, which can be matched with the cutting machine to avoid human input errors and improve production efficiency

    Double-layer vacuum adsorption table: The table structure is divided into upper and lower layers, with an air storage chamber in the middle, and the table has 128 or more adsorption holes. The plate is fixed during processing, one is by the suction of the vacuum pump, the other is by the vacuum pump to evacuate the gas in the air chamber of the table top, resulting in a low-pressure air chamber, and then the plate is pressed by the atmospheric pressure, so that the plate is not easy to slide. The workpiece is controlled in two ways. The table has an air chamber, and the force is uniform. No matter whether the whole board or small board is processed, the board does not run. When we process the board, open the vacuum valve, the board will be fixed directly, which saves a lot of time than manual fixing, and the fixing is more stable, suitable for wardrobes, cabinets, panel furniture, etc.

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